Texte AlternatfQ-Test has two measurement modules: Q-Test 1 is based on pneumatics and measures leak, burst and torque parameters of both plastic and laminate tubes using high quality precision transducers; Q-Test 2 adds the ability to measure length, diameter, ovality and side-seam parameters using both laser and high resolution optical systems. Tubes can be fed to the machine manually, via a hopper or by using an automated transfer system. “Tube producers in these industries need to test a number of parameters during the production process to prevent possible product failures and expensive manufacturing downtime,” explained Peter Wilson, global sales manager, Cerulean. “These tests are currently carried out manually, making them labour intensive and open to interpretation with potentially inconsistent results. Cerulean Q-Test removes the need for this manual testing and offers accuracy and repeatability as well as providing a full history of quantifiable results that can be used to help improve product quality.”

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