In 2012, Bosch Packaging Technology racked up sales of 914 million euros, up 123 million euros or 16 percent over 2011. After adjusting for currency effects, the growth in sales amounted to 12 percent.
Texte AlternatifIn the same period, the number of associates rose to 5,000 or by six percent. In fiscal 2013, Bosch Packaging Technology is expecting to grow its sales by a high single-digit percentage figure. “We want to leverage our packaging solutions and related services to strengthen our leading position in the international market,” said Friedbert Klefenz, president of the Packaging Technology division.

. Pharmaceuticals and food markets
Bosch Packaging Technology continues to gain impetusThe international market for packaging machinery in which the company operates grew by six percent last year. “This shows how much less dependent our business is on the general economic climate than other areas of the mechanical and industrial engineering sector,” explained Klefenz. Customers, he said, had longer planning horizons because the structure of the sales markets was generally more stable than, for example, in the automobile industry.

- This was why the pharmaceuticals market, in which Bosch Packaging Technology posts just under half of its sales, is set to continue growing strongly in the coming years, reaching a market volume of 1.1 trillion euros by 2015.Two years ago, the corresponding figure was just 850 billion euros. Additionally, there has been a significant improvement in distribution channels, above all in the emerging markets, enabling both the pharmaceutical and food industries to offer a broad range of products across a large market area.

- Sales of machinery to the food industry account for 50 percent of Bosch's packaging technology sales, and demand is on the rise here, too, as more and more countries begin to realize that suitable packaging can lengthen the shelf-life of food. “Packaging is one way of securing the food supplies of millions of people worldwide,” said Klefenz.
Moreover, more and more countries are recognizing that suitable packaging can lengthen the shelf-life of food, thus helping to use resources more efficiently. Packaging is one way of improving the supply of food to millions of people. It is invented for life. Bosch Packaging Technology has been part of the FAO’s global SAVE FOOD initiative since 2011.

• Strategic objectives
A global strategy is fundamental to Bosch Packaging Technology because the company generate more than 90 percent of our sales outside of Germany. There are already more than 90 percent of 5,000 Bosch Packaging Technology associates working in countries outside Germany. Bosch Packaging Technology is represented at over 30 locations in more than 15 different countries. The international market in which Bosch Packaging Technology operates grew by six percent last year. «If we compare this growth to our own sales in 2012, it clearly shows that we have successfully managed to expand our market share. This underscores the consolidation process we already predicted a few years ago. The market is increasingly shifting toward those companies that are in position to offer comprehensive solutions from a single source. This trend will continue to strongly shape our industry in coming years, and is one that we too are prepared to meet head on» said the company.

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