After full conversion, PM 10 will be among the most efficient paper machines in the lightweight containerboard sector with a working width of 7,500 mm and a design speed of 1,600m/m.

Andritz will deliver a new OCC line and PM approach system. The recycled fiber line includes a FibreSolve FSR pulper with detrashing system. With a volume of 130 m³, it is the biggest low-consistency pulper ever installed by Andritz in Europe.

In the drying section, optimum runability will be achieved by using the new PrimeRun Evo web stabilization system with a high-vacuum zone at the paper release point.

PrimeDry Steel cylinders will be used to get maximum drying capacity and paper width on the existing machine frame.

The new PrimeCoat Film film press applies surface starch to both sides of the paper web simultaneously. In addition, a PrimeAir Glide air turn and a PrimeFeeder ropeless tail threading system will be supplied.

The order further includes the entire basic engineering as well as the extensive automation package Prime Control PCS7.

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