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22 juin 18

The Marchesini Group continues to grow by acquiring Schmucker

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAfter the acquisitions of Dumek (specialised in designing processing machines for cosmetics), of Vibrotech (in the field of infeed and positioning systems for automated industrial processes) and of SEA Vision (inspection systems used in the pharmaceutical anti-counterfeit sector), The Marchesini Group took over 100% of Schmucker, a company from Gorizia specialised in building stickpack packaging machinery for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

21 juin 18

Tekni-Plex acquires Oracle Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, Inc. has acquired the healthcare packaging, performance lidstock, induction seal and specialty lamination businesses of Oracle Packaging, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Oracle Packaging is a portfolio company of Centre Lane Partners, LLC.

14 juin 18

Packaging producers should convince consumers that sustainable materials are worth the cost

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMany companies across the globe are scrambling to develop sustainable packaging materials to reduce environmental impact. However, developing new packaging materials is a time-consuming and expensive process, and companies need to build flexibility into their supply chain and regularly update consumers on their progress to remain in the competition, says leading data and analytics company GlobalData.

13 juin 18

Italian packaging industry continues its world tour with stops in Mexico and Thailand

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfItalian companies are continuing their tour of leading international trade fairs as part of the intense 2018 promotional programme organised by Ucima (Italian Automatic Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association).

8 juin 18

European glass industry for cleaner and healthier oceans

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifEurope’s Friends of Glass community has signed a partnership with marine conservation organisation Surfrider Foundation Europe, in support of activities to protect the ocean for future generations. Partnership will preserve an additional 300,000m² of beach in 2018.

7 juin 18

Thyssenkrupp proposes a Packaging Steel App with interactive functions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifWith the 2.0 update, the thyssenkrupp Packaging Steel App now has new interactive functions which bring a significant added value to the users. Customers from the packaging steel industry now can receive relevant information even easier, in digital form via their smartphone.

30 mai 18

Matériaux au contact des aliments : adopter les bonnes pratiques pour maîtriser les risques

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAvec pour thème «Matériaux au contact des aliments : adopter les bonnes pratiques pour maîtriser les risques», le 13è Forum Emballage du LNE, qui aura lieu le 21 juin, sera consacré à prévention de la contamination des produits alimentaires conditionnés dans des systèmes d'emballages.
La réglementation impose aujourd’hui aux acteurs du secteur une vigilance extrême. Afin de répondre aux interrogations des fabricants d’emballage, des industriels de l’agro-alimentaire et des distributeurs.

28 mai 18

Maier Packaging becomes part of Optima packaging group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMaier Packaging GmbH becomes a fully-owned subsidiary of Optima packaging group GmbH, Schwaebisch Hall. The two companies share a long-standing business relationship.
The company has been set up in 1985 and is now in special solutions for production and packaging lines in dairy industry.

24 mai 18

Constantia Flexibles déclare une croissance organique de +2,1% sur le 1er trimestre

Texte AlternatifConstantia Flexibles annonce un chiffre d’affaires du 1er trimestre 2018 à 368,0 M€, en hausse de +0,3% par rapport à la même période en 2017 (366,8 M€), dont +2,1% de croissance organique. Les variations de changes ont eu un impact négatif de -3,0%, principalement générées par la baisse du rand sud-africain, de la roupie indienne et du dollar américain. La croissance externe a quant à elle contribué positivement pour +1,2% au chiffre d’affaires.

23 mai 18

Stora Enso accelerates growth in renewable materials by co-operating with the start-up Sulapac

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfStora Enso and Sulapac have signed a joint development agreement to combat the global problem of plastic waste by accelerating the use of fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials in packaging.

18 mai 18

O-I closes a plant in Atlanta

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOwens-Illinois has finalized plans to cease production at its Atlanta, GA, plant. The closure is expected to occur on or after July 18, 2018. approximately 250 people impacted. Current customers of the plant will be served by other domestic plants in the O-I network.

15 mai 18

Tekni-Plex acquires Commodore Plastics/Commodore Technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, Inc. has acquired Commodore Plastics and Commodore Technology under a newly-formed subsidiary, Dolco LLC. Both businesses are based in Bloomfield, New York.

14 mai 18

ProAmpac acquires Gateway Packaging Company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfProAmpac, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing flexible packaging companies, acquires Gateway Packaging Company (Gateway), a flexible packaging and technical products company headquartered in White House, Tennessee.

30 avril 18

Mondi : its third research to understand paper porosity for food packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi launched its third scientific cooperation to date with the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria. The objectif : to study ‘Mass Transport through Paper’, for packaging and paper solutions, example for food packaging.

Ikea’s minimalist packaging applied to food

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifIkea’s new Sweden-inspired food products like pickled herring, seafood, jams and beverages featuring the lingon berry, are available in Ikea’s food market, which joined the in-store restaurant and bistro.

A new plastic grade for the manufacture of EPS foam packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFor the products in the Styropor® P 24 Speed range the pentane content has been lowered to approximately 4.8 per cent, thereby reducing moulding cycle and intermediate conditioning times, said BASF.

A new generation of thermoforming machines

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Multivac X-line's sensor system continuously measures a very large quantity of process variables to keep the machine running at its optimum operating point. In addition, the expertise needed to set up the machine can be called from the Multivac cloud.

Place à une nouvelle génération de thermoformeuses

Texte AlternatifDe plus en plus automatisées et assistées par des robots, en amont comme en aval, les thermoformeuses ont énormément gagné en “intelligence” et en flexibilité ces dernières années. Ce n'est pourtant que le début d'une révolution qui décharge les opérateurs des tâches les plus pénibles et préserve la compétitivité des usines.

Décontamination des boîtes de lait infantile

Texte AlternatifLe premier stérilisateur de boîtes de lait en poudre pour bébé par lumière pulsée, conçu par Claranor, a été présenté au salon Anuga Foodtec en mars dernier.

Une unité de dosage pour boissons avec morceaux

Texte AlternatifLa nouvelle unité de dosage pour boissons lactées fonctionnelles, qu’a présentée KHS au dernier salon Anuga Food tec, permet un remplissage en douceur de morceaux mesurant jusqu'à 10x10x10 mm.

New chunk dosing and compact Innoket Roland 40 labeler

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe new KHS chunk dosing unit for functional milk beverages permits gentle filling of chunks measuring up to 10x10x10 millimeters.

27 avril 18

Major FMCG brands and some packaging suppliers signed the UK Plastics Pact

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe UK Plastics Pact, launched yesterday by sustainability experts WRAP, is a unique collaboration which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain with UK governments and NGOs to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.
Danone, Unilever, Nestlé, P&G, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Britvic, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl… and also Sabic, Plastipack, Faerch Plast, Greiner Packaging… are among the companies who have signed the Plastics Pact.

24 avril 18

Comment investir avec une empreinte environnementale réduite ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe Commissaire Vella doit présenter à Bruxelles les résultats d'une série de projets pilotes examinant la meilleure façon de calculer l'empreinte environnementale des entreprises.
Les résultats concernent notamment les secteurs de l'agriculture (alimentation animale), de l'alimentation et des boissons (produits laitiers, pâtes alimentaires).

18 avril 18

Amatil X : new plateform’s Coca-Cola for emerging concept and start-ups

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCoca-Cola Amatil has launched Amatil X, a new platform for emerging possibilities to power growth beyond Coca-Cola Amatil’s core business. Amatil X would support the development of concepts, start-ups and early stage businesses that anticipate and address customer needs.

6 avril 18

Siegwerk expands Ink Safety Portal services and resources

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSiegwerk now has added new services and resources to further improve the usability of its Ink Safety Portal Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co.
Available now, the following new features added : a Worst Case Calculator to determine the maximum amount of substances that could lead to migrate into packaged food and a video which explains “NIAS”.

5 avril 18

Crown opens new easy-open ends facility in Hungary

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCrown Food Europe has opened a new easy-open end manufacturing facility in its Nagykörös plant, Hungary, approximately 100 kilometers south of Budapest. The new plant serves pet food and vegetable brands across Europe.

4 avril 18

Coveris Holdings S.A. sales Its Americas business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCoveris, a premier global packaging manufacturer has entered into an agreement with Transcontinental Inc. to sell the Company’s Americas packaging business for an aggregate purchase price of $1.320 billion. This operation is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals and it is expected to close in mid 2018.

31 mars 18

Recycling plastic pouches needs to be easier to ensure their survival

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAfter disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles, pouches could be the next target in the waste reduction landscape, due to the difficulty of recycling these packs, says GlobalData, a data and analytics company.

Contre le gaspillage alimentaire : des sacs de congélation connectés

Texte AlternatifParmi les lancements 2018 annoncés par Albal, un retient plus particulièrement l’attention avec son application «Foodsaver» pour smartphone.

Films : the green revolution is coming

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMaterial producer and converters are making great efforts to increase the characteristics of green films based on PLA (NatureWorks, Total Corbion or Taghleef) or PEF (Synvina), a new alternative to PET.

Packing sensitive liquid food pouches

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAt the Anuga FoodTec 2018, Meypack has presented a variation of the VP600 designed especially for these soft packages.

Sleeving reduces its ecological footprint

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWith low density films and special inks, Sleever International's Combisteam®-LDPET solution enables recycling centers to quickly separate heat-shrinkable sleeves from the PET bottle, which can be 100% recycled.

29 mars 18

Survey reveals more consumers embracing the challenges of food waste

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfConsumers are becoming increasingly aware of the problems of food waste, with many taking steps to minimise this within their homes.That is one of the key findings of research carried out by RPC bpi protec as part of its ‘Taste without Waste’ campaign to highlight the importance of reducing food waste.

27 mars 18

Constantia Flexibles acquires Indian packaging group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfConstantia Flexibles Group acquires a majority shareholding in the Indian film-based laminates producer Creative Polypack Limited. Creative Polypack is India’s fourth largest flexible packaging group. Alexander Baumgartner, Constantia Flexibles CEO: “Through this acquisition, we will become the third largest flexible packaging company in India.

23 mars 18

At the Anuga FoodTec : Herma introduces the first “evolving” labelling machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe new Herma 652B system specializes in cost-efficient top and/or base labelling of box-shaped products. The kicker: the system features basic labellers which can be easily replaced by high-performance Herma 400 labellers if required.
This results in a considerably reduced investment volume while maximizing forward compatibility, said the company.

20 mars 18

Corrugated in the Circular Economy : closing the loop

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFEFCO welcomes the final compromise text voted by the European Parliament’s Environmental Committee on the waste package, following the endorsement last week by the Permanent Representative Committee (Part 1) of the Council.

19 mars 18

SIG with Amcor push responsible aluminium sourcing further and with DNP create joint venture in Japan

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifWorking together with value chain partner Amcor, one of SIG's main suppliers for aluminium in Europe, the partnership aims to assure that the aluminium foil supply chain is working towards the performance standard of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.
DNP-Tokyo-based Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and SIG have signed a joint venture agreement which will bring new value added carton packaging and filling technology solutions to the Japanese food and beverage industry.

14 mars 18

Micvac showcase at Anuga Foodtec

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSwedish food tech company, Micvac, will exhibit at Anuga FoodTec.
The Micvac method utilises in-pack cooking and pasteurisation in one continuous process housed in a microwave production tunnel. This enables food manufacturers to offer high-quality ready meals that are fresh, healthy and full of flavour.

9 mars 18

Sun Chemical acquires PPG’s metal deco ink business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAfter tthe recently joint venture with Alliance Holding Ltd and the acquisition of CT Lay, Sun Chemical acquired the Metal Deco ink business of PPG, a US-based global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty materials. PPG, with a well consolidated portfolio, and Sun Chemical are both long standing players in the metal packaging industry.

8 mars 18

Schur Flexibles Group enters into exclusive negotiations with French UNI Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSchur Flexibles Group, one of Europe’s leading flexible packaging suppliers in Europe, has reached a general agreement with the French family-owned company UNI Packaging. With the planned acquisition, Schur Flexibles intends to strengthen its leading market position in Europe.
The transaction expected to be completed within the upcoming weeks. The transaction will be subject to both internal and external approval including authorisation from the relevant competition authorities.

5 mars 18

Bisphénol A : les pré-conclusions de l’étude américaine Clarity confirme son innocuité

Texte AlternatifPlasticsEurope fait part des pré-conclusions de l’étude Clarity menée aux Etats Unis sur le Bisphénol A qui a été publiée le 23 février dernier. Elle confirme que le BPA ne présente pas de danger pour les consommateurs, indique l’Association professionnelle des producteurs européens de matières plastiques.

28 février 18

M.A.D.E : un salon aussi pour le packaging

Texte AlternatifLe salon M.A.D.E., qui ouvrira ses portes à Paris Expo hall 7.1, Porte de Versailles, les 20 et 21 mars 2018, offre aux marques «l’opportunité de s’associer à la distribution dans une démarche de conception de produits novateurs et tendance».
Cette année, le salon a choisi de développer aussi l’offre packaging, en permettant de répondre à des attentes de consommation («on the go», ouvertures faciles…).
Placée sous le signe du healthy du food et de la planète, l’édition 2018 accueillera 450 fabricants de produits à façon et attend 4 500 visiteurs.

Un CODEX Packaginarius (i.e. un Standard Codex pour les emballages alimentaires) est-il réalisable ? (1) - Par Lionel Spack, Ph.D Senior Food Contact Materials Expert NQAC EMENA Nestlé Suisse SA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifIl nous paraît naturel de trouver des aliments locaux, mais aussi, et de plus en plus, des produits provenant de tous les pays. En effet, actuellement, les produits alimentaires circulent dans le monde entier et il n’est pas rare de retrouver certaines grandes marques avec des distributions globales. Par conséquent, les emballages doivent aussi être conformes pour ces transports à travers le monde, car il n’est pas possible de mettre à disposition des produits alimentaires sans les avoir préalablement emballés.

FachPack : European trade fair for packaging, processes and technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifWith its extensive range of products and services relating to the packaging process chain for industrial and customer goods, FachPack will be held in Nuremberg in a compact three-day programme running from 25 to 27 September 2018.

Cardboard trays : needs are increasing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFood companies are looking for cardboard trays instead of plastic ones for some food products.

A single-layer barrier solution with PBT

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBASF expands its product line of food contact grade PBT’s with a PBT superior when it comes to oxygen transmission.

Breakthrough with the benefits of multi–layer technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHusky's Multi-Layer Technology is an integrated solution for PET preforms that offers more flexible material properties for enhanced package design and performance.

IML innovations

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe IMA-Erca C100 is a compact entry-level FFS machine (up to 7000 cph) for cups with in-mold labelling (IML) technology.

23 février 18

European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging Summit

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe 3rd edition European Food & Beverage Plastics Packaging Summit that will take place on the 14th & 15th March 2018 in Amsterdam, will bring together brand owners, retailers, leading sustainability experts, packaging converters and manufacturers, plastic collectors and reclaimers, policy makers and major global organisations involved in the Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging sector.

21 février 18

Constantia Flexibles to expand production capacity in India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfConstantia Flexibles is investing a double-digit million euro (INR 100 crore) amount in the expansion of production capacity at its Indian subsidiary Parikh Packaging, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

20 février 18

RKW proposes the first-ever online configurator for plastic packaging solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifRKW presents the World’s First Online configurator for Individual Plastic Packaging Solutions The digital design tool for RKW ProVent® allows customers to individually tailor their own packaging.

19 février 18

O-I's Containers achieve Cradle to Cradle certification

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifOwens-Illinois is the first food and beverage packaging company to achieve a gold rating in material health on the Cradle to Cradle Product Scorecard. "The certification provides brand owners, consumers, regulators, and shareholders tangible validation of our company's ongoing commitment to sustainability" said the group.

16 février 18

LC Packaging’s Bengali production location SA8000 recertified

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfLC Packaging, an international producer and distributor of flexible packaging, announces that its Bengali FIBC production location, Dutch-Bangla Pack ltd., is SA8000 recertified.
And the second production location will be operational in 2019.

14 février 18

Le concours Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2018 est ouvert

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe concours Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2018, qui s’adresse aux étudiants européens en design d’emballage en Europe, est ouvert. Les dossiers sont à remettre jusqu’à la mi-mai 2018.

12 février 18

Les emballages 5.0 : les emballages de demain récompensés

Texte AlternatifLe Conseil National de l’Emballage (CNE) a remis les prix de son concours Emballé 5.0 lors d’une cérémonie qui s’est tenu le 8 février 2018 à la Maison des Acteurs du Paris durable. Trois lauréats ont été distingués (parmi six nominés) par le public présent à la cérémonie.

6 février 18

IK and Elipso welcome Plastic Strategy and recent announcement of brand owners in Davos

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V. , German Association for Plastics Packagings and Films, and ELIPSO, the French Plastic & Flexible Packaging Association, re-emphasize their support of the recently published Plastic Strategy by the European Commission.

2 février 18

Leonard Green & Partners to acquire ProMach

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfLeonard Green & Partners, a leading private equity investment firm, have entered into definitive agreement to acquire the company ProMach, in packaging machinery solutions from AEA Investors. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed., ProMach plans continued strong growth in the global packaging machinery marketplace.

31 janvier 18

Anuga FoodTec 2018

Texte AlternatfLe salon international des fournisseurs de l'industrie agroalimentaire et des boissons, qui ouvrira ses portes du 20 au 23 mars 2018, attend quelque 1700 exposants à Cologne.

More flexible tray sealers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Mecapack O2 2500 tray sealing machine is available in Flex version, with several integrated tools, to allow a very fast change of production.

Circular economy : the flexible packaging industry creates a new consortium

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCeflex is a new project organized by a consortium of European companies (1) representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging.

Small series : how to increase flexibility

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBrands are looking for bottles with special design, or for standard bottles with distinctive details, aiming at small (or big) series of personalized packaging.

UNITED KINGDOM : new ovenable flow wraps

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifSuperguard has always been one of KM Packaging’s flagship ranges, popular with retailers and consumers alike.

PACKAGING : UK initiative to nix “black packaging” boxes

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifThe to-go box home, as well as packaging for ready-meals and other food items, are more and more using black plastic packaging that has carbon black pigments, which cannot be optically sorted by equipment using near infrared detection technology.

29 janvier 18

Waitrose pledged to not sell black plastic packaging at the end of 2019

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe supermarket UK Waitrose has pledged to not sell any own label food in black plastic beyond 2019. And black plastic will not be used for Waitrose meat, fish, fruit and veg by end of this year.

18 janvier 18

Europen welcomes EU Plastics Strategy

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEuropen welcomes the EU’s Plastics Strategy as an important contribution towards achieving the objectives of a Circular Economy and tackling (marine) littering. Europen will support and actively contribute to additional EU measures that may flow from the Strategy with regard to packaging to leverage the recently strengthened Waste Framework (WFD) and Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives (PPWD).

17 janvier 18

ProAmpac completes acquisition of Bonita Pioneer Packaging Products

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfProAmpac, flexible packaging manufacturer, who wins a Global Award for Innovative Probiotic Pouch by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) has acquired Oregon-based Bonita Pioneer Packaging Products (Bonita). Specializing in paper packaging products including custom and stock shopping bags, merchandise bags, foodservice packaging, and folding cartons, Bonita product complements ProAmpac’s existing flexible packaging offerings. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

16 janvier 18

Position du Conseil National de l'Emballage sur les allégations relatives à l’emballage

Texte AlternatifLes consommateurs français peuvent lire sur leurs produits (ou sur différents autres supports d’information) des allégations relatives aux seuls emballages.
Le Conseil national de l’emballage donne utilement sa position sur ces allégations, notamment celles concernant l’environnement, le bio, le sans emballage, l’emballage comestible, le vegan.

15 janvier 18

EFSA has opened a public consultation: guidance on nanomaterials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEFSA has opened a public consultation on its draft guidance for the risk assessment of nanoscience and nanotechnology applications in the food and feed chain. The guidance covers the relevant areas within EFSA’s remit, such as novel foods, food contact materials, food and feed additives, and pesticides.

9 janvier 18

Mondi Group acquires Powerflute

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi Group has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy), a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings, for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis. The transaction remains subject to competition clearance and customary closing conditions and is expected to complete in the first half of 2018. This acquisition is credit positive for Mondi, said Moody’s.

5 janvier 18

Duravant acquires Ohlson Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDuravant, a global engineered equipment manufacturer serving the food processing, packaging and material handling sectors, has acquired Ohlson Packaging, a weighing, counting and filling machine manufacturer. The purchase expands Duravant’s product portfolio and strengthens the company’s integration and service capabilities.

21 décembre 17

Crown Holdings : acquisition of Signode Industrial Group Holdings

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Crown, the global industrial in consumer packaging has acquired Signode has entered into an agreement to acquire Signode Industrial Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd., a leading global provider of transit packaging systems and solutions, from The Carlyle Group, in a cash transaction valued at $3.91 billion subject to customary closing adjustments. The acquisition, which is subject to review by various competition authorities, is expected to close during the first quarter of 2018 and to significantly increase free cash flow. Debt financing has been fully committed in support of the transaction.

Proseal : new website simplifies tray sealer selection

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTray sealing specialist Proseal has launched a new website, specifically designed to help visitors identify the best solution for their sealing requirements.

15 décembre 17

BPA plan ready for new EFSA assessment in 2018

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFeedback from a public consultation has helped EFSA to finalise the strategy for its next re-evaluation of the toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA). A “scientific protocol” that transparently details upfront the scope, methodology and information needs before the assessment starts has been published today together with the outcome of the external consultation EFSA held on this preparatory work.

11 décembre 17

Novolex™ acquires Shields Bag and Printing Company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfNovolex™, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group has agreed to acquire certain assets and business operations of Shields Bag and Printing Co., a leading manufacturer of custom engineered flexible packaging products. The transaction is expected to close near year end. Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

7 décembre 17

Laakirchen Papier AG : a new machine for containerboard production

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifLast year, Laakirchen Papier AG invested around EUR 100 million and now possesses one of Europe’s most modern containerboard machines. This is intended to enable the Upper Austrian mill’s owner, the Heinzel Group, to achieve its objective of becoming one of the top players in the European packaging market. The main target markets for the containerboard, which is to be sold under the “starboard” brand name, are Austria, Germany, CEE and Italy. 

4 décembre 17

Oscars de l’emballage 2017 : 20 lauréats

Texte AlternatifCréés en 1955, les Oscars de l ‘Emballage sont l’institution emblématique de la profession de l’emballage et du conditionnement. S’ils récompensent les innovations et les optimisations des industriels du secteur, ils inscrivent aussi les tendances sociétales. Et de ce point de vue, ils marquent les attentes et les exigences de leur marché respectif.
Organisés par InfoPro, les Oscars de l’emballage ont honoré, pour la 62ème édition, 20 lauréats dont nous publions la liste ci-dessous. IIs ont reçu leur prix lors d’une cérémonie qui a réuni près de 250 personnes de la profession.

30 novembre 17

La 9è édition des Verallia Design Awards est ouverte

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPour sa 9è édition Design Awards, le verrier Verallia a choisi le thème «Se mettre au verre». Pour 2018, le concours introduit un nouveau prix qui concerne les bouteilles de champagne. Pour cette nouvelle édition, les candidats ont jusqu’au 10 avril 2018 pour répondre à la thématique et imaginer un emballage en verre qui illustre ces vertus écologiques.

PET : new european project on chemical recycling DeMeTo

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDeMeTo like DE-polymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy. This new European project on chemical recycling is officially launched.

Deux groupes pour une poche

Texte AlternatifLa poche Cheerpack®, lancée par Aptar Food+Beverage et GualapackGroup Partner, dispose d’un bouchon doté de la valve SimpliSqueeze®.

Two companies for a spouted pouch

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIntroduced at Interpack, Aptar Food + Beverage and GualapackGroup Partner have launched a Premade No-Spill Spouted Pouch Solution.

Closures : light and convenient

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCaps suppliers keep on focusing on eco-design and lightweighting, while improving conveniency.

PACKAGING : Food packaging targets the millennial man

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifWith millennial remaining single into their thirties and more families working full-time jobs, men are frequenting grocery stores and doing the marketing more regularly than past generations.

A new president at Hayssen Flexible Systems

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfHayssen Flexible Systems, a Barry-Wehmiller company, has appointed Douglas McGraw as its President.

Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging : demand from pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe Global Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Market published by Grand View Research was accounted over USD 80.14 Billion in 2015.

Four-cavity IML machines for coffee capsules

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBeck Automation has presented four-cavity IML machines for coffee capsules at the Fakuma 2017. A premiere of a Single Serve Capsule IML machine.

More hygienic designs for food packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Bosch SVC series is capable of processing any free flowing dry, fresh or frozen food product.

13 novembre 17

Coveris realignes into its four strategic business units and explores strategic alternatives for its Americas and rigid packaging businesses

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe global packaging manufacturer Coveris Holdings has realigned its operations into four business units : Americas, Rigid, EMEA, and UK Food & Consumer. The company further announced as part of its go-forward strategy that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its Americas and Rigid packaging businesses following the realignment.

10 novembre 17

Deux récompenses pour Ishida à Dubaï

Texte AlternatifAu salon Gulfood Manufacturing qui s’est tenu à Dubaï fin octobre, Ishida a reçu le GFM Excellence Award pour son produit RobotGrader. Parallèlement, le jury a également décerné un Highly Commended Award pour l’AirScan, déjà primé en 2015 (Trophée de l’Innovation).

9 novembre 17

Coca-Cola European Partners, acteur du développement de la FoodTech en France

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCoca-Cola European Partners France (CCEP France) présente ses initiatives en lien avec le monde de la FoodTech.

8 novembre 17

Alpha Packaging acquires Dutch plant from Graham Packaging Company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAlpha Packaging Inc. has acquired the Netherlands plant (Etten-Leur) from Graham Packaging Company. The terms of transaction are not. For fhe american company, blow molder of bottles and jars for rapidly growing consumer markets, including the nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and niche food and beverage categories. Headquartered in St. Louis, this acquisition is Alpha’s second in Europe. Stressing speed & flexibility, St. Louis-based PET and HDPE bottle maker sees purchase of Etten-Leur facility as platform for broader European growth. The deal boosts the firm’s stake in rigid food packaging.

