Texte AlternatifGlobalData’s Consumer Survey Q3 2019 reveals that 52% and 51% of consumers prefer ‘easy to close/reseal’ and ‘product preservation/protection’ packaging features, respectively, in their beauty and grooming products. Namrata Sain, Consumer Insights Analyst at GlobalData, says: “Effective Packaging is critical for building positive perceptions of a brand as well as winning over new consumers in the beauty sector. The increasingly busy lifestyle of consumers is resulting in growing dependency on the usage away from home. Convenient, ready-to-use beauty products that require minimal attention, work well for consumers who like or have to be independent.” Sain continues: “Clean labeling, being a hot trend, offers clear, concise information about the brand and product, including its health benefits, company values and packaging sustainability, contributing to the essential key points of being an effective packaged product.” For instance, New Zealand-based company Ethique has launched products in bar shape, which can be dried, rewrapped and placed back in the sliding box for reuse, making it simple, logical and far greener than any recycled plastic container can be.

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