It is deemed to recycle poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) sheets containing up to 50 % recycled PET from containers, mainly bottles, collected through post-consumer collection systems.
The recycled sheets are intended to be converted into thermoformed articles such as trays and containers containing up to 50 % recycled PET. These recycled materials and articles are used in direct contact with all kind of foodstuffs in majority for storage under chilled conditions or below.
The process télécharger le document is composed of three steps. First the post-consumer collected PET containers, mainly bottles, are processed into washed and dried flakes then mixed up to 50 % with virgin flakes before being used as input of the Diamat ® decontamination technology. Mixed flakes are crystallised in a reactor (step 2) and then extruded under multiple vacuum degassing into sheets (step 3). Detailed specifications for the input materials are provided for the submitted recycling process and the amount of non-food containers is reported to be below 5 %.
The Panel recommended that it should be verified periodically, as part of the good manufacturing practice (GMP), that as foreseen in the Regulation (EC) No 282/2008, art. 4b, the input originates from materials and articles that have been manufactured in accordance with the Community legislation on food contact materials and that the proportion of PET from non-food consumer applications is no more than 5 % in the input to be recycled.
Critical steps should be monitored and kept under control; supporting documentation on how it is ensured that the critical steps are operated under conditions at least as severe as those obtained from the challenge test used to measure the decontamination efficiency of the processes should be available.

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