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One year of work, 18 references, a customised packaging (and formulas) launch carried for a product which, finally, must be sold 20 to 30% less than the leader brand. It is the challenge taken up by Maesa Creative Beauty Solutions for the new range of solar products By U of System U. With this development, it is also the 3rd retailer which, after Carrefour and Auchan, trust the group. Maesa Creative Beauty Solutions thus reinforces its position by the retailers. This business has been gained after a competition with several other operators. “We were the only ones to propose a turn-key solution” justifies Julien Saada, chairman of Maeva Creative Beauty Solutions, proud of this development which it describes as "a strong one", i.e. difficult and complex, as well on the packaging side as on the formulas side. “In the cosmetic-hygiene-beauty care market, the retailers need premium brands to compete the national brands. They also have to be qualitative and less expensive. And very frankly, I think that this launch is a proof of this development success” ensures J. Saada. The first discussions with Système U started in March 2008, at the end of December were presented the first validations, at the beginning of April 2009 took place the first commercial launch with a large operation including 400 point of purchase displays to be delivered filled. After a prototype realised in resin, which made it possible to evaluate the design desired by the customer, the first packaging pieces were produced rather quickly in order to finalize the production line. The range accounts 18 references including 2 for the children. It is composed mainly of bottles (hinged cap, spray) but also of tubes and lip sticks.

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