Texte Alternatif Key target applications include bottles and ampoules. The second new resin, Sabic® PP PCGR25, features the high clarity and good antistatic properties necessary for injection moulded housings of disposable syringes. It may also be used for other parts because it provides exceptional transparency for easy viewing of syringe contents and for attractive aesthetics. It also allows the use of lower melt processing temperatures than is normally the case for conventional random copolymers. “Converters may operate with significantly shorter cycle times and achieve energy savings of up to 15%. The use of this material also supports sustainability initiatives” explain the company. “We continuously invest in new product developments to support our customers develop safe and eco-responsible products while meeting stringent healthcare regulations. they are the best choice when it comes to key factors such as product stability, reliability, traceability and consistency, together with security of supply.” The range supports a broad spectrum of healthcare applications, ranging from containers, bottles, closures and bags to ampoules and connectors.

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