This national and international campaign helps machine manufacturer by re-inventing the international event Print4All, which gathers the printing, converting, and packaging supply chain every year. Print4All Conference - Future Factory has become a streaming event (on June 24) but it has strengthened its focus on the fundamental topics of sustainability and industry 4.0, with the precious visions of international guests, opening a window on the future of the whole supply chain. “At the start of the pandemic, we focused mainly on the communication toward our members, with a dedicated Help Desk and the opening of a direct line with the institutions. Now we need to think about restarting,” told Acimga’s General Manager Andrea Briganti. Even if many companies in this sector remained open during lockdown, because they were linked to essential services, the actual operations of those companies were still limited due to Covid-19. That’s why the association has created this simple but quite effective campaign, both in Italian and English, to remind everyone of what it represents and that it will continue to be working together with the whole supply chain. “We want to raise awareness of stakeholders, both institutional and market ones, to clearly state that Italy hasn’t stopped and it’s ready to offer its technological solutions, just as before,” concludes Andrea Briganti.

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