The Industrial Technology business sector (included Packaging Technology) achieved good sales growth in 2008. Sales increased to 6.7 billion euros – a rise of 13 percent, or as much as 15 percent after adjusting for currency effects. If the effects of the first-time pro rata consolidation of ersol Solar Energy AG are disregarded, sales grew by ten percent. At 6.6 percent, the return on sales from operations was down on the previous year. The main reason for this was the increase in raw materials prices. Growth in this sector was chiefly driven by automation technology and Bosch Rexroth’s business with components and gearboxes for wind-power generation. At 45.1 billion euros, sales’group was down 2.6 percent year on year. After adjusting for currency effects, they were down 0.5 percent. Profit before tax stood at 940 million euros, compared with 3.8 billion euros in the previous year. At 2.1 percent, return on sales remained below the long term target level of between seven and eight percent.

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