“The Tonejet Cyclone brings together several patented innovations that result in a machine which is considerably more efficient than competing products” comments Marvin Foreman, Sales Manager, Tonejet.

“Whether used as a stand-alone digital printer, or integrated into a can production line, the Cyclone not only significantly reduces production time, it also allows manufacturers to print very small runs of each can design. Manufacturers are able to cost-effectively decorate each can individually if desired, representing incredible opportunities for beverage brands”.

The Cyclone unites Tonejet’s unique digital print engine with Rockwell Automation’s state-of-the-art iTRAK intelligent transport system.

Unlike traditional carousel systems, which are limited by the slowest and largest operation, the iTRAK object transport system, combined with Tonejet’s passive mandrel technology, allows different processes to each have their own operation time without impacting overall throughput, resulting in a much shorter total processing time.

Tonejet Limited is part of TTP Group, Europe’s leading technology development and licensing company.

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