“They did not know it was impossible, so they did it,” said Mark Twain. This truth was certainly behind the idea developed by Family Business: to produce 4 million bottles, each one unique.

For years, Absolut Vodka has been a leader in innovation and in the launch of limited editions such as Absolut Disco, Absolut Rock, Absolut Masquerade, Denim, 100, Bling-Bling, Miami, No Label… and many others. In 2012, it was time to redefine the Limited Edition concept as such. Texte AlternatifThe idea “naturally” came to create unique bottles, and no less than 4 million, so that each bottle would become a limited edition itself. A huge challenge. An impossible challenge? No, not for Family Business, not for Absolut.

It only took them a lot of work, creativity, passion — and no doubt an unmatched power of conviction — to “sell the idea” and set up a dedicated (and unique) production line, capable of producing 4 million bottles, each one different. The film in the Annex is well worth viewing.

As a result, nearly 4 million bottles were sold before the end of the promotion campaign, without any reduction in price, and furthermore during the holiday season when competition is greatest. Rather than choose between Absolut and another brand, the consumer chose between different “Unique” bottles. This is exactly what Family Business wanted. Mission “impossible” accomplished.

It made perfect sense, therefore, that the Pentawards International Jury awarded the unique Diamond Pentawards 2013 to Absolut Unique.
Les inscriptions aux 3ème Pentawards Concept 2014 seront ouvertes du 3 au 21 février 2014 et les inscriptions aux 8ème Pentawards «Classic» seront ouvertes du 14 avril au 23 mai 2014. L’an prochain, c’est à Tokyo que seront remis les Pentawards de la 8ème édition.

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