Texte Alternatif

An independent consumer research survey carried out among more than 10,000 consumers across 13 European countries, commissioned by Friends of Glass and the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), reveals that people are buying more glass than ever before: half of consumers are now buying more products in glass packaging than three years ago. At the same time, 9 in 10 people would recommend glass as the best packaging material to friends and family; an 11% increase compared to 2016.

These findings are driven by the high recyclability of glass, along with a growing consumer awareness of its environmental credentials. With an extensive network of local recycling facilities and made from recycled glass and raw materials (sand, soda ash, limestone) found in nature, glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable in a local closed loop system, making recycled glass a vital resource for new production. In fact, 2 in 5 consumers actively choose glass over other packaging materials specifically because they see it as more recyclable than any other packaging.

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