As part of the collaboration, Heubach, which has been manufacturing pigments for over 200 years, is producing water-based pigment preparations developed jointly with hubergroup offering excellent color strength and gloss and outstanding shock stability.

hubergroup, with its extensive know-how in ink development, combines these basic concentrates with other specially designed components to form a new water-based flexo printing ink system that perfectly meets the modern requirements of the packaging industry for an extremely wide range of applications.

The result is the new HYDRO-X GA/MGA product range, a modular user system for the production of packaging inks offering maximum quality and economy.

hubergroup is one of Germany's manufacturers of inks, lacquers and printing auxiliaries. In 2012, the group employed 3600 members of staff and recorded annual sales of around €840 million.

Having launched its pigment production business in 1806, Heubach is a globally active pigment manufacturer with production sites in the USA, Europe and Asia. The company manufactures organic and inorganic pigments and pigment preparations destined for use in the printing, painting, construction and plastics industries.

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