Texte Alternatif Sabic® HDPE PCG4906 specifications may be applicable for such products as jerry cans, open-head and tight-head drums, and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), as well as for blow moulded bottles. Furthermore, it has the physical and mechanical properties required by customers for the production of containers with volumes up to 1000 litres. The first drums produced by Mauser in the new grade meet requirements based on UN recommendations covering transport of dangerous goods. Procedures involve stacking, drop tests at -18°C, and hydraulic internal pressure tests. Texte Alternatif
The cooperation between the two companies started three years ago when they first joined forces to develop a new generation of HDPE for L-ring drums which set new standards in processing performance and system cost reduction.

“With the new grade, Sabic is expanding its portfolio of healthcare thermoplastics to cover all types of packaging used in the sector,” says Hery Randrianantoandro, Business Development Manager Healthcare, SABIC, region Europe.

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