Bag-in-Box® is the perfect packaging solution for the growing market of packaged water: Hygienic and reliable, it minimizes the risk of contamination and falsification, while remaining eco-friendly and cost-saving. Indeed, the Bag-in-Box® is tamper-evident one-way packaging, simplifying the whole chain of collection and refilling.

Vitop’s latest development brings a real innovation to the water cooler market: a very simple connection kit between a Bag-in-Box® equipped with a Vitop® Original tap and a classic water fountain. This concept would enable a very easy use of Bag-in-Box® on existing water coolers.

Texte AlternatifVitop will also showcase its specific tap for bottles of water: the Hydro tap. This worldwide patented tap ensures a steady flow of the water and perfect hygiene thanks to the double tamper-evidence. The guarantees a total integrity to the final consumer, so important for water.

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