7 novembre 17

EU-US FDA mutual recognition of inspections of medicines manufacturers enters operational phase

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf1st November 2017 marks the beginning of mutual recognition of inspections of manufacturing sites for human medicines between the US and eight Member States of the European Union (Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Malta, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).

31 octobre 17

A compostable adhesive for fruit and vegetable

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfManufacter of labeling solutions, Avery Dennison is launching an Advanced Adhesives portfolio that expands converters’ options with four new adhesive choices including a clear non-yellowing hotmelt adhesive for chilled food applications and a compostable adhesive for fruit and vegetable packaging.

Stérilisation des préformes PET agréée FDA

Texte AlternatifA l'issue de tests effectués sur le site d'un client producteur laitier en Amérique du Nord, Sidel a reçu l'agrément de la Food & Drug Administration (FDA) pour son Combi Predis™ FMa aseptique. Il peut donc conditionner en PET des produits à faible acidité.

Sepack and Spreafico set up three lines for the packaging of coffee capsules

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSepack has coordinated the construction of three production lines for a major Italian roaster. Spreafico was involved in the engineering stage and in the delivery of filling machines.

New era in automation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Festo Motion Terminal VTEM (picture) is the world’s first valve controlled by software apps. These digital pneumatics components offer simpler designs and increased energy efficiency.

Global folding boxboard market : about US$ 12,250 Mn in the year 2022

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFolding boxboards are used increasingly in the packaging industry due to their low density and high stiffness, said Future Market Insights (FMI). Folding boxboards are usually made from mechanical pulp and this layer is sandwiched between a top and back sheet that is made from chemical pulp. And also are used in a vast array of applications like the packaging of cosmetics, luxury goods, food and pharmaceutical.

Flacons en plastique : l’esthétique en ligne de mire

Texte AlternatifLe design des flacons se concentre sur des formes simples. Les marques apprécient des emballages transparents, proches d’un aspect verre, tout en plébiscitant de multiples techniques de décoration. Des attentes parfois… paradoxales.

A paper to replace plastic and aluminium packaging for dry food

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf“To reinvent flexible paper-based packaging”, that is the objective of the new European project Sherpack, selected among 70 proposals in the EU funded H2020 BBI-2016-R05 call for projects on “Advanced biomaterials for smart food packaging”.

Barrier films : thinner but more efficient films

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBarrier films are mainly built on a multilayer basis, and the quantity of layers even tend to increase so as to improve the barrier efficiency.

26 octobre 17

International Paper and Graphic Packaging create a consumer packaging platform

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInternational Paper has signed a definitive agreement to contribute its North America Consumer Packaging business to Graphic Packaging in a transaction valued at $1.8 billion. The transaction is expected to close in early 2018, subject to the receipt of regulatory approval and certain other closing conditions.

18 octobre 17

Weener Plastics has acquired Orange Products Plasticos Ltda in Brazil

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWeener Plastics (WP), headquartered in The Netherlands, has acquired the shares and operations of Orange Products Plasticos Ltda in Brazil (OPB) from Orange Products Inc (OPI) and C-Pack, its current shareholders. The transaction has been closed for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is in line with WP's M&A strategy.

17 octobre 17

Worldwide retort pouch market to reach us$7.51 bn by 2025

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA report by Transparency Market Research finds that the global retort pouch market, which was worth US$4.29 bn in 2016 will likely attain a value of US$7.51 bn by 2025-end by clocking a steady CAGR of 6.5%.

16 octobre 17

Understanding the Millennial Consumer

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMarketing to millennials (roughly speaking people born between 1980 and 2000) is famously challenging. They’re known to be budget-conscious, sceptical - and way ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Variously known as ‘foodies’, the ‘me’ generation, and the ‘always on’ generation they can be difficult to get to know.
However, it’s worth the effort. Millennials now make up over a quarter of the UK population, and are coming into their own when it comes to spending power, representing an incredible e-commerce opportunity for brands and retailers. So now’s the time to make your marketing millennial-friendly !
"Understanding the Millennial Consumer" is proposed by biziblmarketin. This eBook looks at how to integrate millennials into your digital marketing strategy and capture them as consumers.

13 octobre 17

BASF expands its product line of food contact grade PBT

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOnly three years after introducing the first PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) grade for coffee capsules, BASF expands its product line of food contact grade PBTs with a PBT superior when it comes to oxygen transmission.

11 octobre 17

EU delays approval in food contact applications

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMore than 9 years have passed since the publication of the Regulation (EC) No. 282/2008 setting up the rules on the use of recycled plastic materials in food applications. To this date, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has adopted more than 140 positive scientific opinions on the safety of processes to recycle plastics for use in food contact materials. Following these opinions, the European Commission is in a position to officially authorize the evaluated processes. However, it has not taken any initiative in that direction so far.

10 octobre 17

Sodima a livré une ligne de conditionnement à l’île Maurice

Texte AlternatifIntégrateur de lignes complètes pour l'industrie agro-alimentaire basé en Corrèze, la société Sodima a livré une ligne complète de conditionnement chez New Maurifood sur l'île Maurice.

9 octobre 17

La nouvelle gamme food to go Monoprix : la fraîcheur designée

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifDestinée aux citadins nomades, la nouvelle gamme de food to go de Monoprix adopte un packaging au design qui valorise la fraîcheur. Une gamme ultra minimaliste, simple, directe et accessible qui se décline sur l’ensemble de l’offre fraîcheur ; les sandwichs, les salades, les fruits pressés, les desserts, comme dans la gamme de plats chauds et cuisinés à emporter.

30 septembre 17

Global zipper pouch market to reach US$ 3.9 Bn by 2027

Texte AlternatifA new report published by FMI titled "Zipper Pouch Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012 - 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 - 2027)" studies the performance of the global zipper pouch market over a 10 year assessment period from 2017 to 2027.

Un film opaque mais qui respire

Texte AlternatifX-Hance est un film 100% opaque mais reste un film respirant. Il fait obstacle aux rayons lumineux afin de protéger les produits, conserver leur fraîcheur et leur qualité, et prolonger leur durée de conservation, indique RPC bpi protec.

Versatile film receives sustainability award

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe food protection and preservation capabilities of X-Hance film from RPC bpi protec have been acknowledged in a major sustainability awards programme.

Coffee capsules : towards more sustainability ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBillions of coffee capsules are used every year in the world, meaning tons of waste.

PACKAGING : Top 50 food-packaging companies of 2017

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifIn our Top 50, Nestlé, Tyson, JBS, PepsiCo and Mars are consistently the top names putting emphasis on healthy choices.

UNITED STATES : Silicon dioxide particle-based microtags

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifTruTag’s silicon dioxide particle-based microtags won the 2017 North American Frost & Sullivan Award.

Two new barrier products

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAt Interpack 2017, Taghleef has presented two new products expanding the Extendo® High Barrier films range.

Ecolean proposes a filling machine for chilled distribution portion-sized packages

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSimplified design doubles capacity, enabling customers to produce more with less, Ecolean proposes the EL2+, an upgraded filling machine for chilled distribution portion-sized packages.

Ends of packaging lines gain in intelligence and compactness

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTecma-Aries : Compact machines combine three functions (tray forming + batch preparation + tray packing) or four functions (the same + overwrapping) in one equipment.

29 septembre 17

The winners of Pentawards 2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe international jury of Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to packaging design, chaired by founder Brigitte Evrard, is announcing its 2017 winners.
This year, the 11th edition of the Pentawards received 2,013 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries. This shows an increase of nearly 10% in enrolment over the previous year. In addition to the Diamond Pentaward and the 5 Platinum Pentawards, the international jury also awarded 46 Gold Pentawards among the 55 categories competing this year. Silver and Bronze Pentawards were also presented. In total, 32 countries are represented among the winners.

28 septembre 17

Tetra Pak France s'associe comme partenaire à Smart Food Paris

Texte AlternatifTetra Pak France s’associe comme partenaire fondateur à l’incubateur de start-up Smart Food Paris aux côtés du Groupe Bel, Carrefour, Elior Group, Honest, Michelin, Groupe Pomona et Groupe Up.

13 septembre 17

The EU Food Fraud Network : 2016 annual report

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe european Commission publishes the Report for 2016 activities of the Food Fraud Network - Administrative Assistance & Cooperation (AAC) system, including authorities in all EU MS & EEA.

12 septembre 17

Constantia Flexibles enregistre une croissance de +1,7% au 1er semestre

Texte AlternatifConstantia Flexibles (groupe Wendel) annonce une croissance de son chiffre d’affaires de +1,7% au 1er semestre (chiffres qui excluent la contribution de l’activité Labels cédée (voir ED&Packaging - juillet/août 2017).

International Paper completes the sale of its Foodservice Business in China

Texte Alternatif)Texte AlternatfInternational Paper has completed the sale of its foodservice business in China to Huhtamaki Group. The divested business has two plants and a workforce of approximately 200 employees.

6 septembre 17

Constantia Flexibles invests in film technology for pouches

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatif)Texte AlternatfConstantia Flexibles has invested roughly €6 million in new technology to manufacture film-based flexible packaging at its site in Weiden, Germany. These investments will meet growing demand for specialty laminates such as stand-up pouches, with high property barriers.

5 septembre 17

Linerless Trail line-up announced for Labelexpo Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfExhibitors participating in the Linerless Trail make its return to Labelexpo Europe 2017’s show floor (25-28 September 2017). Established to help increase sustainability levels within the industry and accelerate zero waste adoption, the Linerless Trail will benefit printers looking to improve their green credentials.

4 septembre 17

Klöckner Pentaplast at Label Expo 2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKlöckner Pentaplast will exhibit their line of innovative label films for packaging.

1 septembre 17

Meypack with a new development in case packing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMeypack who offers individual end-packaging solutions for all types of beverages is presenting its new development in the case packing area.

31 août 17

Alors que l’Europe multiplie les systèmes d’alerte… après le cheval, l’œuf… Par Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifJamais un édito n’aura été écrit si rapidement… Celui-ci est un quasi copier-coller de celui rédigé suite à l’affaire de la viande de cheval qui se prenait pour un bœuf (1)… en février 2013.
Comme pour le cheval, c’est le Réseau d’alerte européen - RASFF qui a été saisi… par les autorités belges concernant l’œuf et les ovoproduits (2).

Ametek to acquire Mocon

TexteAlternatfTexte AlternatfThe provider of detectors, instruments, systems and consulting services to research laboratories, production facilities, and quality control and safety departments in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, packaging, Mocon, has been acquired by Ametek.

Des PAV en capacité d’adaptation

Texte AlternatifComme le montre les exemples rapportés par les fournisseurs interrogés, les PAV ont la capacité de répondre aux exigences des clients qui évoluent en permanence.

A new phthalate-free PP for rigid packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIts Flowpact impact copolymers family is extending with a new Sabic® PP FPC70 polypropylene solution for rigid packaging.

Des ensacheuses pour doypacks

Texte AlternatifLe fabricant allemand d'ensacheuses horizontales HGD propose une large gamme de machines qui répond à de nombreuses applications

For high-end labels and food packaging : two new game-changing digital label presses

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfScreen launches two new UV inkjet label presses, expanding its remit into food packaging, breaking boundaries with new world-class speeds and further strengthening its position within the digital labels sector.

New filling and sealing machines for small series of coffee capsules

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe ICA RC100 (picture) fills and seals capsules (up to 120/min) containing coffee or soluble products. The capsules are made of plastic or biodegradable materials of different shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the customer.

L’UMT SafeMat : assurer et certifier la sécurité sanitaire des emballages

Texte AlternatifSafeMat, sous la conduite du LNE et d’AgroParisTech, veut mutualiser les compétences R&D pour d’une part, assurer une meilleure sécurité des matériaux et des emballages au contact alimentaire, cosmétique, pharmaceutique et biologique, et d’autre part, accélérer l’appropriation des méthodes prédictives par les parties prenantes de la filière.

Constantia Flexibles cède son activité Etiquettes et Habillages de conditionnement à Multi-Color

Texte AlternatifUn accord de cession de son activité Etiquettes et habillages de conditionnement est intervenu entre Constantia Flexibles (groupe Wendel avec 60,5% du capital) et Multi-Color, pour une valeur d’environ 1,15 milliard d’euros.

Food service packaging market worth 84.33 billion USD by 2022

Texte AlternatifThe report "Food Service Packaging Market by Material (Plastic, Metal), Packaging Type (Flexible, Rigid, Paper & Paperboard), Application (Alcoholic Beverages, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Fruits & Vegetables, Bakery & Confectionery) - Global Forecast to 2022", published by MarketsandMarkets™, the market size is estimated to grow from USD 65.36 Billion in 2017 to USD 84.33 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 5.23% during the forecast period.

Plastic bottles for food products : the temperature is rising

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn order to settle PET bottles as an alternative solution to glass, and with the aim to answers brands’ needs, suppliers such as Actipack or PET Power are developing bottles that can support the hot fill process, with high temperatures up to 80 degrees or more.

THE NETHERLANDS : New stand up pouch for extended shelf life

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifClondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast has developed an innovative stand up pouch for the Minigustos premium brand snack vegetables from Bayer using a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solution and micro-perforation that allows the product inside to breath and remain fresher for longer.

29 août 17

Drinktec 2017 : the exhibition for beverage and liquid food

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe trade fair will be held at the Exhibition Center of Messe München from September 11 to 15, 2017, will attract around 1,700 exhibitors. Around two-thirds of visitors come from abroad. drinktec 2017 will occupy 15 halls and an area of more than 150,000 square meters. Manufacturers showcase their latest technologies for the production, filling and packaging of all kinds of beverage and liquid food - including raw materials and logistics solutions. The themes of beverage marketing and packaging design round out the portfolio. Some presentation of exhibitors in below.

24 août 17

What happened during this summer ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMany transactions (acquisition, merger, expansion…) between companies : for example, Sonoco completes acquisition of Clear Lam Packaging, Inc, WestRock acquires Australian Folding Carton Provider Hannapak, Smurfit Kappa expands its European operations with acquisition in Russia, and even more so as the chinese Truking Group acquires 75.1 percent of Romaco shares.

11 juillet 17

Les Verallia Design Awards : un tremplin pour les étudiants designers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifQuand Verallia déclare que ses Design Awards récompensent les designers de demain, on peut le croire, à en juger par le succès que remportent les bouteilles primées au cours des deux précédentes éditions de 2015 et 2016. Ainsi, les projets de Mélitine Courvoisier et Leslie Dabin, respectivement créatrices des bouteilles Soirée à Rosé et Serac repérées par deux clients de Verallia, sont aujourd’hui commercialisés en France et à l’étranger. La 8è édition, dont les prix ont été remis récemment, ne devrait pas déroger à ce constat.

7 juillet 17

International Paper signs agreement to sell Foodservice Business in China

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInternational Paper has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its foodservice business in China to Huhtamaki Hong Kong Limited.

5 juillet 17

Endocrine disruptors & plant protection products : vote of Member States in favour of proposal on scientific criteria

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMember States representatives voted in favour of the European Commission's proposal on scientific criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in the field of plant protection products. This is an important step towards greater protection of citizens from harmful substances.

In US, DS Smith Plc acquire Interstate Resources, Inc.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDS Smith Plc has acquired 80% of the total issued share capital of Indevco Management Resources, Inc. (IMRI), the holding company for the Interstate Resources, Inc. group (IMRI and its subsidiaries together, the IRI Group), from Merpas Co. S.à r.l. (Merpas) for consideration of US$920 million (approximately £722 million) (the Initial Acquisition).

4 juillet 17

Klöckner Pentaplast completes acquisition of Linpac Group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAfter the authorities have approved the transaction, Klöckner Pentaplast Group announces the completion of the acquisition of Linpac Senior Holdings Limited and its direct and indirect subsidiaries. The closing completes the transaction agreed to and announced on 7 April 2017.

3 juillet 17

Bemis announces actions to reduce cost structure

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBemis who creates packaging for food, consumer product, healthcare, and industrial applications announced its planned actions in a restructuring and cost savings program to improve efficiency and profitability that further positions the Company for long-term success. The Company will implement these initiatives while maintaining the high quality products, best-in-class service, and culture of respect and innovation consistent with Bemis’ standards, said the management.

30 juin 17

Food Markets for converted flexible packaging to reach $15.5 billion

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFood markets for converted flexible packaging accounted for 71% of total demand in 2016 and are expected to rise to $15.5 billion in 2021.

Les nouvelles boissons et leur emballage

Texte AlternatifSur le marché des nouvelles boissons, pas de règle dans le choix des matériaux. Mais sur le plan marketing, une tendance émerge : la simplicité qui va à l’essentiel avec la recette.

Electroluminescent label

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDapy Electronics has patented the manufacturing process of its electroluminescent label for beverage.

Microdrinks in blister

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWaterdrop is the world’s first microdrink, declare its manufacturers, PaperFoam and Kvell.

Packaging sleeves : the demand is more complex

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBrands are looking for premium effects, which entices suppliers to develop more sophisticated decoration.

AUSTRIA : New aluminum foil wrapper with an “elastic” lacquer

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifConstantia Flexibles Group won four Alufoil Trophies in 2017. In the Consumer Convenience category, the winner is its new Unshredded Wrap, a new aluminum foil wrapper with an “elastic” lacquer applied on the foil to help small chocolate balls, eggs, seasonal products or even chocolate bars/tablets, come off in one piece, with improved puncture resistance.

Greiner Packaging signed a joint venture in Russia

TexteAlternatfTexte AlternatfUnder the name Greiner Packaging System, the joint venture with the Russian company Plastic System, located in Noginsk (1), will be driven by a focus on IML, direct printing and larger packaging containers primarily in the food and non-food sector in Russia.

Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH : legally independent company

At interpack 2017, Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH is making its first appearance as an independent legal entity.

Machines for pouches

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Spanish company Volpack, part of Coesia, is preparing for the challenges of the future with renewed optimism, with the aim of remaining the "Pouching Partner" of global reknown.

More accessible robots

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSiléane’s 3D gesture technology allows robots to automatically adapt their trajectories even if the shapes of the objects and the way they are arranged are constantly changing.

28 juin 17

Sonoco to acquire Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the stock of Clear Lam Packaging, Inc., a family-held developer and manufacturer of flexible and forming plastic packaging films for approximately $170 million in cash. The transaction is subject to normal regulatory review and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2017.

26 juin 17

EFSA reinforces independence policy

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEFSA’s Management Board has approved a number of new measures to further strengthen the Authority’s impartiality and protection against improper influence. We published the press release of EFSA.

23 juin 17

WestRock completes acquisition of five facilities from US Corrugated Holdings

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWestRock Company has completed the acquisition of certain operations of U.S. Corrugated, a large independent manufacturer of corrugated products for packaging and displays.

21 juin 17

Crown’s Peelfit™ Technology wins gold for packaging innovation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCrown Food Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings, has been honored with a Gold Award in the 29th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation for its easy-open foil sealed can. The Peelfit™ can, which enhances convenience, lightweighting and product protection, was highlighted as a standout product in the ‘technological advancement’ and ‘responsible packaging’ categories of the global competition.

16 juin 17

North America's PET blow molder market poised to grow at moderate CAGR of 4.3% by 2026

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFuture Market Insights recently published its report on the PET Blow Molder Market in North America, excerpts from which project the market to reach US$ 57.3 Mn value by the end of 2026. Although, key findings from the report project that during the forecast period, 2016-2026, the North American PET blow molder market will expand at a moderate pace.

14 juin 17

The French dairy producer ‘En Direct Des Éleveurs’ wins two awards with Ecolean

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifReceiving two awards at the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2017 in Dublin yesterday, French dairy producer En Direct Des Éleveurs was one of the night’s most highly profiled winners. The company’s choice of Ecolean® Air Aseptic 1000ml for its sustainable and traceable milk from French cows was recognised with two awards, Best New Brand or Business and Best Dairy Packaging Design.

12 juin 17

Tekni-Plex : $15 million investment in new China manufacturing facility

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex supports a $15 million investment in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, near Shanghai. It represents the single largest recent investment by Tekni-Plex and reflects the growing needs of the Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical and medical device market. Production for some product lines has already begun.

7 juin 17

A Drinktec 2017, l’emballage sous tous les angles

Texte AlternatifA Drinktec, qui aura lieu du 11 au 15 septembre 2017 à Munich, les fabricants et embouteilleurs de boissons et d’aliments liquides trouveront une offre de solutions adaptées à leurs exigences en matière de développement durable, de contenant mais aussi de process de soutirage et de conditionnement. Lors de la dernière édition, 97% des visiteurs ont décerné des notes record aux secteurs « ontenants, matériels d’emballage et obturateurs» ainsi qu’aux «techniques de remplissage et de conditionnement». L’Innovation Flow Lounge de Drinktec 2017 permettra notamment de cerner les thèmes phares en matière de conditionnement.

6 juin 17

WeePallet expands its plastic pallet partnership with american supply chain companies

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWeePallet, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying plastic pallets, has signed a new partnership program with the American supply chain companies. This comes at a time when most food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies are more concerned about the hygiene in their chain supply systems.

31 mai 17

Avery Dennison’s I.Lab™ brings intelligent label technology capabilities to life

TexteAlternatfTexte AlternatfAvery Dennison, who operates in pressure-sensitive and functional materials and labeling solutions for the retail apparel market, opened Netherlands-based innovation center, I.Lab™, a state-of-the-art interactive technology and label facility, in Oegstgeest.

Labeling systems in line with new needs

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfNovexx Solutions' top&down labeling systems (TDW range - picture) allows to use the entire surface of the packaging to show new mandatory informations.

IML : a precise decoration

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInjection moulding (IML-I) and thermoforming IML (IML-T) are a good choice for customers looking for quality decoration coupled to light and oxygen barrier actions.

30 mai 17

Sabic extends its impact copolymers with the new grade for rigid packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifWith tomorrow’s resource challenges, packaging has a crucial role to play, particularly in helping to reduce waste in the global food supply and in protecting goods for consumers while complying with ever more stringent regulations that are put in place to increase food and consumer safety in packaging industry. Today’s fast-paced lifestyles also are driving demand for pre-packed food; for hot filled packaging such as cups and bottles as well as microwave use. At the same time, consumer expectations are driving OEMs and brand owners to create packaging that is robust, easy to open and distinctively shaped with vibrant graphics. Sabic propose a new grade.

24 mai 17

Huiles minérales : maîtriser le risque de contamination des aliments

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifExpert Emballages et matériaux au contact des aliments au LNE-Laboratoire national d’essai, Patrick Sauvegrain, après un rappel de l’historique, fait un point sur les récentes décisions prises au niveau européen et plus récemment au niveau français.

PepsiCo joins New Plastics Economy Initiative as Core partner

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPepsiCo has joined the New Plastics Economy initiative as a Core Partner, signaling the global food and beverage company's continued commitment to reduce packaging waste.

22 mai 17

Pro Mach strengthens decorative labeling capabilities with acquisition of P.E. Labellers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPro Mach has acquired global high-speed labeling solutions provider P.E. Labellers SpA. The addition of Italy-based P.E. Labellers expands Pro Mach’s capabilities to provide high-speed decorative labeling and integrated solutions worldwide. All global subsidiaries and management teams of P.E. Labellers join the Pro Mach team.

19 mai 17

Crown opens 1st greenfield beverage can facility in US

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown has opened its new beverage can manufacturing plant in Nichols, New York. The state-of-the-art plant, which marks the industry’s first greenfield facility in the United States in more than 20 years, will support the country’s growing demand for specialty beverage cans.

18 mai 17

Flextrus and AR Packaging : wide web digital printing and finishing at Mediaköket

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe investment in wide web digital printing and finishing is in full industrial operation at Mediaköket, a part of Flextrus and AR Packaging.

17 mai 17

Bosch opened customer solutions centre in the Netherlands

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBosch Packaging Technology has opened its new customer solutions center for Weert, the Netherlands, during interpack 2017 to help food and non-food producers maximize the value of their operations when selecting a complete vertical system solution for their packaging operation. At the center, Bosch displays a selection of systems for the confectionery, chocolate, nuts, snacks and powder industries, while the company’s experts are also available for on-site consultation.

15 mai 17

Interpack 2017 : un salon où «l’internationalité» a atteint un niveau record

Texte AlternatifL’édition interpack 2017 a battu tous les records, selon les organisateurs. Avec une participation de 2 865 entreprises et de 170 500 visiteurs dont 74% en provenance de l’étranger ; parmi eux trois quarts de décideurs. La prochaine édition se tiendra en mai 2020 dans le cadre d’un nouveau parc des expositions de Düsseldorf, avec une entrée Sud toute neuve et un nouveau Hall 1.

Pregis acquires Sharp Packaging Systems and adds bagging systems

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPregis has acquired Sussex, Wisconsin-based Sharp Packaging Systems for an undisclosed amount.The acquisition will enable Pregis to expand its product portfolio to include a complete line of flexible packaging bagging systems and materials.

10 mai 17

Palmarès du Concours Pack The Future 2017

Texte AlternatifPour la remise des prix, la 3e édition du concours européen des entreprises de l’emballage plastique et souple «PackTheFuture - The Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award» avait choisi d’être au cœur de l’événement mondial de l’emballage, au salon Interpack. Sur les 37 dossiers présentés, 10 dont 4 par des sociétés françaises ont été distingués. La 4è édition est d’ores et déjà annoncée. Elle aura lieu dans le courant de l’automne 2018.

9 mai 17

Interpack 2017 : italy’s AMB presents its new development plan

Texte AlternatifThe Italian manufacturer of multilayer plastic film, which is mainly used in food packaging, AMB SpA present its new development plan and announce the opening of a new facility to work in tandem with its longstanding headquarters in San Daniele del Friuli.

