Texte Alternatif Airopack is an aerosol alternative based on pure compressed air instead of the most frequently used propellants. This technology makes it possible to put liquids, creams, gels and foam in plastic containers, instead of packaging made from tin or aluminium. The content is dispensed under constant pressure by means of a unique pressure control device.
CO2 emissions are reduced by no less than 65% in the production of the Airopack dispensers and energy consumption by around 20%, compared with normal aluminium aerosol cans, said the company. In addition to these environmental advantages, Airopack dispensers have simplified storage and transport compared with conventional products. This concept also offers many advantages in terms of marketing.
This patented technology won a Edison Best New Product Award 2011 and the DuPont Packaging Award 2012.
The attractively designed Airopacks have been on sale in shops since the beginning of this year and the supply agreement with Super-Max runs for several years and concerns millions of units annual. The Airopack dispensers are produced by Airolux AG, a joint venture of IPS and Resilux, located in Bilten, Switzerland.

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