Texte AlternatifThanks to its low energy consumption and small footprint, the pump increases productivity in transport, clamping, drying and other environmental applications. Atlas Copco has equipped its DZS models with corrosion-resistant materials to ensure that they are well equipped for harsh environments. They also have a durable internal coating. Maintenance is simple for the operator, since replacing the pump claws does not require complex disassembly and reprogramming of the gearbox, allowing quick access to the inside of the pump. A VSD+ inverter is integrated in the motors to control the pumps. This allows precise control of the optimal performance points of the claw pump and thus reduces energy consumption, and ensures durability in the immediate process environment: the pumps are completely harmless to ambient air quality during operation (ISO 8573-1 class 0 certification). This also eliminates the risk of oil-induced contamination and damage to sensitive applications and products. Atlas Copco has implemented an application on iOS and Android to provide quick access to many parameters: input pressure, rotor speed, operating hours, and maintenance intervals.

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