5 mai 17

A record line-up for the start of drinktec 2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn September 2017 (11 to 15), around 1,600 exhibitors are expected to take part in the “World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry”, taking place in Munich.
With the integration of SIMEI, the world´s leading international trade fair for winemaking and bottling technology, total hall space taken up by drinktec rises to over 150,000 square meters.

3 mai 17

INCPEN response to EAC Plastic Bottle and Coffee Cup Waste Inquiry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfINCPEN - Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment has submitted written evidence to parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee for its inquiry into the effects on the environment of disposable drinks packaging, focusing in particular on the impact of plastic bottles and coffee cups.

30 avril 17

Flexible and clean : a growing demand for plastic films

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPackaging is supposed to be light and handy, neat and durable, microwaveable, and also environmentally friendly. The requirements for manufacturers increase constantly.

The Nitro Can

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfArdagh Group has commercialised its metal beverage division’s latest innovation, the Nitro Can.

Labels : broader possibilities in terms of decoration and services

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThanks to digital printing, labels can match the need for customised packaging.

United States : Water-soluble films for cosmetics

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifMonoSol, Kuraray’s WS Film Division’s new water-soluble film improves convenience by delivering personal care and cosmetic products in pre-measured pouches that release their contents when exposed to water.

Everybody at Düsseldorf to look for the right packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatf… Which means a packaging that reduces the waste… No more caps with big hole (diameter > 1 cm)… because it is difficult in this case to reduce the flow of the product (food, shampoo, or other)… The packaging can respect the consumer and the nature… with the right dose.

Resistance combined with minimum film thickness

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSüdpack Packaging Group proposes a range of film solutions and printing options for various food applications.

Beck Automation and Intravis announce a co-operation for IML vision systems

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe importance of the use of IML is increasing. In the light of extremely high cycle speeds and declining investment costs, the use of optical inspection systems is becoming increasingly attractive for operators.

26 avril 17

Bobst : son programme Food Grade Lubricants Migration permet d’adopter sur ses machines des lubrifiants de qualité alimentaire

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatif«Parce que les huiles minérales et les possibles contaminations sont source d’inquiétude», Bobst propose des lubrifiants de qualité alimentaire pour ses machines. Une société britannique qui produit des emballages alimentaires est le premier fabricant de son secteur au Royaume-Uni à mettre en œuvre une production «exempte d'huile minérale» grâce au programme de transformation des machines du groupe suisse pour qu’elles puissent utiliser des lubrifiants de qualité alimentaire.

Interpack 2017 : Valmatic presents a new machine dedicated to single-dose packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Italian company Valmaticy will present at the Düsseldorf trade fair an innovative solution for single-dose packaging that has been designed for those who produce directly and for contractors. the solution is suitable for a range of different sectors, including the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

20 avril 17

Interpack 2017 : Jindal Films will present many solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfJindal Films, a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films for the flexible packaging and labeling markets, will show many solutions at interpack. The company also will present these recently investissements in Europe : its new Global Technology Innovation Center in Virton (Belgium) inaugurated in March and its new metallizing capabilities at its site in Brindisi (Italy).

19 avril 17

Interpack 2017 : Danaflex présentera ses poches avec bouchons

Texte AlternatifDanaflex devrait annoncer plusieurs agrandissements de capacité en Russie et en République tchèque ainsi que plusieurs développements dans le domaine des poches, notamment pour le baby-food.

18 avril 17

Metpack : Conference convinces with top-class programme

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFrom May 2 to 6 the world's leading fair Metpack at Messe Essen will set new standards for the metal packaging sector. In addition to the range offered by the over 300 exhibitors, the Metpack Conference on the second day of the fair will promote knowledge transfer and serve as a valuable networking forum.

12 avril 17

French Munksjö site receives ISO 22000 Food Safety certification

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Rottersac production site in France of Munksjö, a manufacturer of advanced specialty papers, has been awarded ISO 22000:2005 certification by SGS for its Food Safety Management System.

11 avril 17

Interpack 2017 : IMA Group’s latest innovations

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOn the booth of Ima Group, visitors will discover what’s new from IMA for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tea, coffee and food industries. A special area will be dedicated to IMA Digital, which summarises all of the projects that represent IMA's commitment to the evolution towards the Smart Factory and Smart Products.

7 avril 17

Interpack 2017 : on the Bosch’s booth, 3,500 m² full of innovations

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBosch will present many solutions for food, pharmaceutical and industry 4.0. More details on the special website Boschatinterpack.

Silgan completes acquisition of dispensing systems business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSilgan Holdings announced the acquisition of WestRock’s Home, Health and Beauty (HH&B) dispensing business on January 23, 2017. That acquisition was made official yesterday. From now on, the HH&B business will operate as Silgan Dispensing Systems, and while the company name will change, its priorities, products, and business structure are very much aligned with how Silgan views its businesses.

6 avril 17

Mineral oil & food contact : the draft of Twenty-Second Regulation amending the German Commodities

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe German Authorities (German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection) published a draft concerning the Twenty-Second Regulation Amending the German Commodities. We publishe this draft in below.

interpack : Barry-Wehmiller introduces BW Packaging Solutions to Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBarry-Wehmiller is using this tagline to describe their new initiative, BW Packaging Solutions, launched recently “The names you know. The service you trust. Multiplied”.

5 avril 17

SCI announces closing of Mauser Group acquisition

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfStone Canyon Industries, LLC- SCI, has closed its previously announced purchase agreement to acquire Mauser Group N.V., a global supplier of rigid packaging products and services for industrial use, from Clayton, Dubilier & Rice . The all-cash transaction is valued at approximately $2.3 billion.

4 avril 17

ABB to acquire B&R

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfABB acquires B&R, the largest independent provider focused on product- and software-based, open-architecture solutions for machine and factory automation worldwide. B&R, founded in 1979 by Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer is headquartered in Eggelsberg, Austria, employs more than 3,000 people, including about 1,000 R&D and application engineers. It operates across 70 countries, generating sales of more than $600 million (2015/16) in the $20 billion machine and factory automation market segment. The purchase price is not disclosed, multiple in line with peer valuations. The transaction is expected to close in summer 2017, subject to customary regulatory clearances.

31 mars 17

Coveris produit des emballages alimentaires en rPET

Texte AlternatifParce que «la réduction de l’empreinte carbone tient ainsi une place majeure dans la stratégie globale d’innovation de l’entreprise», Coveris Rigid France a installé sur son site de Soustons un module de décontamination de paillettes PET.

Food packaging in rPET

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA big step has been taken in limiting the environmental impact at Coveris.

A new carton concept to provide information for special promotion

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMMP Austria is the prize winner of the international ProCarton/ECMA Award 2016 for the product solution “Pago fruit juice: Honeydew-mango promotion” in the most innovative carton category.

Food films : more praticity

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn order to avoid food waste, films suppliers are making sachets or trays more convenient to use, without impacting product protection.

UNITED STATES : Single water-soluble pods for shaving cream

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifAfter unit-dose laundry and automatic dishwasher detergents, Pacific Shaving Company has launched, with MonoSol, LLC, a new way of delivering shaving cream in a pre-measured food grade, water-soluble film and packet that dissolves with water in the palm to provide a moisturizing lather.

GERMANY : High-pressure verification technology for food packaging

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifThanks to the high-pressure indicator from Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), food service companies will have a quick visual indicator to take a decision on whether to accept the shipment delivery of HPP foods for their restaurants or grocery stores.

L’emballage : l’affiche politico-économico-militante… universelle - Par Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifEn cette période pré-électorale en France, post–électorale aux Etats-Unis, le «Made in…» affiché sur les emballages devient presque un acte militant…

IMA Dairy & Food capte la moitié du CA du groupe italien

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCréée en 2015 consécutivement au rachat des sociétés de l’ancien groupe Oystar, la division Dairy&Food du groupe IMA capte près de la moitié du CA total du groupe qui continue à progresser et s’élève à près de 1,3 Md € pour 2016.

FEFCO : new Market & Environment Director

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexteAlternatfThomas Maiwald (44 years old) is the new FEFCO Market & Environment Director. He is Engineer in food technology.

Performance des machines avec la gamme de service connectés CogniPro™Link

Texte AlternatifC’est une solution de services connectés qu’a présentée Sealed Air au CFIA Rennes 2017, en l’occurrence le CogniPro™ Link qui fait entrer l’IoT dans le monde de l’emballage, souligne la société.

Sigpack VPF offers unique flexibility thanks to expandable modules

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe prototype Sigpack VPF (Vertical Platform for Flat Pouches), the first freely scalable flat pouch machine, has been honoured with the German Packaging Award 2016.

New solutions for control process machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPackaging machines provide a significant amount of information difficult to analyze in the workshop.

30 mars 17

A Interpack, Rockwell Automation remettra le Prix "Best Future Machine Award"

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifEn plus de présenter sa gamme de produits innovants et ses applications client, Rockwell Automation profitera du salon interpack pour récompenser l'innovation avec le prix "Best Future Machine Award", qui salue les déploiements de technologies innovantes.

Synerlink S.A. acquires fill-seal manufacturer Ermi

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSynerlink S.A., supplier of packaging technology for the food industry, is expanding with the acquisition of Ermi, a manufacturer of ultra-clean and aseptic fill-seal bottle and cup fillers for milk, desserts, yogurt and juices.

29 mars 17

Ball Corporation sells Paint and General Line Plant in Ohio

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBall Corporation announced the sale of its paint and general line can manufacturing facility in Hubbard, Ohio, to U.S.-based BWAY Corporation.

27 mars 17

Aptar Pharma inaugurates Congers site expansion In US

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSitued in Congers NY, Aptar Pharma’s newly-expanded, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities will be used to complete premium injectable elastomeric component manufacturing, enabling Aptar Pharma to better serve its North American pharmaceutical customers.

22 mars 17

Huhtamaki unveils Adtone cup with digital content

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamaki Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania introduced Adtone™, a single-use paper cup with digitalized connection.

21 mars 17

Bobst integrated AlOx solution helps Covinil to enter new markets

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe spanish converter Covinil is the first company to invest in the new Bobst Integrated Solution for the conversion of AlOx high barrier transparent films.

17 mars 17

Foodwatch défend un étiquetage nutritionnel obligatoire

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFoodwatch, qui milite pour un étiquetage nutritionnel transparent, estime que celui-ci doit être obligatoire pour l’ensemble des fabricants en Europe et apposé à l’avant de l’emballage.

6 mars 17

SAVE FOOD China opens a new chapter in innovative food packaging together with packaging top brands

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfShanghai World of Packaging (swop) - processing and packaging exhibition focusing on China and the Asia-Pacific region, is set for a grand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 7-10 November, 2017.

28 février 17

drinktec 2017 : 1,600 exhibitors are expected

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAround 1,600 exhibitors are expected to take part in the “World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry”, taking place from September 11 to 15, 2017 in Munich.

614 food and drink acquisitions in 2016

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfZenith Global has published the list of acquisitions 2016 in food and drink sector.

En mini-portion pour éviter le gaspillage

Texte AlternatifPour la restauration scolaire, Bel Foodservice propose Leerdamer en portion individuelle de 17 g (équivalent de 150 mg de calcium) emballée dans un sachet.

Pouches : many solutions to open them

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFlexible laminated sachets such as doypack® or bottle are strongly increasing on the food industry.

UNITED STATES : New ‘Powder-based Additive to extend shelf life

Texte Alternatf Texte Alternatif“The Airshield process provides oxygen ‘scavenging’ and an oxygen barrier all in one product, explains Rob Reinders, president of Performance Packaging.

Flexible packaging : new polymers grades

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfExxon Mobil is expanding its Exceed™ XP with two new grades.

A first ever high-speed vffs packaging system with integrated labeler and inserter

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatftna has launched the first ever VFFS packaging system with fully integrated labeler and inserter, making it the only manufacturer in the world that offers a completely integrated turnkey packaging system.

27 février 17

tna célèbre ses 35 ans

Texte AlternatifFournisseur mondial de solutions de transformation et d’emballage pour l’industrie agroalimentaire, tna fête ses 35 ans de développement.
Fondée à Sydney, en Australie, l'entreprise rappelle qu’elle a lancé la première machine verticale de formage, remplissage et scellage (VFFS - vertical form fill seal) à haute vitesse, la tna robag®, en 1985. «Une machine qui a transformé le secteur des snacks» dit-elle.

24 février 17

13th InnoBev Global Beverages Congress

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf'Accelerating Innovation' is the theme for this year's InnoBev Global Beverages Congress on 25th to 26th April in Frankfurt, with an emphasis on the rapid growth potential of emerging markets such as iced tea and coffee, energy and sports drinks, wellness and functional drinks.

22 février 17

Les distributeurs veulent développer leurs ventes en ligne

Texte AlternatifDans sa dernière edition e-Scanner, PLMA fait un focus sur les distributeurs qui, en Europe, se consacrent prioritairement à leurs activités en ligne. À l’issue de sa fusion, Ahold Delhaize a indiqué qu’il entendait doubler ses ventes en ligne aux Pays-Bas et en Belgique d’ici 2020, principalement par le biais de sa plateforme web.

Tekni-Plex commemorates 50th anniversary

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, a global manufacturer of packaging materials, medical compounds and precision-crafted tubing solutions, is commemorating its 50th anniversary.

21 février 17

Constantia Flexibles invests in new printing technology in Germany

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfConstantia Flexibles Group has invested nearly three million euro in printing technology at its manufacturing site in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany.

20 février 17

The spanish converter Enplater acquires its second HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Spanish converter Enplater has installed its second HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press in two years, as it expands its digital offering to the Spanish food packaging sector.

17 février 17

Sonoco to acquire Peninsula Packaging Company and to expand thermoforming packaging to fresh foods

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Peninsula Packaging Company for approximately $230 million in cash. Peninsula, which is owned by a fund managed by Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC, is a manufacturer of thermoformed packaging for fresh fruit and vegetables.

16 février 17

Tekni-Plex commemorates 50th anniversary

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, a global manufacturer of packaging materials, medical compounds and precision-crafted tubing solutions, is commemorating its 50th anniversary.

15 février 17

RPC group acquire US Letica Group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSome press agencies announce the acquisition Letica Group, a U.S.-based maker of plastic food-packaging products by RPC Group Plc. And reported that this operation would acquire for up to $640 million to expand outside Europe.

14 février 17

Interpack : la protection des denrées alimentaires passe par l’emballage

Texte AlternatifLa FAO de l’ONU-Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture estime le volume de nourriture gâchée chaque année dans le monde à 1,3 milliard de tonnes. Les raisons sont nombreuses.
Pour la troisième fois consécutive, Interpack va accueillir le congrès international Save Food de la FAO et pour la deuxième fois, la plateforme InnovationParc.

10 février 17

Au Canada, rappel d’une poche souple de baby food

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAu Canada, Les Compagnies Loblaw Limitée ont dû procéder au rappel de leurs sachets de nourriture pour bébé de marque PC Biologique parce que ces produits pouvaient favoriser la prolifération de la bactérie Clostridium botulinum. Ce risque provient d’une erreur au moment du conditionnement.

7 février 17

Mondi Group enhances consumer packaging portfolio with flexible solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi Group has acquired Excelsior, a UK consumer packaging company, for £33 million (38 million) on a debt- and-cash-free basis. Excelsior is a vertically-integrated producer of flexible packaging solutions and the acquisition supports Mondi’s strategy to further grow its consumer packaging business.

6 février 17

Excellent design possibilities of steel for packaging analyzed by the leading european expert

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifOn the website of Apeal, Roland ten Klooster, Professor of Packaging Design and Management at Holland’s University of Twente explains "the excellent design possibilities offered by steel for packaging".

31 janvier 17

Tactil HMI is the new standard

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe HMIs offer comes in a wide variety of models to fit a wide variety of machines.

Higher personalization degree of bags

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOn show Cibus Tec 2016, Goglio has announced a more flexible process which allows for a much higher personalization degree (personalized images and messages) thanks to the new digital printer.

A new highly color efficient pigment

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBASF Colors & Effects presented a new highly color efficient pigment from the Paliotol® organic pigment series.

Des traitements barrière plus respectueux de l’environnement

Texte AlternatifLes nouveaux traitements barrière que présente Archroma, producteur de spécialités chimiques, notamment pour l’industrie papetière, sont destinées aux papiers et cartons utilisés pour les emballages alimentaires.

PACKAGING : Three steps to plan for the FDA’s new food label rules

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifMost producers will be required to adhere to the revisions of the National Labeling Education Act (NLEA) within 2018. To plan for changes :

Recyclable pouch with customizable options

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifThe new, easy-tear polyethylene pouch from Printpack, with single material structure, is entirely recyclable through the How2Recycle recycling stream.

Bag-in-box : a more qualitative approach

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFor premium wines or spirits - and to match the needs of new BIB consumers, new designs are available for bag-in-box packaging (curved or cubic), as well as smaller contents ranging from 1,5 l to 3 l.

How to improve the properties of bioplastics packaging for food and beverage

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe spanish technology centre AINIA and the Plastics technology Centre AIMPLAS are working together in the SOSTPACK Project whose main objective is to improve the properties of biodegradable materials (biopolymers, also known as bioplastics) to facilitate their incorporation into food and beverage packaging market.

26 janvier 17

European Parliament reject national bans on packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe European Parliament’s powerful environment, public health and food safety committee voted to reject proposals allowing EU countries to introduce national bans or other discriminatory restrictions on so-called “single use” packaging.Manufacturers of food & beverage service&convenience packaging welcome vote, see first signs of better understanding of the role of their products.

The environment committee vote is a slap in the face for the French government, which has put in place a controversial ban on disposable plastics tableware that is illegal under EU rules, according to Pack2Go Europe. A vote for national bans would have grandfathered the French ban into EU law.

24 janvier 17

WestRock : Silgan rachète ses activités fermetures spéciales et systèmes de distribution

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSilgan Holdings Inca vient d’acquérir les activités spécialisées dans les systèmes de fermeture et de distribution de WestRock qui intéressent les marchés de la maison, de la santé et de la beauté.
Cette activité compte 13 usines en Amérique du Nord, en Europe, en Amérique du Sud et en Asie. Pour l'exercice terminé le 30 septembre 2016, elle a généré des ventes d'environ 566 millions de dollars.
A date, le groupe conserve toutes ses activités liées au carton.

18 janvier 17

PET : Safety assessment of the substance ‘Tungsten Oxide’ for use in food contact materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Scientific Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has given the opinion on safety assessment of the substance ‘Tungsten Oxide’ for use in food contact materials.

17 janvier 17

Nanotechnology & Packaging : EU Awards €7.7 Million to NanoPack Project

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe European Union (EU) has awarded the international NanoPack consortium €7.7 million to introduce Nanotechnology-based antimicrobial packaging to enhance food safety and reduce waste.

5 janvier 17

2nd European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf2nd European Food & Beverage Plastic Packaging takes place in Berlin, Germany, on 8th-9th February 2017. This event for "Improving Sustainability Practices Across the Supply Chain" is organized by Active Communications International, Inc (ACI).

4 janvier 17

International Paper Foodservice Facilities : Elite Certification in Global Food Safety

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInternational Paper is committed to improving food safety throughout the supply chain. The Company announced their Kenton, Ohio and Visalia, California facilities achieved food safety certification by exceeding the standards of the benchmarking procedures as dictated by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The two sites join IP's Shelbyville, Ill. Facility that was certified in March, 2016. All three sites achieved scores above 99%.

22 décembre 16

Volpak introduces a new flexible and dynamic website

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfVolpak (Coesia company) has a renewed website, designed for easy and accessible navigation for the customers as well as other users. This website has been studied and structured according to Web 2.0. and provides a very clear and complete information respective Volpak’s fields of competence and packaging solutions offered.

16 décembre 16

UBM : acquisition of Allworld Exhibitions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfUBM plc has agreed to acquire Allworld Exhibitions, the leading privately-owned Asian exhibitions business operating 51 tradeshows in 11 countries and across nine industry sectors. Allworld generated revenues of $97.2 million and EBITDA of $37.6 million (38.7% margin) during the twelve months ended 30 June 2016.

15 décembre 16

Food packaging markets sustainable : alternatives to PVdC - Coated films create new growth opportunities

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDeferring to the popular consumer sentiment, numerous countries across Western Europe have banned or restricted the use of polyvinylidene chloride coated films in food packaging, said said Frost & Sullivan. EVOH co-extruded films have already grabbed 46.7% of the total specialty films market in Western Europe" added the company.

14 décembre 16

FDA removes approval of two PFC food-packaging uses

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn response to a petition filed on behalf of the 3M Corporation, FDA is amending a food additive regulation to no longer authorize the use of two long-chain perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) used in “grease-proof” food packaging.

12 décembre 16

Bosch Packaging Technology : a new president and change in the executive board

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDr. Stefan König (51) will become president of Bosch Packaging Technology on January 1, 2017. He succeeds Friedbert Klefenz (61), who is set to retire from Bosch Packaging Technology on June 30, 2017. Mr. Klefenz will provide consulting to Bosch until his retirement.

7 décembre 16

Un accélérateur pour startups et PME de la FoodTech

Texte AlternatifA l’occasion de son forum qu’il a tenu récemment, Vitagora a annoncé le lancement d’un accélérateur pour startups/PME relevant du secteur de la Food Tech. Il s’agit d’accompagner ces entreprises au début de leur activité et de les aider à toutes les étapes de leur développement, de «la fourche à la fourchette». L’emballage est pris en compte.

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury launches the stand up pouch

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfClondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury (formerly Chadwicks) has introduced stand up pouches to its flexible packaging product portfolio.

5 décembre 16

AptarGroup has a new President and CEO

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfStephan B. Tanda has been appointed by the Board of Directors to succeed Stephen J. Hagge, as President and CEO of AptarGroup. He will join Aptar on February 1, 2017 and become a member of its Board of Directors.

Strong german presence at International PackTech India and FoodPex India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSeveral major German brands will be represented at the International PackTech India and FoodPex India, held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai from 15 to 17 December 2016.

2 décembre 16

International Paper finalizes purchase of Weyerhaeuser's pulp business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInternational Paper has completed its acquisition of Weyerhaeuser's pulp business for approximately $2.2 billion in cash, subject to post-closing adjustments. "This transaction positions International Paper as the premier global supplier of fluff pulp and enhances our ability to generate additional cash flow" said International Paper Chairman and CEO Mark Sutton.

30 novembre 16

The Beverage Box: a luxury box for the transport of bottles

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPozzoli Spa presented at Luxe Pack Monaco an innovative Beverage Box™ (patented model).

SPIRITS AND HARD LIQUORS - Glass makers : differentiation and premiumisation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOn the spirits an hard liquors french market, highly dynamic, brands are keeping going to two parallel directions : differentiation and premiumisation.

UNITED STATES : metal cans to store and protect cannabis

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifHonest Marijuana Co. introduced sustainable reclosable metal cans from the food industry to store and protect the marijuana from oxygen, light and moisture.

Sparkling multipacks

Texte AlternatfTexteAlternatfAMI Consulting, a division of Applied Market Information Ltd., has published a new report on the collation shrink film market, analysing the latest trends in the use of these packaging films, along with developments in raw material technology, innovation and changing film formulations.

A flowpack for green tea

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPackaging specialist Teepack present the latest version of its Perfecta Flowpack, an all-in-one solution for the tea industry.

Bag machines adapted to the market requirements

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBy logistical gains they provide, baggers experiencing renewed interest. Baggers manufacturers adapt their machines to the market requirements.

25 novembre 16

LGC Acquires BRC Global Standards

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfLGC has completed the acquisition of BRC Global Standards, the world's largest provider of safety and quality Standards programmes for food and non-food manufacture, packaging, storage, distribution and retail based in London.

24 novembre 16

Jabil Packaging Solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfJabil Packaging Solutions, a global leader in value-added packaging, will invest in a new European customer engagement and innovation center in Tortosa, Spain.

23 novembre 16

New report on the global market for bioplastics

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFilms made of potato starch, fibers made of lactic acid, disposable tableware made of sugar cane: revenues of more than USD 2.6 billion were generated with 'green' plastics in 2015. The market research institute Ceresana analyzed the global market for bioplastics already for the fourth time.

22 novembre 16

Total and Corbion form a joint venture in bioplastics

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTotal and Corbion are joining forces to develop bioplastics by creating a 50/50 joint venture to produce and market polylactic (PLA) polymers. The new company will be based in the Netherlands and will launch operations in the 1st quarter of 2017, subject to regulatory approvals.

21 novembre 16

Food contact materials : Safety assessment of the substance (butadiene, styrene, methyl methacrylate, butyl acrylate) copolymer

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF) deals with the safety re-assessment of (butadiene, styrene, methyl methacrylate, butyl acrylate) copolymer cross-linked with divinylbenzene or 1,3-butanediol dimethacrylate for use at up to 40% w/w in blends of styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN)/poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA).

15 novembre 16

La «collection hiver» de Prince de Bretagne bien emballée

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifQui dit nouveaux produits, dit nouveaux conditionnements, nouveaux habillages pour Prince de Bretagne. Les coopératives de producteurs de légumes frais bretons lancent une «collection hiver» qui répond au plus près des modes de vie et des attentes de ses clients, qu'ils soient consommateurs, restaurateurs ou acteurs de la distribution.

14 novembre 16

U.S. domestic shipments of packaging machinery rising to 8.5B by 2020

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe value of domestic shipments of packaging machinery is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4 percent reaching $8.5 billion in 2020, according to Pack Expo owner and producer PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. More than half of this growth is expected to come from the food and beverage sector.

10 novembre 16

Food safety : government and industry set to discuss groundbreaking efforts in public-private collaboration

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Global Food Safety Initiative-GFSI is to host top industry players and key government leaders at FSMA-focused food safety briefing in Washington D.C. on Nov 15.

