The requirements were that the new packaging should be more visible on shelves in-store, provide a good labelling surface, have a lower environmental impact and cost less to manufacture. “Right from the very beginning, the idea was that the packaging shouldn’t just be a round plastic container - it should have a more exciting shape” explains Dennis Broberg, R&D Manager at Nolato Cerbo. “The actual shape should create on-shelf visibility, while also making it possible to use large labels with a high-end feel.” And so the flat container, with its large display surface and an opening beneath, was born. The new container is injection-moulded in white, lightweight, easily recyclable polypropylene. There are two sections - a container section and a lid section – which are delivered to the customer as a single unit. After being filled by Vitamex, the lid is welded shut to create a fully sealed container which is still easy for the consumer to open - and easy to close. “Compared with the old aluminium container, the carbon footprint of the new container is 45 percent smaller, and production costs have been halved” said the company.

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