8 novembre 16

E.Leclerc s'engage à supprimer tous les emballages «cancérigènes» en 2017

Texte AlternatifEn discussion depuis plusieurs mois avec l'ONG Foodwatch (e.bonus du 5 oct.2016), le groupement E.Leclerc et ses sociétés commerciales, présentent un plan d'action concernant les emballages «potentiellement concernés par la problématique des emballages présentant des risques de migration».
Ce plan concerne les marques MDD du distributeur mais aussi les marques nationales qu’il commercialise.

3 novembre 16

Colloque M.A.D.E. «Intégrez les nouvelles attentes consommateurs au cœur de votre savoir-faire»

Texte AlternatifPour son 4ème colloque qui aura lieu à Paris le 24 novembre, M.A.D.E. (ex MDD Expo) a choisi pour thème central : «Intégrez les nouvelles attentes consommateurs au cœur de votre savoir-faire».

2 novembre 16

All4Pack : high-speed packaging with Hugo Beck and Aera

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHugo Beck is placing its new robot-assisted automation system for horizontal film packaging centre stage during All4Pack on the booth of Aera, its distributor in France.

30 octobre 16

IML by injection or by thermoforming, two industrial realities

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFood ranges, yet on the lookout for decoration more and more qualitative, have today choice in IML technology, between injection and thermoforming.

NC-based concentrate range for high performance flexo printing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe new NitroBase WZ65 range has been further developed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements for high-speed printing and highest quality in flexo” explain Flint Group Flexible packaging.

Optimisation of vacuum pumps

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfVacuum pumps are used to achieve the required vacuum on packaging machines or for handling food products.

27 octobre 16

All4Pack 2016 : Schoeller Allibert with the Reusable Transit Packaging-RTP

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSchoeller Allibert will present many new solutions among 29 new product development this year.

26 octobre 16

For the first time and parallel to drinktec 2017 in Munich: PRO FachHandel

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPRO FachHandel (Association Group GES eG), the specialist and order trade fair of the beverage and confectionery trade, will be held in Munich for the first time in 2017.

25 octobre 16

Concours «Pack The future» : lancement de la 3e édition

Texte AlternatifAprès le succès des deux premières éditions, les représentations professionnelles des entreprises de l'emballage plastique et souple en France et en Allemagne, respectivement Elipso et IK, organisent la 3e édition du concours européen «Pack The Future - The Sustainable Plastic Packaging Award».

Borealis strengthens cooperation with Taiwanese firm for development of lightweight, recyclable foam use concept

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBorealis has entered into a formal cooperation with Taiwan-based convertor Reach Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

18 octobre 16

Huiles minérales et emballages papier-carton : le Cofepac annonce de nouveaux développements

Texte AlternatifParce qu’il estime que les informations sur la présence d’huiles minérales dans des aliments mettent parfois en cause la responsabilité des emballages à base de papier ou de carton, le Cofepac-Comité français de l’emballage Papier-carton publie un communiqué pour rappeler qu’en septembre 2010 l’ECMA a decidé de stopper l’utilisation des encres à base d’huiles minérales dans l’emballage. Par ailleurs, dans l’attente de probables propositions régelementaires, le Cofepac recommande de bien concevoir les emballages et d'établir un cahier des charges clair précisant la destination (les usages) et définissant les exigences à satisfaire.
Nous publions le communiqué dans son intégralité.

For packaging : first bioplastic made from surplus whey cheese industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWheypack is a circular project in which the cheese industry, that generates the whey surplus, becomes a beneficiary of the new PHB biodegradable packaging tailored to the needs of their products.

14 octobre 16

Bisphenol A : new immune system evidence useful but limited

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifNew data confirm EFSA’s previous conclusion that bisphenol A (BPA) might affect the immune system in animals, but the evidence is too limited to draw any conclusions for human health.

Mondi Group continue to reinforce in Russia

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi Group has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding share capital of LLC Beepack (“Beepack”) from a private investor for a consideration of RUB2,825 million (EUR41 million) on a debt-and-cash-free basis.

12 octobre 16

Berlin Packaging to acquire Italy's Bruni Glass

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBerlin Packaging  has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Italy-based Bruni Glass in a transaction that will significantly expand Berlin's premium glass portfolio, extend its footprint into key European markets, and push the combined company's 2016 global sales past the $1.2 billion mark.

11 octobre 16

Pro Mach expands filling and capping capabilities

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPro Mach continues to expand its capabilities and strengthen its position as a complete, one-stop provider of packaging line solutions, with acquisition of Pacific Packaging Machinery.

7 octobre 16

Premium bottled water growth rises to 6% globally

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfGlobal growth in the premium water market increased to 6% in 2015, according to a new report from leading food and drink consultancy Zenith International. The top 5 global premium water brands - Evian, Vittel, Volvic, San Pellegrino and Gerolsteiner - are  collectively responsible for 46% of volume. Danone and Nestlé continue to lead the market, owning 4 of the top 5 between them.

5 octobre 16

Emballage : le distributeur E.Leclerc interdirait les MOAH d'ici mi-2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSelon Foodwatch, E.Leclerc serait le premier groupe en France «à apporter une réponse concrète au problème de santé publique» que pose la contamination des aliments avec les huiles minérales des encres des emballages non barrières.

30 septembre 16

Hema celebrates 80 years of service and innovation

TexteAlternatfTexte AlternatfFounded by Henri Marchadour in 1936, a mechanic, who led the company for three decades, Hema became known internationally for creativity and ingenuity. And as the Quimper, France-based manufacturer celebrates its rich history this year, it looks forward to a bright future of continued innovation and service.

The global metal packaging market out to 2026

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe global metal packaging industry has shown some signs of revivals as aluminium premium and tinplate prices have softened, though the market has still not been fully out of doldrums, said Commodity Inside, an independent privately owned company provides market research analysis, consulting and training to the commodities market.

Seal and seal again with k reseal

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKM Packaging Services Ltd has extended its range of market-leading lidding films with the launch of an innovative new resealing film, K Reseal, which can be opened and reclosed multiple times.

The multiple iterations of snack packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfYet nomadism and snacking be developing, the food brands are researching individual packs more and more easy to open, originals and technicals.

UNITED KINGDOM : Protective meat packaging including anti-microbial

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifDri-Fresh® Fresh-Hold™ ABM absorbent pads for meat, poultry & seafood combine effective absorbency with integrated anti-bacterial/microbial properties, using a new technology based on a blend of natural fruit extracts, for the ultimate protection.

Quality control of labels

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEspera offers two automatic weighing/ pricing/labeling machines ranges. The ES5900 series features maximum rate of 60 strokes/minute while the ES7000 series can reach 120 strokes/minute.

Tests d’intégrité de fermeture de récipient (CCI)

Texte AlternatifLes défauts de fermeture des conditionnements de médicaments peuvent être très dangereux pour les patients, s’ils ne sont pas détectés avant leur administration, car ils peuvent conduire à un changement de l'ingrédient actif (API) et perdre leur efficacité ou entraîner des effets secondaires inattendus.

Test container closure integrity (CCI)

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifDefects might be highly hazardous to patients, if not detected prior to administration. In fact, they can be even more dangerous than particles contained in pharmaceutical liquids, as they might lead to a change in the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

29 septembre 16

Ball Corporation reaches agreement to sell baltimore specialty tin plant

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBall Corporation announced an agreement to sell its specialty tin manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland, to U.S, Independent Can Company for approximately $25 million.

28 septembre 16

Ifop Trends : décrypter les tendances

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifL’Ifop lance «IfopTrends POP», une collection de cahiers de tendances «capsule», conçus pour répondre aux besoins d’inspiration dans le cadre de projets d’innovation produit.

KM Packaging’s pouches provide flexible food solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEuropean packaging specialist KM Packaging Services Ltd has extended its range of market-leading pre-made pouches in response to the growing demand within both food and non-food sectors.

27 septembre 16

Metsa Board remporte le prix “the carton of the year”

Texte AlternatifProduits à partir de cartons fibres vierges de Metsä Board, des emballages ont remporté le prix ECMA Pro Carton 2016, dont le prix du carton de l’année. Les cartons primés étaient utilisés dans les catégories Food et Beauty & Cosmetics.

23 septembre 16

Micvac sera présent au Sial 2016

Texte AlternatifMicvac va de nouveau participer au salon international de l’agro-alimentaire. Depuis 2015, la société s’est dotée d’un bureau local en France s’ouvrant ainsi de nouvelles opportunités sur ce marché. Micvac a développé un process «frais et naturel» pour les plats cuisinés.

Attacks on packaging are a waste of resources

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifINCPEN – the Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment - is launching an initiative to try to counter many of the myths that have arisen around packaging and its effect on the environment.

22 septembre 16

FachPack 2016 : Coveris with innovation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCoveris will again display its packaging solutions at FachPack, held in Nuremberg, Germany through September 27-29, 2016.

21 septembre 16

L’emballage, source d’innovation

Texte AlternatifLa Maison Innovergne, le RMT Actia ProPack Food et le centre 3S’inPACK organisent conjointement, à Clermont-Ferrand le 5 octobre, une journée thématique consacrée à l’innovation dans le secteur de l’emballage agro-alimentaire.

Huhtamaki enters the foodservice packaging market in India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamaki has acquired 51% of Val Pack Solutions Private Limited ("Valpack"), a privately held paper cup manufacturer based in Mumbai, India. With the acquisition Huhtamaki enters the growing foodservice packaging market in India, where many of its key customers already are present.

20 septembre 16

Ardagh's new design book 'why metal?' provides all the answers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifArdagh Group has published a second metal packaging design book entitled ‘Why Metal?’. The book inspires, and sometimes challenges, designers and marketing professionals on the limitless possibilities and beauty of metal packaging, with stunning images, thought provoking articles and interviews.

19 septembre 16

Pregis acquires Easypack, a UK-based protective packaging company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPregis has acquired Easypack, Hertfordshire, UK, a paper-based protective packaging company, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will enable Pregis to expand its North American product portfolio to include a complete line of paper void fill, cushioning and block/brace solutions.

16 septembre 16

Constantia Flexibles déclare une croissance organique de +2,9%

Texte AlternatifLe chiffre d’affaires de Constantia Flexibles du 1er semestre 2016 a crû de +8,7% à 1 024,3 M€. Les société Afripack et Pemara, acquises récemment dans des marchés à forte croissance (Intégration globale depuis le 1er avril 2015), ont contribué à hauteur de 64,3 M€ au chiffre d’affaires.
La croissance organique par rapport à l’année précédente s’élève à +2,9%.

15 septembre 16

Greiner Packaging at FachPack : process optimizations bring barrier technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWith its so-called “inert barrier technology”, Greiner Packaging has bring food shelf life for plastic cups to a whole new level.

14 septembre 16

Fach Pack 2016 : Eson Pac will be participating

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEson Pac Group develops, produces and delivers complete packaging solutions to customers who put focus on their packaging and value a closer cooperation.

13 septembre 16

Les douze tendances alimentaires : elles s’illustrent souvent avec le packaging

Texte AlternatifPour le SIAL 2016, qui se tiendra du 16 au 20 octobre à Paris Nord Villepinte, TNS Sofres a présenté, en synergie avec le cabinet XTC, l’étude «Food 360» réalisée pour le salon. Une étude qui, menée dans plusieurs pays dans le monde (France, All, GB, E-U, Russie, Chine, 5 pays du M-O, Asie du S-E), dégage une douzaine de tendances. Nous en détaillons certaines.

K 2016 : Borealis presents many solutions in the fields of polyolefins

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBorealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. The company will proposed many solutions for flexible packaging, liquid packaging…

12 septembre 16

FachPack 2016 : Bericap will be present with a large range of closures

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBericap will be presenting groundbreaking technologies, integrated solutions and innovations tailored to individual packaging requirements.

6 septembre 16

Krones to strengthen process technology footprint in the US

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKrones, manufacturer of filling and packaging technology, has completed the purchase of 80% of the business of Trans-Market Sales & Equipment Inc.

5 septembre 16

K2016 : Plantic™ biopolymers, from nature for future

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKuraray who acquired Plantic Technologies Ltd in 2015, will presented to K2016 a large range grades of Plantic, like Plantic™ HP.

1 septembre 16

FachPack 2016 : Optima with entry-level solution

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOptima has expanded its machine range to include new entry-level solutions : filling and closing machines Optima FM1 and CM1and also include the InlineCan.

30 août 16

Mondi Group reinforce in Russia and Turkish

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi Group has acquired 100% of the outstanding share capital of ZAO Uralplastic-N (Uralplastic) from Joint Stock Company Rusnano and a private investor. Mondi has a clear strategy to expand its Consumer Goods Packaging business through organic growth and value-enhancing acquisitions. Mondi also has completed acquisition of Turkish flexible packaging manufacturer Kalenobel.

Mineral oil : what material barrier ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe topic of toxic mineral oils (MOSH, MOAH) is today a high concern in the food industry.

Danaflex produit des films haute barrière et stérilisables

Texte AlternatifDepuis 15 ans, le groupe Danaflex produit des films pour emballages souples. Certifié ISO 9001:2008 et ISO 14001:2004 (1) ainsi que BRC et récemment AIB (2), le groupe russe comprend deux sites de production installés à 800 km de Moscou.

8 juillet 16

BRC Global Standards expands its presence in India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBRC Global Standards has signed up to the UK India Business Council Launchpad scheme and through them have appointed Benz Thomas to drive the expansion of the Indian market.

1 juillet 16

Ball completes acquisition of Rexam PLC and sale of divestment business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis operation creates world's largest beverage can manufacturer with complementary plant and customer network. This acquisition generates annual net synergies in excess of $300 million by the end of the third year of combined operations.

30 juin 16

Sofrigam : une identité internationale

Texte AlternatifCréé en 1979 par un pharmacien dont la culture d’entreprise est l’innovation, Sofrigam propose pour le secteur pharmaceutique des solutions pour le transport des produits exigeant notamment une grande stabilité de la température (98/99% de son activité) avec les médicaments thermosensibles.

Cardboard trays more eco-designed

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCardboard trays are continuing to progress on the food market. They are rushing “alu” trays and, to a lesser extent, plastic trays.

PACKAGING : Demand for U.S. food packaging to exceed $31bn

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifMeat and snack food sales are two food categories that will offer the most opportunities for packaging companies over the next five years, as well as international sales as emerging markets like Argentina, Brazil, China, and Indonesia.

Nouvelle émulsion de silicone pour le couchage du papier

Texte AlternatifLe revêtement anti-adhésif Syl-Off EM 7978 pour l’emballage alimentaire, proposé par Dow Corning, offre de hautes performances.

New leak testing system for individual Map packages

Texte AlternatifDansensor, a Mocon, Inc. company is unveiling the LeakProtego at the IFFA 2016 tradeshow.

Marking solutions : fiability

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIndustrial require extremely reliable marking solutions. The manufacturers therefore offer equipments promising, on a maintenance contract basis an availability rate of up to 99.9%.

20 juin 16

Jindal Films europe joins hp indigo pack ready lamination technology program

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfJindal Films, an expert in the flexible packaging and labeling markets joins the HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination Program.

17 juin 16

Multivac Centrifuge Feeder (MCF)

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMultivac has developed a hygienic and efficient solution for the automated infeeding, loading and packing of straight and uniform sausages, Multivac Centrifuge Feeder.

15 juin 16

Tekni-Plex opens new closure liner manufacturing facility in India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, Inc. has opened a new closure liner manufacturing facility in India primarily to serve growing demand for high-quality solutions for regulated pharmaceuticals.

14 juin 16

Matériaux au contact alimentaire : la FEICA publie un guidelines concernant les adhésifs et les huiles minérales

Texte AlternatifLa FEICA - Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry publie un guidelines sur les tests de migration des adhésifs destinés aux matériaux non plastique au contact alimentaire.

BW Container Systems installs 250th robot globally

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBW Container Systems, a division of Barry Wehmiller, recently placed its 250th robot in the Global packaging market. With installations in 13 countries, the company has provided solutions for diverse markets on four continents.

10 juin 16

Smurfit Kappa collaborates with HP to digitize corrugated post-print production

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAT drupa 2016, HP has announced that Smurfit Kappa has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with HP to further develop the recently announced digital corrugated post-print solution.

7 juin 16

Constantia Flexibles enregistre une croissance organique de +4,2%

Texte AlternatifAu 1er trimestre 2016, Constantia Flexibles a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires de 498,7 M€, soit une croissance totale de +9,1% par rapport au 1er trimestre 2015, dont +4,2% de croissance organique. La forte croissance de l’activité de Constantia Flexibles a été portée par la hausse des volumes dans toutes ses divisions.

6 juin 16

EFSA : safety assessment about many process used to recycle post –consumer PET

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe EFSA Panel on materials in contact with food, enzymes, flavorings and processing aids (CEF Panel) which deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process has given its scientific opinion about many process used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials.

3 juin 16

Pack2Go Europe launches Industry Circular Economy Programme

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPack2Go Europe, the association that brings together Europe’s leading food & beverage service & convenience packaging manufacturers, plans to integrate its products into Europe’s fledgling circular economy. CEOs of leading industry players meet in Brussels on 9 June to launch a ground-breaking new programme that will identify by the end of the year the potential paths towards capturing the valuable resources locked into used service and convenience packaging.

1 juin 16

The sustainable dust-tight Sealed Paper Packaging for dry foods

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBillerudKorsnäs with Bosch Packaging Technology are now launching the world’s first Sealed Paper Packaging.

31 mai 16

AR packaging to be acquired by CVC

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAR Packaging announced that funds advised by CVC Capital Partners have signed a binding agreement to acquire ÅR Packaging Group AB.

The new cap feeder platform

Texte AlternatifGebo’s Aidlin brand has long dominated the market for “Waterfall’ cap feeder systems.

Filling cup machines : the versatility optimized

Texte AlternatifSerac proposes a nozzle suitable for liquid, viscous or pasty products.

A new floatable shrink label film

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe high performing floatable films satisfy the growing market need for films that meet the standards set by the recycling community, while providing the clarity, processability and durability required of today’s consumer labels.

SPGPrints : new commercial manager label printing

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSPGPrints has appointed Hank Guitjens as commercial manager label printing. Hank takes responsibility for global sales to narrow-web and packaging printers of SPGPrints’ rotary screen printing, digital UV-inkjet and pre-press systems.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Ltd remporte un 2e Queen's Award for Enterprise

Texte AlternatfAprès une première distinction en 2012 dans le cadre des Queen's Awards for Enterprise, Mettler-Toledo Safeline Ltd a remporté cette année le prix Innovation récompensant ses avancées technologiques.

Antimicrobial Packaging Market Worth USD 10.00 Billion by 2021

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe «Antimicrobial Packaging Market by Base Material, Antimicrobial Agents, Technology, Pack Type, Application - Forecast to 2021» is the latest report published by Research and Markets. Many companies (1) are mentionned inside.

Des étiquettes sans support papier dorsal pour des emballages skin pack

Texte AlternatifSi en France le conditionnement skin pack a démarré bien plus tard qu’en Angleterre, il ne cesse aujourd’hui de progresser dans les linéaires. Le fabricant Ravenwood Packaging, qui est déjà présent dans le monde entier depuis 2004 avec sa technologie «Linerless Label», ne s’y est pas trompé, en décidant de venir dans l’hexagone.

AUSTRIA / New pet food standup pouch with handle

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifThe new Mondi’s FlexZiBox® Side Pour pouch features an integrated handle in the bag’s side gusset that makes the bag comfortable to carry and gives pet-owners greater control when pouring.

A new OPS sleeves

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfClondalkin Kirchberg announces it has brought down their OPS sleeves to 40 Mm and PET sleeves to 30 Mm.

Lightened, recyclables and good quality sleeves

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAlmost every sleeving labelling’s projects integrate environmental components, but brands don’t go very far away on the matter.

Des manchons allégés, recyclables…

Texte AlternatifQuasi tous les projets de manchonnage portent aujourd’hui un volet environnemental, mais les marques ne vont pas toujours très loin. Decomatic, UNI Packaging et bien d’autres savent aujourd’hui répondre aux demandes d’éco-conception, allègement, recyclabilité et réduction d’impact environnemental. Ils déclinent leur savoir-faire, notamment en techniques d’impression (héliogravue, flexographie HD et impression numérique).

30 mai 16

Coveris lance le pochon sans aluminium pour le petfood

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFiliale du groupe américain Coveris, Coveris Flexibles France a dévoilé, au salon Interzoo de Nuremberg qui s’est tenu la semaine dernière, un nouvel emballage sans aluminium destiné au marché de l’alimentation humide des animaux de compagnie.

26 mai 16

Bemis Company receives 2016 DuPont Award for Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBemis Company has been selected for a 2016 DuPont Award for Packaging Innovation, receiving a Diamond Finalist Award for the Doril Enxaqueca medicine package, exhibiting excellence in Technological Advancement, Responsible Packaging, and Enhanced User Experience.

25 mai 16

interpack devient une marque internationale pour les salons de la filière Processing et Packaging de la Messe Düsseldorf 

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMesse Düsseldorf, qui organise le salon interpack, a décidé de regrouper sous une seule marque ombrelle, «interpack alliance», toutes les manifestations internationales rattachées au portefeuille Processing et Packaging.

The Top Six Vendors in the flexible packaging market in Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTechnavio has announced the top six leading vendors in their recent Flexible Packaging Market in Europe 2016-2020 report. This research report also lists eight other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

24 mai 16

Klöckner Pentaplast earns the highest Level Safe Quality Food

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKlöckner Pentaplast has earned a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certification, the highest possible rating, at its Greenville, Ohio (US) site.

20 mai 16

Bostik à la drupa avec un adhésif bi-composant pour les barquettes en alu

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBostik va présenter à la drupa un adhésif bi-composant spécialement conçu pour les barquettes alimentaires en aluminium épais.

Huhtamaki enters the folding carton packaging business in Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamaki has acquired Delta Print and Packaging Limited, a privately held folding carton packaging manufacturer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and its affiliated Polish unit European Packaging Solutions Poland Sp. Z o.o. with a new manufacturing unit in Gliwice, Poland.

18 mai 16

Interpack : la World Packaging Organisation décernera un «Save Food Packaging» Award

Texte AlternatifComme lors de la précédente édition, interpack 2017 coopère avec la World Packaging Organisation. La WPO va ajouter aux WorldStar Award la catégorie «SAVE FOOD Packaging Awards» qui récompensera l’emballage qui contribuera de manière décisive à moins perdre ou gaspiller de denrées alimentaires.

17 mai 16

Safe & Circular : boosting recycling rates and ensuring food safety

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA tighter convergence of objectives and a stronger legal coherence between the safety of Food Contact Materials and the principles of the Circular Economy were debated last week in the European Parliament and co-hosted by MEPs Birgit Collin-Langen (EPP, DE) and Christel Schaldemose (S&D, DK). The increase of waste recycling in the future EU Circular Economy must also ensure increased safety of food contact materials, reports FEVE.

11 mai 16

La portion Mini Babybel® Rouge se met aux couleurs de l’Euro 2016

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAvec cette initiative de Bel Foodservice, les professionnels de la restauration collective peuvent ainsi associer leur «public» aux événements du ballon rond, de manière ludique.

9 mai 16

The first Sealed Paper Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBosch Packaging Technology and BillerudKorsnäs launch the first Sealed Paper Packaging. This packaging is "dust-tight, and sustainable".

3 mai 16

Pro Mach strengthens in pharmaceutical packaging machinery with acquisition of NJM Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe global integrated packaging solutions Pro Mach, Inc. continues to expand its capabilities and strengthen its position in growing markets with the acquisition of North American-based NJM Packaging, a single-source provider of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and personal care packaging machinery.

30 avril 16

REVUE DE PRESSE : TECHNOLOGIE - IoPP et GSK signent un contrat e.learning

Texte AlternatifL’Institut des professionnels de l’emballage (IoPP) et GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) ont signé un accord de e.learning permettant à GSK d’offrir des cours en ligne sur les Fondamentaux des technologies d’emballage de l’IoPP, dont une formation pour devenir Professionnel de l’emballage certifiée IoPP.

PRESS REVIEW : TECHNOLOGY - IoPP and GSK sign e.learning contract

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Institute of Packaging Professionals and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have signed an agreement in which GSK will license IoPP’s Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course, including a program for those who wish to become IoPP Certified Packaging Professionals.

PACKAGING : Convenience in all directions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFood’s brands look for convenient packagings, easy to open, easy to use for the consumers. For hot use, SealedAir has declined its range of films, SealAppeal, OvenEase and Simple Steps (Darfresh).

PANORAMA - ROYAUME-UNI : Des yaourts en sucette

Texte Alternatif Les Yollies sont des yaourts présentés comme des sucettes, sur un bâton. Conçus par Kerry Foods pour profiter de façon amusante des bienfaits du yaourt, ils visent spécialement le goûter des enfants. Cette solution a été développée Amcor qui, grâce à sa technologie d’ouverture facile à détacher, permet aux enfants de manger leurs Yollies sans en mettre partout.

PANORAMA / UNITED KINGDOM : A yogurt on a stick

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifYollies is a yogurt on a stick designed for children’s lunchboxes. So when Kerry Foods looked for the right packaging solution to accompany this product innovation, they chose Amcor.

THERMOFORMERS : Machines “speak” job

Texte AlternatifThermoforming providers such as Illig and Guelt improve their software tools to facilitate access to operational information and facilitate understanding by all.

A modular robotic loading unit

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf With the generation of Break-Through packaging systems, the Italian company Cama offers the new IG270 where the footprint is reduced thanks to the patented anti-collision software.

29 avril 16

Comment créer des emballages «gagnants» ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCelui qui a été à l’origine, notamment, de la désormais célèbre coupelle de cat food Sheba, et du non moins célèbre pot de yaourt Danone, connu sous le nom de Kiss, a livré récemment «ses recettes» au Pack Design 2016. En l’occurrence, Vncent Ferry a présenté les mécanismes à mettre en œuvre quand une marque se lance dans le processus de création d'emballages.

28 avril 16

Moody's upgrades Ardagh's CFR to B2

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMoody's Investors Service has upgraded the corporate family rating (CFR) of Ardagh Packaging Group Ltd (Ardagh), a leading global supplier of glass and metal containers, and takes into account the company's significant scale and market position across its core markets in Europe and the US, following the acquisition of the Ball/Rexam divestment assets. It also considers the continuing synergies from Ardagh's acquisition of Verallia North America in 2014, cost savings in the company's European metal packaging business and the USD220 million capital investment in two new can plants in the US, which Moody's expects will drive strongly improving cashflow over the next 12-24 months.
The upgrade also reflects its strategic plans which Moody’s expects to drive strongly improving cash flow into 2017.

27 avril 16

Celanese launches stronger, more adhesive polymer packaging and thermal lamination solution

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTo meet the growing need for stronger, more flexible extrusion coating materials for food packaging and other applications, Celanese Corporation is launching Ateva® ExtruBond™ ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Manufacturers can use various grades of this latest flexible packaging and thermal lamination polymer to package food, for packaging lids.

26 avril 16

Matériaux au contact alimentaire et emballages : quelle sécurité alimentaire et quelle l'innovation technologique demain ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe document du Parlement européen - que nous présentons - résume les présentations et les discussions qui ont eu lieu au cours du workshop sur les Matériaux en contact alimentaire qui s’est tenue le 26 Janvier 2016. L'objectif de cette réunion était de fournir des informations et des conseils de fond pour les membres du comité ENVI et d'apporter au PE une contribution au projet de draft de mise en œuvre de révision du Règlement (CE) n° 1935/2004 concernant les matériaux et objets destinés à entrer en contact avec des denrées alimentaires.

21 avril 16

Huiles minérales (MOSH et MOAH) : Auchan adopte un nouvel emballage à base de fibres vierges pour ses lentilles Corail

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifL’ONG foodwatch a annoncé sur son site, le 13 avril, avoir demandé au préfet de la région Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie le retrait des lentilles corail Auchan dont l’emballage dans son enquête d’octobre 2015 affichait la plus mauvaise note - sur le segment des lentilles - concernant la présence d’huiles minérales (MOSH & MOAH). Dans un communiqué, daté du 14 avril, Auchan informe qu’il a introduit «dès les livraisons de février 2016 un nouvel emballage en fibres vierges».
Pour foodwatch, c’est le silence d’Auchan observé depuis l’enquête qui l’a conduit à cette demande de retrait. Auchan dit avoir adressé un courrier à foodwatch en décembre 2015.
L’ECMA, que nous avons sollicité (voir article ci-dessous) souligne que «la recherche scientifique a déjà indiqué que la contamination de l'huile minérale peut être causée par de nombreuses sources, y compris l'emballage du produit ainsi que pendant le stockage et le transport, mais peut aussi être déjà présent dans le produit lui-même».

Huiles minérales et emballages : les actions engagées par les professionnels

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifComme nous l’indiquons dans l’article ci-dessus, les professionnels concernés par les huiles minérales MOSH et MOAH ont déjà pris, pour certains, des mesures. L’ECMA a notamment publié un guide de bonnes pratiques de fabrication en 2013 que nous mettons en lien.

20 avril 16

Impackt Etiquettes breaks into short-run markets with SPGPrints’ DSI® UV-inkjet digital workflow

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSelf-adhesive label converter Impackt Etiquettes is meeting the growing demand for short-run and no-label look solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical brands after investing in a seven-colour SPGPrints DSI® (Digital System Integration) digital UV-inkjet press with inline converting equipment.

19 avril 16

Le premier prototype d'emballage à base de bioplastique obtenu à partir des eaux “usées” de l'industrie du jus

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLes résultats du projet européen PHBOTTLE, qui porte sur l’emballage de jus de fruit à partir de matériau bioplastique, ont été dévoilés hier dans le cadre d'un workshop international organisé par le Centre technologique AINIA et l'Association européenne de Jus de Fruit (AIJN).
L’emballage est fabriqué à partir d’un matériau obtenu de la fermentation des eaux issues du process de production des jus d’industriels du secteur.

18 avril 16

Moody's: cost controls and M&A to boost European packaging firms' earnings into 2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfRated European packaging companies will see aggregate EBITDA growth in the low single-digit percentages in 2016-17 on the back of measures to improve profitability and expected contributions from synergies related to bolt-on acquisitions, says Moody's Investors Service in a new report. Among exception : Ardagh and Glasstank.

15 avril 16

Glass packaging market report 2016-2026

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfVisiongain publishes a new 290 page report on the global glass packaging. This market will reach $55.71 billion in 2016. The report also reveal the market share, R&D activity, focus, strategies, M&A activity, and future outlook for the 9 companies.

14 avril 16

Record d'inscriptions pour interpack 2017

Texte AlternatifLe salon interpack 2017, qui aura lieu du 4 au 10 mai 2017 à Düsseldorf, enregistre la plus forte demande d'exposants de son histoire (55 ans). Le salon va également mettre l’accent sur Industrie 4.0 avec le partenaire VDMA.

Market growth and improving margins drives global BOPP film investment

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA modest improvement in margins, along with continuing steady growth helped to lift investment confidence in the BOPP film industry last year - but not in China. After years when 60-70% of new capacity was being installed in China, the focus is now shifting to new markets and those with the highest growth potential. Over the next two years new manufacturing will be established in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas along with new lines for many of the industry's more established players, said Applied Market Information Ltd in the last study.

11 avril 16

Del Monte Foods adopte des emballages sans BPA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAlors que La Commission étudierait un projet de Règlement abaissant la LMS du BPA (voir ebonus du 3 mars) et comme l’a fait Campbell (voir tweet@Emballage Digest du 29 mars et ebonus du 30 mars), Del Monte Foods met également un plan de conversion de ses emballages pour des solutions sans BPA. Un engagement pris pour satisfaire les préférences de nombreux consommateurs, explique le groupe alimentaire.

Tekni-Plex completes Sancap Liner technology acquisition

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTekni-Plex, Inc. has acquired Sancap Liner Technology, Inc., Alliance, Ohio. Sancap is a producer of heat-seal, pressure-sensitive and gasket-sealing liners for pharmaceutical and food applications.

Innovia Group sale of Cellophane™ business to Japan company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInnovia Group the global company in film products for industrial applications and banknotes, announces an agreement to sell its Cellophane business and assets to Futamura Chemicals Co., Ltd. The deal is expected to complete on before 30 June, 2016.

31 mars 16

At Drupa Clariant : focus on organic colorant innovations for Digital Printing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfClariant will go all out to bring its full spectrum of support for the global digital printing industry to life at Drupa 2016.

Pyclear™ Protection replaces antimicrobial preservatives

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPylote has presented Pyclear™ Protection at the Pharmapack Europe 2016. This innovation replaces antimicrobial preservatives used in many pharmaceutical specialties (and also in cosmetic and food products) and for which no change is needed in packaging nor in existing manufacturing processes.

Plastic’s bottles always more ecofriendly

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAll beverage markets are concerned in lightweighting bottles and in adding recycled materials or bioplastics. Lyspackaging is developing bottles made of PET or PLA for fruits juices, wines or spirits, and is trying to integrate nex types of recycled materials.

Pressure Labels Market - Global Forecast to 2020

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfResearch and Markets publishes “Pressure Labels Market - Global Forecast to 2020”. This market is growing rapidly in accordance with the growth in the packaging market globally. The use of pressure labels such as release liners and liner-less labels are used in the food & beverage industry. This application is projected to foster the demand for pressure labels during the forecast period.

PET recycling process

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf In March, the EFSA Panel on food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings and processing aids (CEF Panel) had published the safety evaluation of the many recycling process based on the Starlinger Decon technology used to recycle post consumer PET into food contact materials : safety assessment of the process ‘ANL’, of the process ‘Coopbox’, of the process ‘Ecoiberia’, and also safety assessment of the process ‘Pramia Plastic Oy’, based on Starlinger IV+® technology, used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials.

Une solution d’étiquetage sans support papier dorsal

Texte AlternatifLes solutions d’étiquetages industriels «Linerless Label» que propose le fabricant Ravenwood Packaging sont désormais présentées en France par la société France Food Packaging. Les étiquettes sans support papier dorsal, spécialement développées par le fabricant pour ses machines, permettent des économies sur le coût de revient du produit fabriqué tout en ayant des étiquettes beaucoup plus attrayantes notamment pour les produits conditionnés en barquettes -produits frais, surgelés, fruits, légumes, assure la société.

Bioplastics for sustainable foodstuffs packaging.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe compounder and plastics distributor FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, Willich, Germany, the film manufacturer Oerlemans Plastics BV, Genderen, the Netherlands, and the specialist foodstuffs packaging distributor BK Pac AB, Kristianstad, Sweden, are closely working together on expanding the possibilities for using bio-based plastics for sustainable foodstuffs film packaging.

Detection and control for food security

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPrices for X-ray inspection systems are falling. As proof, the model X5C of Loma Systems presented at the last edition of the CFIA fair in Rennes will be sold at 38 k euros.

30 mars 16

Campbell to remove BPA from packaging by mid-2017

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCampbell Soup Company disclosed its plan to complete a transition to cans which do not use Bisphenol A (BPA) linings by the middle of 2017. This transition will include Foods and Beverages across North American Portfolio. See Twitter @Emballage Digest from 29 march.

25 mars 16

Huhtamaki expands the joint venture relationship in Arabian Paper Products Company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamäki Oyj expands and revises its long-standing joint venture relationship in Arabian Paper Products Company (APPCO) with Olayan Saudi Holding Company (OSHCO). Huhtamaki's ownership in APPCO will increase to 50%.

24 mars 16

Tekni-Plex to acquire Sancap Liner Technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex, Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire Sancap Liner Technology, Inc.,producer of heat-seal, pressure-sensitive and gasket-sealing liners for pharmaceutical and food applications.  The transaction is expected to close in April.

22 mars 16

Ardagh invests €2.4 million in new state-of-the-art warehouse

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfArdagh Group has invested 2.4m in a state-of-the-art warehousing facility at its Deventer production facility in the Netherlands. This investment includes the very latest in stock management solutions delivering an enhanced service to the customers it serves.

16 mars 16

BASF and Avantium intend to establish joint venture

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBASF and Avantium have signed a letter of intent and entered into exclusive negotiations to establish a joint venture (JV) for the production and marketing of furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA), as well as marketing of polyethylenefuranoate (PEF), based on this new chemical building block.
These materials enabling improved food packaging films and plastic bottles.

8 mars 16

10èmes Pentawards Packaging : inscription ouverte

Texte AlternatifLes organisateurs annoncent l’inscription ouverte pour participer aux Pentawards 2016, la plus prestigieuse compétition mondiale dediée aux créations d'emballages. Elle est ouverte aux designers, brand owners, fabricants d'emballages, étudiants...

7 mars 16

An unique OCR technology designed to overcome the challenges of dot-matrix text in vision inspection applications

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMatrox® Imaging introduced Matrox SureDotOCR™, the first OCR technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges of using inkjet-printed, dot-matrix text in vision inspection applications, particularly on packaging lines in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

4 mars 16

Coveris continues geographic expansion in Central and South America

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCoveris S.A., a global packaging and coatings solutions company, acquires of Supraplast. Supraplast is shrink sleeve and adhesive label technologies company based in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

29 février 16

Südpack invests in a new digital printing process

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCustomized, fast and cost-effective, the company recently added digital printing to their gravure and flexographic services to complete its "printing family". The customers can take advantage of the film manufacturers' combined expertise in all three printing processes. Digital printing can now be used to personalize packaging with text or images, in outstanding print quality with extremely fast delivery times.

Caps more sustainable, convenient and secure

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWeight reduction, convenience, inviolability, barrier’s properties and new material (TPE) are main development directions for food caps. Bericap is strengthening its competences in modeling, is reducing the diameters and is launching a pipette cap.

PANORAMA / SUÈDE : Un sac réfrigérateur pour le e-commerce des produits thermosensibles.

Texte AlternatifGrâce à un accord mondial entre la start up suédoise IFoodbag et Mondi, ce dernier va apporter son appui et expérience de fournisseur intégré, à la production et chaîne logistique du iFoodbag pour assurer sa disponibilité à l’échelle mondiale.

PANORAMA / SWEDEN : New refrigerator bag for the e-commerce of temperature-sensitive products.

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif A worldwide production agreement between the Swedish start-up IFoodbag and Mondi will enable the later to bring its support and experience of integrated supplier to the iFoodbag® all along the entire production and supply chain, to make it available globally.

Flowpack machines with modular platforms

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFollowing its acquisition by the Italian company IMA, Ilapak modernized its range of horizontal packaging machines. His machines Flowpack Carrera 6000 and Delta 6000 (picture) have gained performance to reach speeds of 120 strokes per minute.

High speed thermoforming machines with tilting technology

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe available wide range of thermoforming machines for in mold punching with lower tilting platen designed and manufactured in Switzerland by WM Wrapping Machinery SA represents the first class state of the art answer to the market requirements of high quality economical batch sizes such as cups, bowls and tubs.

Integrated flexi pack solutions

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif Machines and complete plants for the efficient, integrated control of flex packs: the Sacmi Packaging answer to a market trend in which demand for such packs is growing at a rate of nearly 10% a year. Capable of compatibility with a broad range of technologies - vacuum, gripper, side load, etc. - to ensure optimal handling of such packs, Sacmi’s plant engineering solutions range from filling to case packing, from palletizing to end-of-line solutions.

25 février 16

Packaging : Ball will cease production of a company in West Virginia

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBall Corporation announced that it will cease production at the company's Weirton, West Virginia, flat sheet production and end-making plant by the first quarter of 2017. The plant's capacity will be supplied by other facilities. Ball explains that this decision will consolidate North American Food & Household Products Packaging Production Services.

24 février 16

Romaco at Pharmintech 2016 in Bologna

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAt Pharmintech in Bologna the Romaco Group will show a flexible secondary and final packaging line from Romaco Promatic. The engineering specialists will also be demonstrating Romaco Innojet’s high-efficiency coating and granulation processes.

19 février 16

Tetra Rex : 100 millions d’emballages fabriqués à partir de matières renouvelables

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTetra Pak prévoit, pour 2016, une livraison de plus de 100 millions d’emballages entièrement fabriqués à partir de matières renouvelables d’origine végétale.

17 février 16

Pro Mach reinforces in automatic shrink wrapping systems

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPro Mach continues their acquisition (see ebonus feb.16.2016). The group acquires Stork-Texwrap, a manufacturer of fully automatic shrink wrapping systems.

16 février 16

Pro Mach continues expansion of labeling and coding business and strengthen flexible packaging capabilities

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPro Mach, Inc., an industry-leading integrated packaging solutions company, has acquired EPI Labelers. The addition of EPI Labelers expands Pro Mach’s extensive labeling and coding product offering and complements existing capabilities in vertical form, fill, seal (VFFS) packaging equipment.

15 février 16

Global Closure Systems present at Packaging Innovations 2016 in Birmingham

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfGCS will present its large portfolio of standard as well as bespoke closure solutions and dispensing systems for the Beverage, Food, Household, Health Care, Personal Care and Wine & Spirits markets at Packaging Innovations 2016 in Birmingham, on February 24-25, 2016.

4 février 16

Bericap moves to new plant in Malaysia

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBericap Singapore has completely moved to the modern new plant in Johor, Malaysia.

30 janvier 16

Coveris : un président du secteur food & consumer - EMEA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCoveris a nommé Éric Grégoire, président Food & Consumer pour la région EMEA-Europe, Moyen Orient & Afrique. Basé en Allemagne, il dirigera les activités de développement et pilotera la stratégie de croissance du groupe. Précédemment, il était en charge des activités de Birla Carbon (filiale du groupe Aditya Birla) en Europe et en Afrique.

Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Market by Application & Geography -Global Forecast to 2020

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfResearch and Markets had published a new study “Amorphous PolyethyleneTerephthalate (PET) Market by Application & Geography”. This market is projected to reach USD 36.40 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2015 to 2020, said the report.

Label’s materials : sheeps with 5 legs !

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn an economic’s context rather favorable, the manufacturers of label’s materials are innovating to meet more and more complex needs. Brands want materials both eco-friendly, functionals, technicals and easily customizables. UPM Raflatac is launching Raflacoat FIT PEFC, an opaque paper, semi-gloss and easily printing.

Quand le smart packaging rencontre la MR 30 000

Texte AlternatifJeune start-up française, So Shape invente, dit-elle, «la smart food», où gravitent «nutrition, plaisir et praticité». Véritable connexion entre les réseaux sociaux et la réalité, elle propose également un nouveau modèle marketing : le produit communautaire. La marque, qui est uniquement distribuée en ligne, déclare 80 000 instagramers et 30 000 membres Facebook, à ce jour.

World packaging machinery demand : 4.9% annually over the next three years

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfUcima Research Department publishes exclusive three-year forecasts (2015-2018) for global demand divided up by geographical area, type of machine and sectors served. The Ucima Research Department presented an exclusive new forecast study for global packaging machinery. It is the only detailed study available that enables companies to make three-year forecasts for packaging machinery demand based on their specific production and sales characteristics, said the editor.

High capacity of Akulon XS for flexible packaging films

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifRoyal DSM, announces is expanding production capacity for Akulon® XS at its facility in Emmen, the Netherlands. The capacity increase is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2016. It will meet the strong-growing demand for Akulon XS, a new polyamide developed specifically for blown films used in flexible food packaging.

The net weight filling machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOcme has presented an innovative high precision technology that is an efficient and cost effective solution for edible oil plants, said the company.

27 janvier 16

Processes ‘Sumilon Eco PET SARL’ and ‘ITD’, based on Starlinger IV+® technology, used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety evaluation of the recycling processes Sumilon Eco PET SARL and ITD (EU register No. RECYC0125 and RECYC0127, respectively) based on the Starlinger IV+® technology.

26 janvier 16

EUROPEN : The Circular Economy Package can boost sustainable growth and competitiveness for the packaging supply chain in Europe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Circular Economy Package can boost sustainable growth and competitiveness for the packaging supply chain in Europe, said Europen-The European Organization for Packaging and Environment : the distinct case of packaging & packaging waste within the wider EU waste policy framework.

25 janvier 16

27 acquisitions over $1 billion in 2015

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfOut of a record 589 food and drink transactions covered by the acquisitions database for 2015, 27 involved sums over $1,000 million, reported Zenith International.

14 janvier 16

CFIA Rennes 2016 : l’emballage de demain avec l’Usine Agroalimentaire du Futur

Texte AlternatifDans le cadre du salon CFIA Rennes 2016, Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), le pôle de compétitivité Valorial et le CFIA, présentent et animent en partenariat avec les centres d’innovation technologiques bretons, «l’Usine Agroalimentaire du Futur». Située dans le Hall 10, cet espace collectif, de 120 m², propose cette année de se focaliser sur «l’emballage de demain», en réunissant des solutions concrètes de conditionnement, de la conception jusqu’au recyclage. Plusieurs sociétés d’emballages et de conditionnements y participent, notamment Europlastiques et Guelt.

Amcor : acquisition of Deluxe Packages

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAmcor has acquired Deluxe Packages, a privately owned flexible packaging business for US$45 million. The acquired business will form part of Amcor's newly-formed Flexibles Americas business group.

23 décembre 15

Ball's expansion at impact extruded Aerosol Plant in Czech Republic and completes acquisition of Brazilian Joint Venture

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBall Corporation plans to expand its impact extruded aerosol can manufacturing plant in Velim, Czech Republic. To meet ongoing customer and European market demand, the company will add a new line that will begin production during the fourth quarter of 2016.

22 décembre 15

Sealed Air rachète Dry Lube

Texte AlternatifSealed Air Corporation rachète la société Dry Lube Ltd (DL) et sa filiale Dry Lube, spécialisées dans la technologie de lubrification de convoyeurs sans eau ainsi que dans la fourniture de services pour l'industrie alimentaire et des boissons.

18 décembre 15

Budelpack : modular production units for place-independent co-packing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBudelpack on Site BV, part of the Budelpack Group, has developed mobile, modular production units (MPUs). MPUs enable food-safe co-packing at any given location: at a rental site or at partner FM Logistic’s well over 55 European locations. In future, food manufacturers can choose the most logistically, financially and legally efficient packing location.

8 décembre 15

Wendel accroît sa participation au capital de Constantia Flexibles

Texte AlternatifActionnaire de Constantia Flexibles, Wendel vient de participer à une augmentation de capital, à hauteur de 31 millions d’euros, pour financer les acquisitions d’Afripack et de Pemara.

4 décembre 15

40 years of Alimentaria

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfNext year, between 25 and 28 April, Alimentaria will be celebrating its 40th anniversary at Fira de Barcelona's Gran Via exhibition centre. The International Food & Drinks Exhibition is preparing a completely revamped edition.

3 décembre 15

Bemis acquires Rigid Packaging Operations of Emplal Participações S.A

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBemis Company, Inc. has acquired the rigid plastic packaging operations of Emplal Participações S.A, a privately-owned Brazilian manufacturer of plastic packaging for food and consumer applications.

30 novembre 15

The Budelpack Group and IQ Packing are joining forces in a new company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Budelpack Group and IQ Packing are joining forces for automatically packing grapes into punnets in a new company called InnoFresh Packing BV.

27 novembre 15

Romaco acquires Sweden Medipac AB

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Romaco Group’s decision to purchase the assets of Medipac AB, the Swedish manufacturer of tube filling machines, will strengthen its position in the effervescents sector. The Medipac portfolio will in future be integrated in the Romaco Siebler brand.

24 novembre 15

Colep Healthcare successfully inspected by FDA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfColep Healthcare, a division of the Colep group has been successfully inspected by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its site in Laupheim, Germany.

17 novembre 15

De nouveaux outils pour mieux démontrer la sécurité sanitaire des emballages de denrées alimentaires

Texte AlternatifLe LNE avec d’autres partenaires a été associé aux travaux de l’Inra conduits dans le cadre du programme ANR «Safe Food Pack Design» de nouvelles approches visant à démontrer le respect des seuils de migration réglementaires par calcul et modélisation des phénomènes de transfert des substances.

Ardagh opens new wall to wall operation in South Korea

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifArdagh Group has signed with South Korean food proc Sajo a10-year contract for a newly built dedicated ‘wall-to-wall’ metal packaging operation in South Korea.

16 novembre 15

Berry Plastics Group announces new business structure

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBerry Plastics Group, Inc announces the Creation of three market-focused division. This new structure allows Company to best serve customers, drive future growth, and maximize shareholder value, said Berry Plastics Group.

13 novembre 15

Omron et Adents : leur partenariat élargit l’offre de solutions de traçabilité par sérialisation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOmron, spécialiste de l’automatisation industrielle, et Adents, spécialiste de logiciels de traçabilité, deviennent partenaires pour proposer une solution dédiée aux applications de sérialisation.

12 novembre 15

Ardagh's rating and positive outlook unaffected by its decision to delay IPO

Texte AlternatfArdagh Packaging Group Ltd has announced that plans to delay the IPO of its metals packaging subsidiary, Oressa Limited.
We published a Moody’s issuer comment explaining that Ardagh’s B3 rating and positive outlook are unaffected by its decision because the current ratings and outlook do not factor in any positive effects from an IPO.

Symposium: recent advances in surface sterilization and disinfiction

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Fraunhofer IVV, in collaboration with IVLV, is hosting an international symposium entitled recent advances in surface sterilization and disinfection in Freising, Germany, on 19-20 November 2015.

10 novembre 15

Tekni-Plex expands Tri-Seal closure liner manufacturing to India

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTekni-Plex, Inc. announces that two of its industry-standard Tri-Seal® coextruded closure liners will now also be manufactured in India, in addition to the United States and Europe.

9 novembre 15

Airopack Technology Group AG acquires its formulation and filling partner

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAiropack Technology Group AG has acquired a number of the activities of Proficos NV. The company is a leading developer and supplier of mechanical and pressure-controlled dispensing packaging technologies and systems for manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetics, body care, pharmaceutical and food products.

3 novembre 15

The annual Petcore Europe Conference will take place in Brussels On 24 November 2015

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWell known in previous years as the PET Network Day, the annual Petcore Europe Conference brings together more than 100 experts and leaders from the whole PET value chain in Europe and beyond as well as representatives from the European institutions. This year, the conference will focus on the four key aspects Sustainability, Circular Economy, Innovation and Globalisation.

2 novembre 15

Amcor Rigid Plastics : purchase of Eco-groupe assets

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAmcor Rigid Plastics USA has purchased the manufacturing assets and intellectual property of Eco-Groupe, inc., a privately held preform manufacturing operation with four manufacturing sites in the United States. The Australian company has also purchased a minority equity interest in Enkon, llc, a woman-owned business enterprise affiliate of Eco-groupe, inc.

1 novembre 15

To add LED lighting to packaging.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe, has developped two recent innovations in package design. This marks the formal introduction of Crown’s capability to add LED lighting to packaging, adding a unique new look to products targeting consumers over the holiday season.

PANORAMA - UNITED STATES : A spouted dispensing closure for flexible pouches

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf WestRock’s FlexFit™ is a flip-top dispensing closure made of high-density polyethylene that has been specifically designed for flexible pouches across personal care, home and food applications.

Paper packaging market forecast report 2016-2026

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfVisiongain’s comprehensive new 291 page report reveals that the global paper packaging market will reach a value of $282.84 billion in 2016. The report analyszes top companies in paperboard, corrugated cases & wrapping paper for consumer & industrial applications. As such paper packaging still dominates the packaging landscape in many consumer verticals and industrial applications due to its light weight and highly recyclable nature.

A container for all sectors.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMaxiLog®, the new Big Box Schoeller Allibert, is smooth, safe, strong and light, easy to clean, easy to empty and suitable for freezing. The optimized design of the corner pillars, allows 4.500 kg load at despite are stacking weight of only 36.6 kg for the full version to 3 soles more fresh and frozen products inside which offers reduced costs transport.

Du PBT - poly-butylène téréphtalate pour capsules de café, emballage à paroi fine alimentaire et cosmétique

Texte AlternatifLe fabricant de plastiques Basf étoffe sa gamme de produits PBT (poly-butylène téréphtalate) en y ajoutant un nouveau grade spécial, optimisé pour la production de capsules de café hermétiques qui emprisonnent l'arôme à l'intérieur. Ce plastique technique, baptisé Ultradur® B1520 FC (FC: food contact=contact alimentaire), combine d'excellentes propriétés barrières contre l'humidité et l'oxygène, préservant ainsi les arômes sans nécessiter aucun revêtement supplémentaire complexe, indique la société.

Easy-flow PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) for food or cosmetic packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBasf, plastics manufacturer, is expanding its range of products PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) by adding a new special grade, optimized for the production of sealed coffee capsules that trap the aroma inside. This engineering plastic called Ultradur B1520 FC (FC: food = touch food contact) combines excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen, thus preserving the flavors without requiring any additional coating complex, the company said.

New testing instrument to improve accuary of package headspace oxygen readings

Texte AlternatifFood (pharmaceutical and medical device) companies will now be able to improve the accuracy of their package headspace oxygen readings via first-of-its-kind instrumentation technology from Mocon, Inc.

31 octobre 15

Packaging Industries launch joint recommendations for a resource-efficient Circular Economy

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf UROPEN - European Organization for packaging and the Environment and 28 other associations (1) representing a large range of industries and sectors including major consumer goods brands, packaging producers, material producers and extended producer responsibility (EPR) organisations, has published a set of joint recommendations for the new Circular Economy proposals expected from the European Commission by the end of 2015.

Ball opens aluminum aerosol can plant in India and named new vice president and chief operating officer

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis aluminum aerosol can plant in India, is located in the northwest city of Ahmedabad. With this new plant, Ball will meet the region's increasing demand, and continue the company's Drive for 10 vision of entering into new geographic regions and remaining close to customers. Multiple sales contracts are in place with local customers in Ahmedabad and the surrounding region.

Convenience, a standard for food tray

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFood tray’s convenience is continuing to be a priority for food’s brands, specially on catering and snacking markets in a state of growth. It is a permanent criteria of innovation and development for the packaging manufacturers. Among the last launches : trays reclosable without lid (ANL Plastics, CGL Pack), packaging easy to open (Groupe Guillin - picture) and designed trays with alveolus (CGL Pack) or trays with compartments (CGL Pack, Groupe Guillin).

PRESS REVIEW - PACKAGING : U.S. army investigates high-barrier, non-foil materials for food packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAccording to the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), the incorporation of nano-clay particles into thermoplastic resins allows achieving barrier, mechanical and thermal properties for shelf-stable processed foods only seen before through the use of foil-based systems.

PANORAMA / UNITED STATES : The spoon pops right out of the lid of grab-and-go packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifEcoTensil’s SpoonLidz PopOut literally pops right out of the lid, and in one easy fold becomes a fun utensil. The spoon is topped with a thin printable laminate in order to keep the utensil sanitary.

EDITORIAL : Une bonne nouvelle assombrie… C’est moche ça… par Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBonne nouvelle du côté des PME. Selon une étude Nielsen réalisée pour la FEEF-Fédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France, qui rassemble plus de 700 entreprises indépendantes ou familiales, fournisseurs du grand commerce, les PME ont un poids grandissant dans les stratégies et le chiffre d’affaires des distributeurs. «Longtemps considérée comme des prestataires de services, à travers les marques distributeurs (MDD), ou des partenaires secondaires, avec leurs marques propres, les PME sont devenues depuis quelques années de véritables partenaires de la grande distribution. Ce que nous observons , c’est l’intérêt croissant des enseignes pour nos produits qui leur apportent de la différenciation. Il y a un véritable appétit de consommation pour les produits locaux et c’est générateur de chiffres d’affaires supplémentaires pour les distributeurs» a souligné récemment Dominique Amirault, président de la FEEF.

Automation processing improve flexibility

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe automation processing and communication performance significantly improve flexibility and packaging machines throughput. Among the latest arrivals solutions on the market : the PC-based PLC C6670 with two processors Intel Xeon of Beckhoff Automation, the Unistream PLC with an integrated 7 to 15,6’’ display of Unitronics supporting up to 2048 I/O, and servodrives Acopos P3 of B&R Automation and ASDA-M of Delta Electronics for the highly integrated systems and the high-end machines requiring 3-axis synchronous control.

All-in-One processing : making, filling and closing of carton cans

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInlineCans are carton cans that can be made, filled and closed in one continuous process and if required, can also be further processed to end packaging. This new and unique machine concept has arisen from the collaboration of Hörauf und Optima. Instead of delivering empty cans for carton packaging, the InlineCan system provides material on a reel for the can bases and bodies.

21 octobre 15

BillerudKorsnäs decides on closing Tervasaari paper machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBillerudKorsnäs has decided on streamlining their production structure through a closure of the paper machine in Tervasaari, Finland, latest during Q3 2016.

16 octobre 15

Coveris investit 10 M€ en France

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe groupe Coveris renforce le parc machines des sites de Coveris Flexibles France afin de répondre à la demande croissante du marché européen du Pet Food. Et investit dix millions d’euros.

15 octobre 15

EFSA Scientific Opinion : on the safety assessment of the process ‘San Miguel Industrias PET’ based on Starlinger IV+® technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process ‘San Miguel Industrias’ which is based on the Starlinger IV+® technology.

13 octobre 15

Metsä Board starts installation of new folding boxboard machine at Husum

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMetsä Board is continuing a EUR 170 million investment programme at its Husum mill in Sweden. From mid-October till the beginning of January 2016 the company is installing a new folding boxboard machine, BM1, at the mill and closing down paper machines PM6 and PM7.

9 octobre 15

Le cabinet XTC propose son Cahier de Tendances FutureFood.8

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifQuelles sont les tendances qui feront l’alimentation demain pour demain ? Le cabinet XTC en a identifié une vingtaine.

6 octobre 15

WestRock completes acquisition of SP Fiber Holdings, Inc.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWestRock Company has completed the acquisition of SP Fiber Holdings, Inc., a producer of recycled containerboard, kraft and bag paper, and newsprint.

5 octobre 15

Sealed Air to sell european food trays business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSealed Air Corporation has entered into an agreement for the potential sale of its European food trays business to Faerch Plast A/S, a European food packaging solutions provider.

2 octobre 15

Packaging : US demand to rise 2.4% annually through 2019

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDemand for produce packaging in the US is forecast to rise 2.4 percent per year to $5.7 billion in 2019, driven by gains for fresh-cut produce as well as sustained demand for healthy snacks, both of which require high-value packaging to extend the shelf life of contents, said Freedonia in the latest study : in Produce Packaging.

1 octobre 15

Crown recognizes five plants for Sustainability successes

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown Holdings, Inc, supplier of metal packaging products worldwide, announced today the winners of its 2014 Chairman’s Sustainability Awards program to recognize leadership in the Company’s facilities around the world.

30 septembre 15

PRESS REVIEW- PACKAGING : The future of the pouch industry will beading convenience features

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInnovation, technology and collaboration are the stepping stones to creating products with a difference, said John Baumann, chief executive of Ampac Holdings LLC, at the 2015 Global Pouch Forum. About 50% of packaging on shelves “is not significant enough to make a difference with consumers,” noted Scott Young, president of Perception Research Services.

Romaco Innojet : new managing director

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifZeljko Pockaj (47) was appointed Managing Director of Romaco Innojet by the Romaco Group’s Board of Management and Advisory Board. Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin, founder and long-time head of the company, will continue to support Romaco Innojet in an advisory capacity.

Digital printing for large print runs

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Model Group, which offers individual packaging solutions in cardboard and corrugated cardboard, has put the first beta installation of the revolutionary Bobst digital printing solution for corrugated cardboard into operation. Manufacturer uses Stream Inkjet Technology from Kodak, and works with food-compliant inks.

Operculeuses : le conditionnement bien contrôlé

Texte AlternatifLes processus de thermoscellage des operculeuses est aujourd'hui parfaitement maîtrisé. L'outillage doit être bien conçu, et le film ainsi que le matériau constituant la barquette doivent être adaptés à l'aliment conditionné. Des systèmes de mesure du niveau de vide ou d'analyse de gaz peuvent être mis en place pour le conditionnement de produit sous atmosphère modifiée.

Glass food safety.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFood manufacturers can employ an advanced x-ray technology, such as Mettler-Toledo's Safeline X-ray X37 Series for tall, rigid containers, to inspect the products' seal integrity, ensuring that they will remain fresh in transit and on supermarket shelves and minimising the risk of premature product spoilage.

29 septembre 15

Pentawards : les gagnants 2015

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe jury international des Pentawards®, compétition mondiale consacrée exclusivement au Packaging Design, présidé par Gérard Caron, a dévoilé son palmarès 2015. Les lauréats ont reçu leur trophée à Londres, devant près de 300 designers et responsables de marques venant de 33 pays, dans l'Auditorium du Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Le Diamond Pentaward, Best of the Show 2015, a été remporté par l’agence new-yorkaise Established, pour une gamme de rouges à lèvres signés Marc Jacobs.

24 septembre 15

Bosch plans acquisition of Kliklok-Woodman Corp.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBosch Packaging Technology, supplier of process and packaging technology, acquires Kliklok-Woodman Corporation, based in USA, a globally recognized manufacturer of packaging machinery for the food industry.

21 septembre 15

Sappi devient membre de Save Food

Texte AlternatifMembre de l‘initiative Save Food depuis un peu plus de deux mois, Sappi Speciality Papers s’engage en faveur d’une meilleure protection des aliments du monde entier.

17 septembre 15

FibreForm Packaging at FachPack 2015

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFibreForm Packaging will shocase its FreeFormPack® inline form-fill-seal Paper packaging system.

16 septembre 15

Omron to acquire U.S. Based Adept Technology and Adds Robotics to Industrial Automation Business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifOmron, in the field of automation, and Adept Technology, Inc., a global, provider of intelligent robots, autonomous mobile robot solutions and services, have entered into an agreement whereby Omron will acquire Adept.

14 septembre 15

Pro Mach expands labeling and coding for flexible packaging with acquisition of Greydon

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPro Mach, Inc. has acquired Greydon, Inc., a manufacturer of inline printing and coding solutions for flexible packaging. The addition of Greydon expands Pro Mach’s extensive labeling and coding product offering and complements existing capabilities in flexible packaging.

11 septembre 15

Linpac and Zultec Group establish PET thermoforming facility to supply the Middle East

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifLinpac has announced a new co-operation with Zultec Group, a multinational retail and industrial supplies leader based out of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

10 septembre 15

Bosch presents its extensive packaging portfolio for the food and non-food industries

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAt FachPack 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology will highlight its portfolio for the processing and packaging of food and non-food products. This will include technology ranging from horizontal modules for feeding, stacking and wrapping of products to the secondary packaging of biscuits and its software solution for serialization for pharmaceutical products and customer support capabilities.

8 septembre 15

Further developments Bericap DIN-closures

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAt FachPack trade fair, Bericap will present its plastic closures for the markets of automobile, chemistry, pharmacology, agro-chemistry as well as food.

7 septembre 15

IMA Dairy & Food strengthens Indian Operations

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifIn the first quarter of 2015, I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A. (Italy) completed its purchase of the Oystar Group, including the brand names Hassia India, Benhil, Erca, Gasti, Hamba and Hassia.

4 septembre 15

OI finalise l'acquisition de l’activité food et beverage de Vitro

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOwens-Illinois vient de finaliser l'acquisition auprès de Vitro au Mexique de ses deux activités verrières destinées à l’alimentaire et aux boissons (gazeuses, bière, vin et spiritueux). La transaction est évaluée à environ 2,15 milliards $.

31 août 15

More flexibility and high performance for IML

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBeck Automation is launching its latest Beck-Flex IML system. The Beck-Flex is a side-entry automated IML system for food and non-food applications designed for maximum flexibility. It’s a Premiere at the Fakuma 2015.

L’emballage vit au rythme des fusac par Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSealed Air, Bemis, Gerresheimer, Ampac, DS Smith Plc, Mondi (1)… Pendant la période estivale, les affaires ont continué… Les rachats, cessions et autres fusions-acquisitions (ou fusac pour les initiés des sociétés d’investissements) vont bon train dans le secteur de l’emballage. Comme le souligne le rapport que vient de publier le cabinet Capitalmind, intitulé «L’industrie mondiale de l’emballage - Grandes tendances et activités de fusions-acquisitions».

PRESS REVIEW - PACKAGING : Oxygen barriers key to packaging innovation

Texte AlternatifNo film is completely impermeable to oxygen or moisture. An approach. The aim of Shelfplus 02, a product from Albis of Hamburg, Germany, is to combine both scavenging’s oxygen-removing properties with a flexible barrier. The technology allows for longer shelf life without refrigeration, freezing or vacuum sealing.

Miller Graphics installs ThermoFlexX 80 at its new Algerian factory

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBelgian manufacturer ThermoflexX (1) has installed a ThermoFlexX 80-S imager in Algeria at an 800 sq metre factory in Bejaia completed recently by the Miller Graphics Group, an European supplier of pre-press services to the flexo market,

New barrier for blow moulded container

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfRPC Emballages Moirans has developed a new barrier solution for its range of blow moulded containers up to 30 litres. RPC Protect® provides an effective barrier against solvent-based products, offering a safe and efficient transport solution for a wide range of chemical, agrochemical and fuel products. It is also approved for food use.

Flexible pouch filling machine’s optimization

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFlasks with resealable caps are expanding their range of applications to a wide range of food products. Flexible pouchs filling machines rise in rates and adapt to a variety of formats. The LMS range of SN Machinenbau offers a four-track to achieve a fill rate of 250 pouches per minute.

Packing milk in stickpacks

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf The Irish dairy co-operative Lakeland Dairies produces stickpacks for UHT milk using machinery forming, filling and sealing manufactured by IMA Hassia. This market for continues to grow rapidly. They are extremely easy for consumers to handle and manufacturers benefit from lower material costs. Compared to conventional cups, they can reduce a producer’s packaging needs by up to 50%.

Decor sleeves, real brainteasers

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifImportant tool of decoration, more and more used for drinks (alcohols and others), sauces or yoghurt drinks, sleeves are increasing in quality, while remaining competitive.

28 août 15

Emballages : la qualité nutritionnelle des produits alimentaires

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAprès le rapport de l’Anses (voir le prochain n° ED&Packaging), sur le score nutritionnel de la Food Standard Agency (FSA), sur lequel d’ailleurs il s’est appuyé, le HCSP-Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique a publié un avis sur la déclaration nutritionnelle. Cet avis est rendu sur demande de la direction générale de la santé.

26 août 15

Restauration scolaire : les portions évitent le gaspillage alimentaire

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBel Foodservice a mené une étude avec l’IFOP sur le gaspillage alimentaire du fromage en restauration scolaire dans 33 établissements (59 631 repas). Il en ressort que les portions individuelles de fromage génèrent 60% de gaspillage alimentaire en moins que les fromages à la coupe.

22 juillet 15

Bemis reinforces in South America

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBemis has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the South American rigid plastic packaging operations of Emplal Participações S.A., a Brazilian manufacturer of plastic packaging for food and consumer applications.

17 juillet 15

Europen welcomes European Parliament’s call for stronger EU regulatory framework for EPR but ...

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe packaging supply chain in Europe welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the Resolution on resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy at its plenary session. But Europen regrets inconsistency of lifecycle approach.

10 juillet 15

Gaspillage alimentaire et emballage

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPourquoi la réduction des emballages n’est-elle pas toujours bénéfique ? C’est à cette question, entre autres, à laquelle répond l’étude publiée par preventpack de Fost Plus que nous publions ci-dessous.

Global Closure Systems-GCS obtains ISO 15378

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifGlobal Closure Systems extends its portfolio of quality certifications with the attainment of ISO 15378 by Astra Plastique, one of its plants in France, and demonstrates its manufacturer’s capability to meet requirements of the Healthcare sector.

9 juillet 15

Hydratec subsidiary acquires Abar Automation BV

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAmsterdam-based food equipment manufacturer Abar Automation BV has been sold to Dutch industrial group Hydratec Industries NV, subsidiary Lan Handling Systems, a global specialist in handling systems for the food and pharmaceuticals industries.

3 juillet 15

APPE : Sale to Plastipak confirmed

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFollowing the approval granted by the European Commission under the EU Merger Act on June 11(th), the sale of APPE to Plastipak Packaging Inc. is now complete. APPE (ex-packaging division of La Seda de Barcelona) is rebranded Plastipak Packaging with immediate effect.

2 juillet 15

Huhtamaki acquires a laminate manufacturer in the United States

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifHuhtamaki has acquired the assets and business of Pure-Stat Technologies, Inc., a privately owned company in the United States.

1 juillet 15

The Italian packaging industry continues to expand

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAccording to the third National Statistical Survey conducted by the Ucima Research Department, the 604 companies making up the sector employed 27,307 people and in the twelve months of last year generated a turnover of 6.221 billion euros (+3.6%), yet another all-time record, while exports rise by 1.2% to more than 5.048 billion euros. The food industry is the biggest client sector, followed by beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals.

30 juin 15

Digital printing is boosting customization

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf Metal’s can are the first packaging on the drink market to be customized.

Des petites séries de boîtages personnalisables

Texte AlternatifSpécialiste de la création personnalisée d’emballages alimentaires haut de gamme, Picourt-Cabis propose une large palette de produits : caissettes, verrines, plateaux, boites pâtissières, étiquettes… dans différents matériaux, couleurs, et formats.

Verallia vendu, et après ? par Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifVerallia est vendu et même bien vendu, selon les analystes financiers. En 2010, Pierre-André de Chalendar, pdg de Saint-Gobain, avait d’ailleurs annoncé que le Pôle Conditionnement ne serait pas bradé. Une affaire rondement menée avec Apollo qui met un terme à un processus entamé depuis 2010, officiellement. Processus qui a commencé de façon somme toute classique en avril de cette même année, par un changement de nom avec une «communication corporate définie autour de valeurs fortes». En décembre 2014, un «processus concurrentiel de mise en vente» est lancé.

Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfMatt Twiss is appointed as Marketing & Business Development Director and Noé Gailly as Marketing Manager – New Product Development. Matt Twiss takes up this new responsibility from his previous position as Sales Director of Crown’s European Specialty Packaging division, bringing with him 17 years’ service at the company in a variety of marketing and commercial roles.

Polymer for outstanding sealing performance

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifExxonMobil Chemical is introducing a new grade to its portfolio of Vistamaxx™ performance polymers. It used pure in the sealing layer provides outstanding sealing performance in cast polypropylene (cPP) films and heat-sealable biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films designed for fast and reliable packaging operations.

Filling machines : each solution for each product

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFillers include solutions for processing various products and multiple bottle sizes with minimum downtime machines. Models Modulfill VFJ of Krones (picture) feature a versatile grasping system of PET bottle.

Robotisation of the plates of pork-butchery

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSpecialized in the design, production and the marketing of automation of end of line and systems of palletization, the Italian company Trascar launches a solution for the packing of plates of pork-butchery coupled with a system of vision integrated, to answer the problems of packing of large factories of salting.

29 juin 15

Baby Food : Nestlé lance un laitage fruité dans une gourde en plastique

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSur le secteur du babyfood qui reprend des forces, Nestlé lance le «P’tit Yogo» dans un conditionnement encore inédit sur ce segment de marché, une gourde de laitage de 90 gr. Un conditionnement qui surfe sur une image dynamique. Nestlé propose aussi des briques dont le contenu est prêt à être versé dans le biberon pour le ptit déj de bébé.

25 juin 15

European Flexible Packaging Manufacturers concerned about raw material supply shortage

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFlexible Packaging Europe (FPE) member companies, representing about 80% of the European turnover, have expressed concerns about the current raw material supply situation.

16 juin 15

Marchesini Group acquires Multipack

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMarchesini Group has taken over a branch of Multipack, a company in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) specializing in end-of-line packaging systems for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs, and aims to become an even more powerful key player on Italian and international marketplaces =====

11 juin 15

3i invests in Weener Plastic Packaging Group

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe international investment manager 3i Group plc invests approximately €250 million in Weener Plastic Packaging Group , a manufacturer of plastic packaging systems for FMCG companies and private label manufacturers. The former shareholder Lindsay Goldberg Vogel has sold its stake in WPPG.

8 juin 15

Coveris acquises New Zealand packaging company

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCoveris Holdings S.A has acquired Elldex Packaging Solutions, a New Zealand-based full-service flexible packaging company.

5 juin 15

Flexcon simplifies converter labeling options with expansion of SureFLEX product line

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFlexcon, in adhesive coating and laminating, announced the expansion of its sureFLEX Product Line with sureFLEX W12 for primary and secondary applications. This film adapts to a wide variety of surfaces, meeting the needs of health and beauty, food and beverage, household chemical, and pharmaceutical industrie.

31 mai 15

New CEO for Linpac

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatf Daniel Dayan has been appointed by Linpac as CEO. Daniel, 51, is a mechanical engineer with many years of experience in the chemical and building materials industries, and latterly spent 8 years as CEO of Fiberweb Plc., a E700 m global manufacturer of industrial textiles.

BOUCHAGE : Des fermetures techniques, pratiques et sécurisées

Texte AlternatifTant pour les boissons que pour le “food”, les fabricants de bouchons et de capsules plastiques continuent à fortement innover pour améliorer les performances de leurs gammes pour les consommateurs finaux et apporter de la valeur ajoutée et de la différenciation aux industriels. La maîtrise de la consommation, l’éco-responsabilité et la praticité d’utilisation deviennent des “leitmotiv” très importants.

Technical, convenient et safe closures

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBoth for food and for beverage, the manufacturers of plastic closures continue to actively innovate to improve performances of their ranges for final consumers and to develop added value and differentiation for brands. The control of consumption, the eco-responsibility and the easy to use are becoming very important targets.

PANORAMA - GERMANY : A new superior oxygen-absorbing film used in bag-in-box, pouches, lids…

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe trend towards more natural foods is a reason to use oxygen absorbers. Albis Plastic and jura-plast have joined forces to develop three-layer LDPE and PP films with oxygen-absorbing properties. The PE film can be used in bag-in-box applications, as lamination film for pouches, or as a barrier lid film. The PP variety is intended for use in sterilizing pouches and top films.

Verre d'emballage : la France fait mieux que la moyenne européenne

Texte AlternatfLe verre d’emballage européen (qui couvre les marchés du food, boissons, parfumerie, cosmétique et pharmacie) a connu en 2014, une croissance solide, a indiqué la FEVE-Fédération de l'industrie européenne du verre d'emballage dans le cadre du congrès-salon Glassman Europe 2015. Dans l’Europe des 28, le volume de production a progressé de 1,6%. Plus de 22 millions de tonnes (soit quelques 50 milliards de contenants en verre) ont été vendus dans le monde.

Erca : un nouveau directeur général

Texte AlternatfPhilippe Farrugia, 52 ans, diplômé de l’ESSEC et d’AgroParisTech, a rejoint Erca SA en tant que directeur général. Son parcours professionnel dans les secteurs de l’emballage et du process alimentaire l’a conduit à occuper successivement des fonctions commerciales et techniques chez Courtaulds Films, puis chez Saint-Gobain Emballage et durant 15 ans au sein de Tetra Pak Processing.

Glafri joins Save Food initiative backed by United nations

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (Glafri) has become a member of the Save Food initiative which intends to make a contribution to the fight against global food losses. It is a joint campaign between Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Environmental Programme (UNEP) of the United Nations and the Messe Düsseldorf Group, the organiser of interpack.

Mor-Free™ LPlus1 high efficiency adhesive.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDow is announcing the introduction of the new Mor-Free™ LPlus1 High Efficiency Adhesive, addressing today’s industry needs for packaging solutions offering faster compliance with food legislation requirements, enhanced conversion efficiency and greater machinability. Particularly suited for food packaging applications such as ready meals, fresh food and dairy, coffee and snacks, it delivers fast cross linking technology and improved optics on semi-barrier structures.

Digital labelling press for food industry.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe German label Etikettenhaus transformer uses the digital UV inkjet technology SPGPrints with the press of Inkjet labels five colors DSI (Digital System Integration)® 330 mm wide. The press includes a DSI opaque white and CMYK colors, a flexo coating system and a semi-rotary die unit, and receives the standard pre-polymerization and a cooling drum to stabilize the heat-sensitive substrates.

New generation of thermoformers for fresh dairy products

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn 2014, Arcil launched its A7 FFS machine, which fills fresh dairy products into individual or multipack rigid plastic containers at rates of 2-6 metric tons/hour. Today, the A5 (1-2 metric tons/hour) shares a few similarities with its big sister, the A7. First of all, it too is built on the fundamentals of Arcil's ultra-clean technology, making it a highly competitive, modular and functional machine. Secondly, it too features a user-centered design.

Digital press : ready to packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDigital presses present all their interest in low volumes when customizing the package is desired. The Meteor range machines of the French manufacturer MGI are designed for printing on complex and technical substrates and cardboard up to 400 microns thick.

28 mai 15

Interpack 2017 : dans les starting blocks

Texte AlternatifLes membres du comité consultatif d’interpack 2014 ont été reconduits dans leurs fonctions pour l’édition 2017 qui se tiendra du 4 au 10 mai. Les premiers grands thèmes d’interpack 2017 ont été annoncés.

26 mai 15

Mondi Group acquires two Walki Group extrusion coatings sites

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMondi Group has signed an agreement with Walki Group, subject to competition clearance, to acquire two of its extrusion coating plants located in Pietarsaari (Finland) and Wroclaw (Poland).

18 mai 15

Corbion makes next step in entering the PLA market

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCorbion has signed letters of intent for one-third of the volume of a 75 kTpa PLA polymerisation plant. Corbion reached the next milestone to enter the PLA market as set out in its strategy Disciplined Value Creation.

15 mai 15

O-I to acquire Vitro's Food and Beverage Business for $2.15 Billion

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifOwens-Illinois has reached a definitive agreement with Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V. to acquire Vitro's food and beverage glass container business in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $2.15 billion. Vitro is the largest supplier of glass containers in Mexico.

7 mai 15

3rd Food Contact Plastics Seminar : The industry has launched a strategic revision of the legislative framework

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOn 23 and 24 April, EuPC, the Trade Association of Plastics Converters in Europe held the Food Contact Plastics Seminar with the support of Polymer Comply Europe. This conference focused on the assessment and management of food contact plastics materials. In particular, Dario Dainelli, Chairman of the EuPC Food Contact Regulatory Experts Panel (FREP) said : "the industry has launched a strategic revision of the legislative framework".

30 avril 15

New Cartaguard® KST oil and grease resistance additive for board

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfArchroma announces FDA approval for the use of its new Cartaguard® KST in the manufacture of paper and board for food packaging. The highly efficient and effective oil, grease and water resistance additive is also compliant with the recommendations of the German BfR XXXVI for use as a surface refining and coating agent in paper and board intended for food contact applications.

THERMOFORMEUSES : La conception numérique au service du client

Texte AlternatifLes logiciels de conception numérique sont depuis bien longtemps des outils indispensables à tous les bureaux d’études. Le passage à la 3D fournit une visualisation des fonctionnalités des thermoformeuses encore plus proche de la réalité.

High level of brightness on the top and reserve side of a new folding box board atelier™

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSappi Speciality Papers introduces atelier™, a brand-new concept in folding box board (FBB) that broadens Sappi’s offering in terms of both width and depth of coated virgin fibre carton boards for the packaging market. atelier™, a hybrid FBB product that exceeds current market standards, is available in weights from 220 gsm to 350 gsm and is being produced at the company’s Maastricht mill.

Food films : barriers, beautiful aspect, eco-friendly

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf Food brands are turning more and more to plastic film, flexible or rigid, to package their foods. For the fresh products, they conserve high requirements in the matter of barriers properties, transparency, aspect (paper like, soft touch…) and easy to use for the consumers.

Ball Packaging Europe : new marketing director and general manager

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTo support continued growth within the European marketplace, Ball Packaging Europe added Dennis Schuilenburg as marketing director and Joerg Deppmeyer as general manager. Both hail from the fast-moving consumer goods world (FMCG).

28 avril 15

EFSA & food contact materials : Scientific Opinion on the safety assessment of the process "PET-M" used to recycle post-consumer PET

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety evaluation of the recycling process PET-M (EU register No RECYC062). It’s not of safety with some conditions.

21 avril 15

EFSA gives the safety evaluation of the post-consumer PET recycling processes Coveris and Envaplaster

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifEFSA- European Food Safety Authority gives the Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the following processes based on EREMA Basic technology used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials Coveris and Envaplaster (RECYC0117 and RECYC0120, respectively)

20 avril 15

The packaging of the future on parade in Milan

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEco-friendly, smart, elegant : the packaging of the future on parade in Milan. The global packaging industry rewards the packages that will help face the challenges of the third millennium. Top Italian products in a market worth € 800 billion.

10 avril 15

Une ligne complète d’emballage pour des chips

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSituée en Floride aux États-Unis, ARA Food Corporation, qui fabrique notamment une grande variété de snacks et de chips, a récemment augmenté sa capacité et installé un troisième système d'emballage flexible, capable de produire des sachets de tailles différentes et rapidement avec tna.

Milliken at Ipack-Ima

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLeading polyolefins additives supplier, Milliken, will reveal the high-performance, attention-grabbing thermoformed packaging that is both resource- and cost-efficient, with a showcase of Ultra Clear PP-based commercial applications at its Ipack-Ima.

9 avril 15

Kuraray acquires Plantic Technologies Limited

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifKuraray has completed of the acquisition of all of the shares in Plantic Technologies Limited, which is engaged in the bio-based barrier film business.

7 avril 15

Sealed Air sales foam trays

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSealed Air has completed the sale of its North American foam trays and absorbent pads business to Novipax, a portfolio company of Atlas Holdings LLC. The company wants to increase its focus on innovation and differentiation in the flexible packaging industry.

1 avril 15

Plastipak progresses APPE acquisition

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe american Plastipak company had announced last November its intention to acquire APPE, European PET packaging specialist. APPE confirmed today that the agreement to purchase the Group has now been completed.

31 mars 15

Sécurité alimentaire et emballages : un outil pour l’évaluation des risques sanitaires, le TTC

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAlexandre Feigenbaum, directeur de recherche, coordinateur scientifique du réseau ReSafe (mise en réseau des laboratoires européens les plus pointus dans le domaine de l’alimentarité des emballages) sous la responsabilité de la Plateforme Technologique Innovante - PTI Alimentec, nous rappelle que des milliers de substances sont utilisées dans la fabrication d’emballages alors que leur impact sur la santé des consommateurs n’a pas été évalué. Dans ce contexte, l’approche TTC ; Threshold of Toxicological Concern- permet de définir une dose tolérable par personne et par jour à partir de l'examen de la structure chimique des substances. A. Feigenbaum a présidé le groupe de travail européen Esco, sur les substances non règlementées, qui a préconisé l'utilisation du TTC pour une meilleure sécurité alimentaire liée aux emballages.

Des ouvertures/fermetures faciles et sûres

Texte AlternatifLes consommateurs se tournent vers les emballages intégrant des solutions de fermeture et d’ouverture plus faciles et plus sûres. Les fabricants poursuivent leurs développements. Aplix enrichit son offre Easy-Lock. Flexico développe les usages de Sensogrip. Etik Ouest lance Up’n Pack, un nouveau système adhésif. Bemis optimise les propriétés de sa solution de pelabilité, EZ Peel. Danapak Flexibles complète son offre de pelabilité, en termes de matériau. Enfin, SCS commence à rencontrer une forte demande pour sa solution Skirtall.

Easy and secured opening and closure

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMore and more, consumers choose packaging with easy and secured opening and closure. Packaging manufacturers are continuing their developments.

Stora Enso provides board for digital printing packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfStora Enso provides the board materials for digital printing press dedicated for manufacturing chocolate and confectionery boxes.

PRESS REVIEW - PACKAGING : Self-heating pouches for US army

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf For the past decade, RBC Technologies has been working on packaging that heats up without a power source. Its first major product, launched in 2006, is a self-heating thermoformable splint that can be used to replace plaster for sprains and broken bones. Other self-heating pouches aim at melting chocolate and warming up wipes.

PANORAMA - ESPAGNE : Une boîte en demi-lune à compartiments pour aliments pour animaux

Texte AlternatifGrâce à sa forme ergonomique en demi-lune et à sa facilité d’utilisation, le contenant HalfMoon™ de RPC Superfos a été récompensé d'un ScanStar dans la catégorie Emballage Promotionnel à l'occasion du FoodTech Fair à Herning, au Danemark.

PANORAMA - SPAIN : A half-moon pack with compartments for pet food

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe HalfMoon™ pack from RPC Superfos has been awarded a ScanStar 2014 in the category Promotional Packaging at the occasion of the FoodTech trade Fair in Herning, Denmark.

Le carton ondule sur des mouvements de consolidation

Texte AlternatfAlors que le groupe NorPaper Avot-Vallée (du fonds OpenGateCapital) consolide sa présence en France en rachetant un site auprès de DS Smith, le groupe Smurfit Kappa se renforce en Europe et en Amérique avec le rachat d’Hexacomb et le groupe Cybsa. Le fonds d’investissement américain OpenGateCapital a acquis auprès du groupe de packaging DS Smith, l’usine de Nantes qui produit du testliner à partir de fibres recyclées pour de nombreuses applications dans l’emballage.

Domino Printing racheté par Brother Industries

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf“As we look forward to 2015 and beyond, it is clear the digital printing business has great potential but requires significant investment. While I expect to see sales progression in 2015, progress in profit will be held back as we plan to invest further in research and development and in the broader sales and support organisation, helping to fuel future growth» déclare Nigel Bond, Chief Executive Office du groupe Domino Printing Sciences, dans le rapport financier 2014 (année fiscale à fin octobre).

Non-phthalate catalyzed polypropylene product range

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTotal has reached a new milestone in its innovation path for polypropylene (PP), and is now able to offer a complete range of polymers using non-phthalate catalysts.

Weight and productivity

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifIshida innovates by launching a waterproof and dustproof version of its RV multihead weighers certified IP69K. tna announced his side the weigher dual intelli-weigh omega 0328 Multi-heads improving the process productivity.

Weight supervision easier with color display

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSupervising several filling processes simultaneously increasing productivity. However, it can be tiring to read the numbers on screen and this can lead to mistakes, explains Mettler Toledo.

Reduced opening stroke for IML applications.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe company Beck Automation presents its new system B4 in the IML mold labeling at the NPE 2015. The solution consists of an electrical machine Netstal Elion 3200-2900 and an injection mold from Glaroform with 4 cavities. The object is a stadium cup (44 oz cup with a wall thickness of 0.86 mm) frequently encountered in the USA in football, baseball or soccer stadia.

30 mars 15

Un nouveau directeur pour DS Smith Packaging France

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThibault Laumonier a pris récemment les commandes de DS Smith Packaging. Il connaît bien le groupe et le monde de l’emballage.

Amcor acquires of Nampak Flexibles

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAmcor announces the ZAR 250 million (USD 22 million) acquisition of Nampak Flexibles, the market leader in flexible packaging in South Africa.

27 mars 15

Le Groupe Mayr-Melnhof a franchi les 2 milliards d’euros en 2014

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfPour la première fois, le chiffre d'affaires consolidé 2014 du groupe Mayr-Melnhof a dépassé les deux milliards pour s’établir 2,087.4 millions d'euros, Au-delà de maintenir la croissance interne du groupe, il n’exclut pas une possible croissance externe.

23 mars 15

Klöckner Pentaplast, Starlinger and P&G join Petcore Europe

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPetcore Europe, the Brussels based association representing the PET industry in Europe, has three new member companies.

20 mars 15

Anuga Foodtec : Schur presents the new SchurJar®

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIt takes more than appealing colours and an inviting design to present a product to its full on the supermarket shelves. The new innovative Schur® Jar is on its way to revolutionise this presentation of products, said the company who exhibited at Anuga FoodTec.

17 mars 15

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : Herma présente des solutions étiquettes pour les emballages de produits frais

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSur le salon Anuga FoodTec de Cologne, Herma présentera des solutions d’étiquetage pour les différents emballages d’aliments frais.

Huhtamaki to acquire a paper cup manufacturer in Malaysia

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfHuhtamäki Oyj's subsidiary has entered into an agreement to acquire Butterworth Paper Cups Sdn Bhd, a privately owned paper cup and foodservice packaging manufacturer in Malaysia.

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : Krones presented materials for sensitive products

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfProcess engineering kit for producing and filling sensitive products in the low and high-acid categories will be the major focus of the stand exhibits being showcased by Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, at the Anuga FoodTec, to be held in Cologne from 24 to 27 March 2015.

16 mars 15

Anuga Food Tec 2015 : un salon dédié Processing, Packaging, Sécurité, Services et Solutions

Texte AlternatifLe salon international Anuga FoodTec, dédié aux sous-traitants de l'industrie agroalimentaire, qui se tient du 24 au 27 mars 2015 à Cologne en Allemagne, adopte pour sa 7è édition le slogan «One for all - all in one». Presque 1 500 fournisseurs de plus de 40 pays seront au rendez-vous. Environ 43 000 visiteurs de 130 pays sont attendus.

Berry Plastics Group and Klöckner Pentaplast Group : marketing alliance

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfBerry Plastics Group and Klöckner Pentaplast Group have recently entered into a marketing alliance to offer innovative form-fill seal packaging solutions, on a global basis to the food, consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical markets.

13 mars 15

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : Multivac présent

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAu salon Anuga FoodTec de Cologne, Multivac présente différentes solutions destinées à l'augmentation de l'efficacité de l'énergie, des matériaux et des procédés utilisés dans le conditionnement des aliments en prenant pour exemple la thermoformeuse R 245.

Fraunhofer Institute : presentation of the project Extrusion stability of active packaging materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe active packaging systems comprise films with separate active layers and also injection-molded parts and blow-molded bottles with active components in the polymer matrix. Such packaging materials are manufactured by extrusion processes. The objective of the ExtruStab project is to develop a simple, cost-effective measuring system for estimating the corrosive effect of active compounds, so allowing suitable extrusion barrels, screws and dies to be selected based on their surface finish and corrosion stability. The Project has began in october 2014 and the term is fixed on september 2016. At the mid term, The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV has made the presentation.

Fraunhofer IVV : presentation on active packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfFraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV will be present in the show The World of Packaging 2015- Zurich on 25-26 March 2015.

12 mars 15

Anuga Food Tec 2015 : Cama Group with the break-though generation machines

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCama, known globally for the cutting edge technology and the reliability of its packaging systems, will exhibit its new Break-Through Generation of machines. The packaging machines and the robotized lines, designed, manufactured and installed by the Italian company worldwide, can be used in food and non-food industry and cover the whole primary and secondary packaging processes, from the line entrance to the end-of-line packaging operations, before palletising.

11 mars 15

tna acquiert Florigo International b.v

Texte Alternatiftna a acquis la société Florigo International B.V., spécialiste de l’industrie agroalimentaire. Cette opération lui permet d'avoir accès à la gamme des lignes en continu d’en-cas et de frites de Florigo.

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : milk in shape with Alpma

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatfAlpenland Maschinenbau GmbH,will be presenting comprehensive solutions from its process, cheese-making, cutting and packaging technology divisions at the Anuga Food Tec in Cologne, from 24th to 27th March 2015.

10 mars 15

Sandwich & Snack Show 2015 : Smurfit Kappa présente ses solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSmurfit Kappa présente, au salon Sandwich & Snack Show, ses solutions en réponse aux tendances de consommations notamment en matière de snacking. Le groupe sera représenté par deux de ses sociétés : Smurfit Kappa Colors et Smurfit Kappa Siemco.

Elopak is the first customer to use PE and PP made by Sabic from renewable sources

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPackaging firm Elopak are the first customer to use PE and PP made by Sabic entirely from renewable sources to make cartons for juices and other liquid products. Elopak teams up with SABIC to create Europe’s first beverage cartons with second generation renewable coatings.

9 mars 15

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : Bosch presents new horizontal cartoning machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBosch Packaging Technology launches the new horizontal cartoning machine CFC 2012. It was developed especially for largescale secondary packaging formats of the food industry with a width up to 12 inches.

4 mars 15

Final Opinion on the safety of the use of Bisphenol A in medical devices

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe European Commission and its non-food Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) have published the final opinion on “The safety of the use of bisphenol A in medical devices”.

2 mars 15

IMA finalise le rachat de plusieurs sociétés du groupe Oystar

Texte AlternatifIMA a finalisé l'acquisition des entreprises Benhil, Erca, Hassia, Hamba et Gasti du groupe Oystar.

28 février 15

Limited edition of tubes and boxes : no limit !

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifWith limited edition of tubes or boxes launched for premium food products, «champagne» or spirituous, brands have one target, tell stories.

Metal Packaging Europe : a new secretary general

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfJoris Nachtergaele has been appointed Secretary General of Metal Packaging Europe, the trade body representing the united interests of producers and suppliers of rigid metal packaging across Europe. Joris will be responsible for promoting the interests of Metal Packaging Europe’s members in Brussels.

Labelling machines ready for Inco regulations

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifManufacturers have long since adapted their weighing groups, print and apply labelling to Inco regulations. Some distributors are slow to equip or to realize the software updates.

Advanced aseptic filling technology

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe Pure-Pak® Advanced E-PS120A features a unique modular design for flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

24 février 15

Tekni-Plex's to acquire Gallazzi's Italian Pharma Blister Film

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfTekni-Plex Europe NV said that its plan to acquire Gallazzi's Italian-based pharmaceutical blister film (Tradate, Varese, Lombardia) and adhesive tape substrate film (Gallarate, Varese, Lombardia) businesses has been approved by the Italian authorities supervising the sale.

23 février 15

Sonoco completes acquisition of Weidenhammer Packaging Group

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfSonoco, diversified global packaging companies, has completed the acquisition of Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG), Europe's provider of composite cans along with composite drums and rigid plastic containers, for €286 million, orapproximately $360 million, in cash. This operation has beeeb annouced in octobre 2014.

Crown Holdings completes Empaque acquisition

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfCrown Holdings who has announced this operation in september 2014 has completed its acquisition of Empaque, a Mexican manufacturer of aluminum cans and ends, bottle caps and glass bottles for the beverage industry, from Heineken N.V.

19 février 15

CFIA Rennes 2015 : tna présente différentes solutions d’ensachage

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFournisseur de solutions intégrées d'emballage et de transformation alimentaire, tna mettra en avant ses ensacheuses mais aussi les avantages de sa récente acquisition FOODesign, spécialiste de la transformation alimentaire.

Ball announces proposed acquisition of Rexam PLC

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBall Corporation and Rexam PLC announced the terms of a recommended offer by Ball to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Rexam in a cash and stock transaction. The combined company will have pro forma 2014 revenue of approximately $15 billion and approximately 22,500 employees across five continents.

18 février 15

Sacmi presents the new KUBE labeller range at Enolitech 2015

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAt Enolitech 2015 (Verona, 22-25 March 2015) Sacmi will be presenting the new range of labelling machines in the KUBE series, equipped with unbeatably innovative solutions for cold glue or hot melt self-adhesive labelling.

17 février 15

Ball acquires two metal end and closure plants from Sonoco

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfIn US, Ball completed its acquisition of Sonoco's metal end and closure facilities in Canton, Ohio. The plants, which produce multiple-sized closures for the food can market, will become part of Ball's global metal food and household products packaging division.

16 février 15

Le concours Emballé 3.0 : l’emballage vu par les étudiants

Texte AlternatifPour sa cinquième édition, le concours "Emballé 3.0 du Conseil National de l'Emballage, qui s’adresse aux écoles de packaging et de design, a reçu 65 dossiers réalisés par plus de 150 étudiants issus de 12 écoles et universités. Le jury de professionnels et de journalistes a, dans un premier temps, retenu six nominés. Ces derniers ont présenté la semaine dernière leurs projets à la centaine de professionnels de l’emballage, du marketing et du développement durable venus assistés à la remise des prix. C’est ce public qui a désigné les lauréats, via un boîtier électronique.

RPC acquires PET Power

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfRPC combines the strength of PET Power B.V. and M&H to offer a significant presence in PET.

13 février 15

Lindal Group opens new production facility in Turkey

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe Lindal Group, in aerosol packaging technology, has created its newest facility, in Turkey. This production and office complex, located east of Istanbul (Dilovasi – KOCAELI Province), represents the latest milestone in the growth of this innovative 57-year old packaging solutions provider.

12 février 15

Amcor and Industry Partners make major investment to spur new recycling initiative in South Carolina

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAmcor joins Coca Cola, Alcoa, and other industry partners today as the Recycling Partnership, a collaborative, industry-funded effort designed to boost residential recycling in the U.S., officially awards its first public grant to the City of Columbia, S.C. The funding will support the Recycling Partnership’s inaugural project in Columbia, where a complete modernization of the city’s residential curbside recycling program will be undertaken.

11 février 15

Anuga FoodTec 2015 : la conception hygiénique des machines de conditionnement et emballage alimentaires

Texte AlternatifLes investissements en conception hygiénique seront à l'honneur au salon Anuga FoodTec qui se tient du 24 au 27 mars 2015 à Cologne. Les installations «ciblées sur l'hygiène» ne contribuent pas uniquement à améliorer la sécurité des produits alimentaires, mais augmentent aussi la productivité, selon les experts. L’analyse de Jürgen Hofmann, président du groupe allemand l'European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) permet d’évaluer tous les points critiques à connaître sur cette thématique hygiène. Le «Clean-in-Place» (CIP) n’est pas toujours l’unique réponse.

9 février 15

Bosch plans to acquire Osgood Industries

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOsgood Industries Inc, Florida, develops, manufactures and distributes fill and seal equipment for pre-formed containers in liquid food industry. With this acquisition, Bosh Packaging Technologies strengthens process and packaging technology portfolio on liquid food market (ice cream, yogurt, dessert, salad and cheese, among others).

6 février 15

Bisphénol A et emballages : A. Feigenbaum explique comment l’EFSA a conduit son analyse sur le BPA

Texte AlternatifAlors que l’ANSES-Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail devrait livrer en mars ses commentaires sur le second Avis de l’EFSA du 21 janvier 2015 (1) concernant le bisphénol A, Alexandre Feigenbaum explique pour Emballage Digest comment l’EFSA-Autorité européenne de sécurité des aliments évalue les études scientifiques pour mieux comprendre comment il y a eu divergence dans l’appréciation du risque.

Crown increases beverage can end capacity In Poland

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown Bevcan Europe & Middle East, is investing in a new manufacturing line at its Goleniow plant to produce 200 diameter (50 mm) ends. The Goleniow plant, located in west Poland, currently produces a range of metal closures serving different food markets.

Bobst at ICE Europe 2015

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBobst will be present at ICE Europe in Munich, Germany from 10th-12th March 2015 where the latest technologies for the flexible packaging, printing and converting industries will be presented, particular vacuum metallizing and coating.

5 février 15

Food Packaging Law Seminar at Brussels

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKeller and Heckman organizes the Annual Food Packaging Law Seminar in Brussels.

3 février 15

ICheaP International Conference on Chemical and Processing Engineering at Ipack-Ima

Texte AlternatifMilan will be home to the great ICheaP International Conference on Chemical and Processing Engineering during Ipack-Ima 2015. The choice of date and location – from May 19th to 22nd results from the great synergy of the topics to be discussed both with Ipack-Ima 2015 and with the Expo 2015, two top global showcases ensuring an unparalleled context for the congress.

2 février 15

Elopak celebrates 100 years of the Pure-Pak® patent

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfElopak who has announced in last December the launch of beverage cartons featuring certified renewable polyethylene (PE), celebrates this year 2015 the official 100 year anniversary of the paperboard gable top carton. On October 19th 1915 the US Patent Office granted the first patent for a paper milk bottle, which became known as the gable top Pure-Pak® carton.

30 janvier 15

Des emballages plastiques biodégradables

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe projet européen SucciPack (ebonus du 3 sept 13) visant à développer un nouvel emballage alimentaire biosourcé à base de PBS (polybutylène succinate), coordonné par l’ACTIA avec la participation active du CTCPA et du LNE, s’est achevé fin décembre 2014. Les résultats prometteurs sont résumés dans une vidéo «New bio packaging for food».

Adapter les sachets à de multiples applications

Texte AlternatifLes industriels de l’alimentaire continuent de plus belle à faire la part belle aux sachets. L’impact est important sur les fabricants qui affirment connaître un marché dynamique. Avec Elipse, Bag2Pack commence à y voir plus clair. Une première ligne pilote est installée au Maroc. Cellpack Packaging lance une poche micro-ondable sans valve pour cuisson de légumes et multiplie les développements de ses poches à fond plat. Gualapack décline ses gourdes sur de nouveaux marchés et y apportent du service.

Leading polyolefins additives supplier,

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMilliken, has proposed more solutions like this Ultra Clear PP clarified with Milliken’s Millad® NX™ 8000 series sets a new clarity standard for PP that is comparable to glass-clear materials.

Global container and packaging market 2015-2019

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfResearch and Markets has added the new study : Global Container and Packaging Market 2015-2019. Key Vendors are Amcor, Ball, Crowns Holdings, International Paper and Rock-Tenn. One major trend emerging in this market is the increase in consumer preference for plastic packaging. Plastic packaging material offers durability and versatility and is therefore gaining in popularity with industrial buyers.

BUCKETS CONTAINERS : Customized solutions

Texte AlternatfWith its combined expertise and high level of customer orientation, Jokey (picture) offers a variety of sizes, shapes and accessory options packaging product, for food or non-food. They are 100% recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene.

Salon Emballage 2014 : au fil des allées

Texte AlternatifUne traçabilité complète des emballages pharmaceutiques

EMBALLAGE SECONDAIRE : Les encaisseuses gèrent les flux

Texte AlternatifLes constructeurs de machines d’encaissage rivalisent d’inventivité et développent des solutions flexibles et modulaires pour satisfaire les exigences des industriels et répondre à leur juste besoin. Les robots s’adaptent intelligemment au flux de produits.

Volumetric filling systems for ready meals

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif The MPF volumetric filler was designed by Multi-fill for dispense difficult products such as rice and cooked pasta, long or short, vegetables and cut fruits, cooked meats, pet foods, chilled salads in a variety of containers (cups, plates, bowl, boxes, jars, bags…). These machines are ideal for production lines or freshly prepared dishes.

Up to 1,500 portion packs/min.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe new generation of production systems and packaging for tea and coffee sachets generates productivity gains. Optima CFL4-10 machine can go up to 1,500 bags/min, which is the highest performance currently available on the market, ensures the eponymous manufacturer.

28 janvier 15

Bridging the knowledge gap on non-plastic food contact materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifDid you know that plastics and some ceramics used in food contact materials are regulated at European level and evaluated by EFSA for safety but a wide range of other materials – coatings, paper and board, adhesives, printing inks and rubber – are not? Small traces of these materials used in packaging, containers, cutlery and other articles can enter food and may pose a potential health risk to consumers. However, there is a lack of detailed science information about many of the substances found in these materials that makes this area of food safety particularly challenging.

27 janvier 15

MWV and RockTenn agree to combination creating a $16 Billion global packaging leader

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifRock-Tenn Company ("RockTenn") (and MeadWestvaco Corporation have entered into a definitive combination agreement to create a leading global provider of consumer and corrugated packaging ("NewCo") in a transaction with a combined equity value of $16 billion.Two Industry leaders create a powerful global provider of consumer and corrugated packaging solutions. Total annual synergies of $300 Million to be achieved over three years.

23 janvier 15

Mayr-Melnhof Karton presents quantum leap in product safety of cartonboard packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe new cartonboard grade FoodBoard™ of Mayr-Melnhof Karton is a protected internal development representing a quantum leap in the protection of cartonboard packed foodstuff. This next generation of cartonboard is ready for the market from Q1/2015.

22 janvier 15

Bispéhonol A & Emballage : réaction des industriels du plastique

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLes industriels des matières plastiques constatent que l'avis déjà émis par l'EFSA rejoint celui de la FDA (Food and Drug Administration) aux USA. Une étude qui était attendue depuis plusieurs mois et qui a fait l'objet de concertations avec l'ANSES, équivalent en France de l'EFSA, ajoute le communiqué de Plastics Europe que nous publions dans son intégralité ci-dessous.

Bispéhonol A & Emballage : la Commission européenne va examiner l’avis de l’EFSA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifNous avons interrogé la Commission européenne suite à l’avis rendu par l’Efsa hier sur le BPA. Si La Commission se félicite de la réévaluation détaillée et complète de l'EFSA sur les risques pour la santé publique du BPA, elle prend note des principales conclusions de l'avis de l'EFSA et va maintenant examiner l'avis dans son intégralité et décider des prochaines étapes possibles, nous a-t-on répondu. Nous mettons en ligne les documents publiés par l’EFSA.

16 janvier 15

Potential health effects of nanomaterials used in medical devices

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe European Commission and its non-food Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), have published the final opinion ‘Guidance on the Determination of Potential Health Effects of Nanomaterials Used in Medical Devices’.

13 janvier 15

Global Nano-enabled Packaging Market to Reach US$15.0 Billion by 2020

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPersistence Market Research has released a new report about the global nano-enabled packaging market, titled ‘Global Market Study on Nano-Enabled Packaging For Food and Beverages: Intelligent Packaging to Witness Highest Growth by 2020’. The report predicts that the nano-enabled packaging market will enjoy a healthy CAGR of 12.7% during the report’s forecast period of 2014-2020, and will expand from its 2013 market value of US$6.5 billion to US$15 billion in 2020.

7 janvier 15

New Freshlife® packaging to make debut appearance at Fruit Logistica 2015

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCoveris, unveils its exclusive range of Freshlife® packaging solutions at Berlin’s Fruit Logistica event, 4th to 6th February.

5 janvier 15

Fitch: U.S. and EMEA package food credit quality faces manageable challenges in 2015

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFitch Ratings' credit outlook for the U.S. and EMEA packaged food industry is stable as challenges are balanced with areas of potential improvement in 2015. Food companies will focus on accelerating weak top line and volume growth with product innovation that resonates better with today's time-constrained and increasingly health conscious consumers.

23 décembre 14

Six major global challenges to improve food packaging will be addressed in Valencia

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe major challenges to improve plastic food packaging will be the main focus of MeetingPack 2015, which will bring together over 300 international experts from Europe and Latin America but also of large multinationals in Asia and United States. MeetingPack 2015 will be held next 25th and the 26th of February 2015 at the facilites of Commerce Chamber Business School in Valencia (Spain).

22 décembre 14

News des distributeurs : Tesco a revu sa gamme de cosmétique, Auchan forme une centrale d’achat avec un Italien…

Texte AlternatifL’édition 2015 de la Table Ronde de la PLMA, qui se tiendra à Nice (France) les 25 et 26 février prochains, sera organisée autour du thème «Rencontrez les distributeurs». Les présentations se concentreront sur les perspectives des principaux distributeurs pour 2015, et la façon dont les fabricants peuvent se positionner pour atteindre leurs objectifs. Différents distributeurs aborderont également l'avenir des achats en ligne. Asda a déclaré que 70% de sa hausse des ventes de l'an dernier provenait des ventes en ligne.

19 décembre 14

NAMPA reports new research on media coverage shows how facts on BPA’s safety are distorted in the press

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe surge in media coverage this week of a study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Hypertension, linking bisphenol A (BPA) exposure to a rise in blood pressure, is a prime example of the challenges identified in a study of journalists reporting on complex health studies. The North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) cites the findings of a British study comparing academic press releases and resulting news coverage as evidence of the media’s overreliance on the PR departments of research institutions, which leads to overhyped and inaccurate conclusions.

16 décembre 14

IMA Group acquires Oystar Group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifIMA Group, Italy, acquires the operating business of Oystar Group, a globally leading producer of packaging machines, from private equity firm Odewald. In last October, Oystar Group had sold its secondary packaging division and wants to concentrate on the primary packaging business for the dairy and food industries.

15 décembre 14

Bisphenol A opinion adopted: to publish in January 2015

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifEFSA’s experts have finalised and adopted their scientific opinion on the risks to public health from bisphenol A (BPA) in foodstuffs. The milestone follows a comprehensive risk assessment of this substance. BPA is a chemical used to manufacture plastics and resins that are used in a variety of food contact materials as well as other consumer and industrial products.

12 décembre 14

Le Règlement Inco s’applique demain sur les emballages et les étiquettes

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe règlement (UE) n°1169/2011, dit Règlement INCO, qui concerne l’information des consommateurs sur les denrées alimentaires est applicable à partir de demain, 13 décembre 2014. Il modifie les dispositions régissant l’étiquetage des denrées alimentaires dans l’Union européenne. L’emballage et l’étiquetage sont totalement impliqués. Nous présentons un document qui vise à mieux comprendre et à appliquer correctement ce Règlement.

Klöckner Pentaplast : growth and significant increase in profitability

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifKlöckner Pentaplast reported with sixth consecutive year of revenue growth and significant increase in profitability.

10 décembre 14

BASF and Schuster develop recycled cardboard for fast food packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBASF and "Feinpappenwerk Gebr. Schuster GmbH & Co. KG" are working jointly on a solution for a combined migration and grease barrier on recycled cardboard.

8 décembre 14

Emballage et BPA : le rapport du gouvernement publié

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe gouvernement français estime qu’il sera possible d’utiliser des substituts au Bisphénol A dans la fabrication de nombreux emballages en plastique dès 2015. Une analyse jugée «irréaliste » par l’industrie du plastique», rapporte le site EurActiv qui titre son information «Désaccords entre le gouvernement et l'industrie plastique sur le Bisphénol A».

W. R. Grace and Milliken combine their technologies to deliver "exceptional" results to PP producers

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifW.R. Grace & Co. and Milliken & Company announced that their advanced technologies, used synergistically, are enabling polypropylene (PP) manufacturers to develop new and differentiated resin portfolios featuring enhanced clarity, cleanliness, processability and mechanical performance.

4 décembre 14

Schütz ouvre une nouvelle usine à Saint-Étienne

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifInauguré, fin novembre, le second site de production français de la société Schütz fait partie intégrante d’une stratégie qui vise à optimiser la sécurité et la flexibilité d’approvisionnement pour ses clients. Depuis le mois de mai, les IBC sont livrés depuis le site dans tout le Sud du pays.

3 décembre 14

Huhtamaki sells its films business to German private equity company

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifHuhtamaki has entered into an agreement to sell its Films business segment to DBAG Fund VI, a fund advised by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, a German private equity company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

1 décembre 14

Pattern develops as three studies confirm food contamination risk with Reusable Plastic Containers-RPCs

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifA new study from the University of California-Davis confirms Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) used to ship fresh produce, meats and eggs pose a risk of contamination from ineffective washing and sanitation processes. The research follows a 2013 study undertaken at University of Guelph fueled by questions raised by growers and packers in both the U.S. and Canada.

30 novembre 14

A broader choice of food bioplastics

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe first food bioplastics 100% biodegradable and compostable have emerged in 1990.

Multi-coloured PET/PE trays.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCoveris Rigid Poland extends product offering for the fresh food market with new multi-coloured PET/PE trays. These trays are suitable for red meat and delicatessen products. It is also possible to use Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), which allows extended product shelf life of the packaged good.

PRESS REVIEW - PACKAGING: New FDA label regulations create packaging challenges

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe newest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) label regulations call for more information, and more prominently displayed. For food brands the challenge to show clear and concise label information without disrupting the visual appeal of the product only gets harder, especially for small packages and to-go products.

Packaging machinery market forecast 2014-2024

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf Visiongain published a new report «Packaging Machinery Market Forecast 2014-2024». The company forecasts the world market for packaging machinery to reach $37.35bn in 2014. One of the key factors contributing to this growth is the increasing importance of sustainability.

Preformes machines : energy efficiency

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEnergy efficiency is one of the concerns of preforms machines constructors.

A new pneumatic manipulator

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe new pneumatic manipulator Partner type designed and proposed by Dalmec is intended to simultaneously handle several coils stacked to put them into cardboard packaging, especially in the food sector.

A new machine for pre-formed cups with a new automated change system.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Oystar Group packaging machine manufacturer proposes machines with manifold uses for the food & beverage industry. Oystar Gasti and Hamba will show their new M-FS 30, a filling and sealing machine for pre-formed cups. The machine has a chainless drive system.

25 novembre 14

EuPC reacts to agreement reached on EU plastic carrier bags legislation

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifEU28 Member State representatives voted in favour of a compromise text reached between the European Parliament and the Council, on EU legislation for plastic carrier bags. This follows a legislative proposal from the European Commission on November 4th 2013 to reduce consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags to more responsible levels.

24 novembre 14

Commission clears acquisition of Linpac Packaging by SVP

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of Linpac Packaging Limited (Linpac) by Strategic Value Partners LLC (SVP).

19 novembre 14

Bosch’s two in one biscuit packaging line wins German Packaging Award

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifBosch Packaging Technology has been rewarded with the German Packaging Award in the “packaging machines” category. Granted by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut – dvi), the award recognizes the company’s innovative two-in-one biscuit packaging system, first presented at Interpack 2014.

18 novembre 14

La Commission européenne s'oppose à l'étiquetage sous la forme de feux de signalisation

Texte AlternatifLa Commission européenne a engagé des poursuites à l'encontre du système d'étiquetage nutritionnel emprunté aux feux de signalisation, introduit l'an dernier au Royaume-Uni. Cet étiquetage volontaire, apposé sur le devant des emballages, reprend les sucres, les graisses, les acides gras saturés et le sel, en y associant la couleur rouge, orange ou vert, en fonction de la teneur par 100 g, indique la dernière newsletter PLMA.

14 novembre 14

Non-plastic food contact t materials expert network holds first meeting

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifScientific experts from Member States are meeting in Parma from 12 to 14 November for the first meeting of EFSA’s Food Ingredients and Packaging Network. The experts are gathering to discuss the latest risk assessment activities, approaches and challenges in the area of non-plastic food contact materials.

13 novembre 14

Directly printed PET bottles in Nature MultiPacks™ win German Packaging Award 2014

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOne of the prize winners for German Packaging Award 2014 is NMP Systems GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of KHS GmbH, with its new Direct Print and Nature MultiPack™ developments – both currently at the prototype stage and which won the award as an overall concept.

12 novembre 14

Les boîtes boisson : un marché de l’emballage dynamique en France

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSelon IRI, les ventes de canettes en magasins ont progressé de +2,4% en volume à mi-septembre 2014 par rapport à mi-septembre 2013, sur un marché pourtant atone (+0%), rapporte GIE boîte boisson. Les canettes vont fêter leurs 80 ans d’ici quelques mois, en 2015, les canettes sont résolument ancrées dans l’actualité !

Tekni-Films extends line of high-barrier, Barex-alternative specialty films

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTekni-Films, a division of Tekni-Plex, Inc., has developed an extensive line of high barrier, Barex® alternative specialty films for thermoformable, heat-sealable packaging applications. The materials target a wide variety of demanding pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, food and other applications.

6 novembre 14

Polymer hybrid thin-film composites for food packaging and membrane filters

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifJuha Nikkola M.Sc.(Tech.), Senior Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, developed new hybrid materials in his doctoral research project for use in the manufacture and modification of thin-film composites. The project resulted in new materials suitable for instance for food packaging with enhanced diffusion barrier and for membrane filters with improved anti-fouling properties used in water purification. In the future, similar materials may find use in flexible OLED displays and in wall and ceiling panels.

5 novembre 14

Avery Dennison extends its broad european Food-Approved Portfolio

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA new food-approved topcoated product has been added to the already extensive Avery Dennison food labelling film portfolio. The addition means that Avery Dennison now offers the widest range of food-approved films in Europe, with materials that can support a large variety of food labelling conditions.

3 novembre 14

Emballages alimentaires : les technologies de séchage à cœur UV et EB sont-elles totalement sûres ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifQuelles solutions pour le séchage des encres utilisées pour l’emballage alimentaire ? Le séchage par irradiation ou les bonnes pratiques de fabrication et le Règlement-cadre tels qu’ils existent aujourd’hui ? Cette question a été au cœur du séminaire Emballage alimentaire organisé à l'initiative de RadTech Europe, l'association sectorielle régionale dédiée à la promotion des technologies de polymérisation par irradiation dans tous les marchés.

Emballage exhibition 2014 : three solutions in flexible packaging by Comexi Group

Texte AlternatifComexi Group proposes three machines for flexible packaging In offset printing technology, in holography technology and a laser processing system.

1 novembre 14

Low-migration UV-inkjet inks for safe food and pharmaceutical packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSPGPrints is helping UV-inkjet label printers assure safe, uncontaminated packaging solutions to the food and pharmaceutical markets by launching a range of low-migration UV-inkjet inks.

31 octobre 14

Smart Label specialist UWI takes off with transatlantic funding

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfUWI Technology, a Scotland-based smart labelling company, has secured over £1.26 million from US private investor Angel Syndicate, Aero-Den, the Scottish Investment Bank (the investment arm of Scotland’s economic development agencies) and a number of private investors in the UK to help drive its next phase of growth.

30 octobre 14

Henkel’s “Food Safe Packaging” Portal Now with Upgraded Premium Area

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe “Food Safe Packaging” knowledge platform launched by Henkel one and a half years ago is now being made even more attractive – with an upgrade to its Premium Area offering an extensive array of information for people in the food industry.

PTI Alimentec : une plateforme dédiée à la sécurité alimentaire du couple emballage/produit

Texte AlternatifC’est en présence de 80 professionnels nationaux de la filière agroalimentaire que le Syndicat Mixte du Technopôle Alimentec a inauguré sa nouvelle plateforme PTI Alimentec sur la sécurité alimentaire dédiée au couple emballage/produit. Située à Bourg-en-Bresse, cette plateforme, qui bénéficie d’un investissement de 1,3 M? financé par des fonds européens (Feder), région (Rhône-Alpes) et Etat, va s’appuyer sur les expertises que possèdent déjà le pôle et les autres centres qui gravitent autour d’Alimentec (1), pour appréhender l’innovation emballage/contenu dans sa globalité.

Ipack-Ima bets on fresh food

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf Ipack-Ima will be held in 2015, May 19-23 at Fieramilano, Milan - Italy. This exhibition for suppliers of technology and materials for processing and packaging will showcase technology for the fresh food industry : Meat-Tech. The Processing & Packaging for the meat industry is a new, highly specialized event for the business community of the meat industry, showcasing top technology and products for meat processing, preservation, packaging and distribution.

Papers and cardboard packaging : innovation and services

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFood cardboard and papers’s converters are continuing to innovate to get more practicity and foodstuffs compatibility. So, MM Packaging France has launched a range of carton packs 3 in 1, food safety, dedicated to frozen and microondable products.

La Rattle Cap pour éveiller les sens de bébé

Texte AlternatifGualapack a présenté à Interpack en première mondiale the Rattle Cap, le bouchon «hochet» qui s’adapte sur les poches souples de baby food qui sont le meilleur emballage pour le «développement cognitif et la découverte des cinq sens du bébé» estime le fabricant italien.

The Rattle Cap for discovering senses of baby

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis solution is a World première innovation, said Gualapack. This spouted pouch supports the young baby (stages 1 and 2) in his cognitive development and the discovery of his five senses:...

La French connexion alimentaire : deux atouts pour une croissance, éditorial de Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifMême si les Français ont un peu moins confiance dans la qualité des produits alimentaires (1), reste que la réputation française demeure forte à l’international. Aussi, avec un euro faible et une demande en hausse de produits sains outre-Atlantique, la french connexion de l’agro-alimentaire dispose d’une fenêtre de tir pour gagner des parts de marchés aux États-Unis.

Flexible packaging : environmental regulations and to reduce costs

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf Research and Markets has published the “Flexible Packaging Market (2014- 2019)”. The industry, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.65% to reach $129.45 billion by the end of 2019, from the current estimate of $85.5 billion. Manufacturers across the globe collectively face two main challenges. One is to adhere to environmental regulations and the other is to reduce costs to the minimum.

Removable adhesive self-adhesive materials for direct food contact

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSelf-adhesive materials specialist Herma is causing a minor sensation with its removable and entirely plasticizer-free adhesive 42Lpp after its endorsement for direct food contact by the German test institute Isega. Approval has been granted not only for dry and moist foodstuffs, but also for fatty foods (correction factor 3).


Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe cleanability is a priority for manufacturers of thermoforming and sealing machines. Their structure and components, usually in stainless steel, meet a geometry preventing the accumulation of ingredients.

Dynamic IML system

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe manufacturing cell consists of a fully electric injection moulding machine Engel e-motion 440/160 and a 2-cavity injection mould by Glaroform. The feed and removal system for in-mould labelling is to be considered a reference with regard to speed, footprint, availability and process security for IML automation.

Vaccum and sealing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWith his new machine to vacuum carpets VS9X, Sealed Air is affirmed in terms of productivity management, hygiene, maintenance and performance. The new equipment can reach high production capacity with its sealing bar 1.200 mm. Its accelerator vacuum pump provides up to three cycles of vacuum/minute while parts of the machine, including the vacuum chamber that can open up to 400 mm, enables efficient and thorough cleaning.

The sticks for pharmaceutical products

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe sticks have long been used in food market for packaging sugar or sauces for example.

29 octobre 14

La mise sous vide à la maison pour garder les restes alimentaires en toute sécurité

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSi près de 50% d’aliments sains sont gaspillés chaque année dans l’Union européenne, les ménages sont les principaux responsables avec 42% de gaspillage. FoodSaver®, specialisé dans le conditionnement sous vide, propose en France des machines pour la maison.

27 octobre 14

Cellpack présent au salon Emballage 2014

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifC’est avec une poche micro-ondable que Cellpack Packaging sera présent au salon de l’emballage. Elle permet une cuisson directe de légumes frais dans un four à micro-ondes sans couper ni percer l’emballage.

German Soil & Compost Groups turn against bioplastics

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe German Association of Humus & Soil Producers (VHE), the German EPA and the German Compost Council now seriously question compostable bioplastics.

23 octobre 14

Les World Tour Award by SIAL mettent aussi l’emballage en valeur

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPour son édition 2014, le SIAL présente le World Tour, une fenêtre sur les grandes tendances retail qui structurent les différents marchés alimentaire de la planète. Sur la sélection opérée par un jury international, trois médailles ont été décernées. Pour chacun des produits distingués par un World Tour Award, l’emballage en apportant une fonctionnalité, optimise la qualité du contenu.

The IMA Group at Emballage 2014

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe IMA stand at Emballage 2014 (Hall 5a L061) will be very innovative: a chance to discover what’s new in the IMA world for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tea, coffee and food industries.

20 octobre 14

Oystar completes reorganization and focuses on the primary packaging solutions

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Oystar Group, manufacturer of packaging machinery, has sold its secondary packaging division A+F to mutares AG. This marks the completion of the strategic concentration on the primary packaging business for the dairy and food industries OYSTAR initiated in 2010.

9 octobre 14

Funkifibre: an European project to transform the cereal waste into sustainable packaging materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe final goal of the FUNKIFIBRE project initiative is to obtain new materials for packaging applications achieving better mechanical and barrier properties. One of the main objectives is to obtain MFC from cereal residues coming out from the manufacturing of oat-based food products, which contain important cellulose contents. A consortium of companies and research organizations leads this initiative, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

3 octobre 14

Clariant acquires Chinese healthcare packaging VitaPac

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfClariant has signed a purchase agreement with VitaPac, a Chinese specialist for healthcare packaging.

30 septembre 14

Sanner introduit AdPack®, un nouveau sachet déshydratant.

Texte Alternatif«Avec les sachets déshydratants AdPack®, nous avons développé une nouvelle solution drop-in pour protéger de l'humidité l'intérieur de l'emballage» explique Frank Holger, pdg de Sanner. «Il offre à nos clients une solution rentable qui associe tous les avantages de la production BPF, la gestion des risques professionnels, la traçabilité à 100% et une qualité Sanner».

World's lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle for highly carbonated beverages with screw cap

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKHS on market with world's lightest 0.5-liter PET bottle for highly carbonated beverages with screw cap. With its 0.5-liter PET bottle with a screw cap for highly carbonated beverages KHS is setting new standards in lightweighting.

PRESS REVIEW / PACKAGING - Active and intelligent packaging : a highway to the consumer

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif“There’s a new relationship between the consumer and the producer,” said Bruno Ponsard, chair of the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association. “Active and intelligent packaging is a highway to reach the consumer.”

China Packaging Machinery Industry

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf Research and Markets has published the «China Packaging Machinery Industry Report, 2014-2017» report. In 2013, China manufactured 109,800 sets of packaging equipment, up 13.46% year on year, generating total revenue of RMB27.095 billion, a jump of 7.75% from a year earlier. The industry's total revenue presented a CAGR of 16.38% during 2007-2013.

Caps with tamper-evident band using new resin

Texte AlternatifWith 190,000 caps per hour and 1.5 billion per year, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag together with its partners, Total and Plastisud, has set a new world record in the production of HDPE caps with tamper-evident band without post-moulding operations.

26 septembre 14

Pro Mach strengthens global bottling and capping capabilities

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPro Mach, Inc. has acquired Pace Packaging, a lglobal manufacturer of automated bottle unscramblers and orientors based in Fairfield, New Jersey.

22 septembre 14

Matériaux au contact alimentaire : la réunion plénière du Comité scientifique de l’EFSA

Texte AlternatifLors de la 49è réunion plénière du SCIENTIFIC PANEL ON FOOD CONTACT MATERIALS, ENZYMES, FLAVOURINGS AND PROCESSING AIDS (CEF), plusieurs sujets concerneront le packaging.

19 septembre 14

Smart Packaging at Labelexpo America

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSome of the newest developments in active and intelligent labels and packaging have been showcased at Labelexpo Americas’ brand new feature area Smart Mart last week. Exploring the latest advances in substrates, inks, digital systems and printing, these solutions are such as augmented reality, QR codes and scanners, RFID and NFC-enabled smart tags, temperature indicating packaging and films that prevent food spoilage.

18 septembre 14

DuPont plans to increase Packaging & Industrial Polymers Capacity

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifDuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers announced its intent to continue to increase production capacity of its ethylene copolymers assets. Plans include a series of investments totaling more than $100 million to be completed over the next 3 to 4 years. More than one-third of the investment is expected to be installed by the end of 2015.

17 septembre 14

Thiele Technologies co-exhibitor at largest in-house packaging machinery event in Italy

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFrom October 13-17, the 2014 ImPACKED exhibition opens its doors to all types of food processors and distributors, providing the opportunity to see live demonstrations of the latest in packaging machinery. Simionato, a HayssenSandiacre company and part of the Barry-Wehmiller Group will host the event.

16 septembre 14

Journée thématique RMT ProPack Food & Alimentec : lancement de la plateforme innovation emballage/produit

Texte AlternatifEn lien avec le RMT ProPack Food, la technopole Alimentec PTI Alimentec organise le 30 septembre une journée thématique consacrée aux innovations récentes sur les emballages alimentaires. La journée sera clôturée par l’inauguration de la PTI Alimentec, plateforme d’innovation sur le couple emballage/produit. L’évènement est parrainé par Alexandre Feingenbaum, expert en matériaux au contact des aliments.

Silgan acquires substantially all assets of Van Can Company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSilgan Holdings Inc., a supplier of rigid packaging for shelf-stable food and other consumer goods products, has acquired substantially all of the assets and assumed certain specified limited liabilities of Van Can Company, a manufacturer of metal containers in the United States. The acquired business, with sales of approximately $40 million, included two metal container manufacturing facilities.

10 septembre 14

Pro Mach strengthens material handling with acquisition of Benchmark Automation

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPro Mach, Inc. has acquired Benchmark Automation, a leading manufacturer of specialty material handling solutions and packaging equipment. Benchmark complements Pro Mach’s existing material handling product line and strengthens capabilities in the food and bakery markets.

9 septembre 14

Huhtamäki Oyj acquires a folded carton packaging manufacturer in New Zealand

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamaki has acquired Interpac Packaging Ltd based in Auckland, New Zealand. Interpac manufactures folded carton packaging for the fast-moving consumer goods and retail products as well as the foodservice market in New Zealand.

1 septembre 14

Huhtamäki Oyj acquires a folded carton packaging manufacturer in New Zealand

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHuhtamäki has acquired Interpac Packaging Limited based in Auckland, New Zealand.

30 août 14

La premiumisation des manchons

Texte AlternatifLe marché français du manchon de décor est, depuis des années, en progression, notamment dans les boissons et les produits pour sportifs. La tendance est à la premiumisation et aux effets toujours plus inédits. Ainsi, pour un vin pétillant allemand, CCL Label a réalisé un manchon recouvert de cristaux Swarovski.

PRESS REVIEW : PACKAGING - Paksense to offer thin film’s printed temperature sensors

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFurther to a contract with Thin Film Electronics ASA Oslo, Norway, PakSense Inc. of Boise, ID, will be able to provide printed electronic temperature monitoring labels to U.S. producers of perishable food goods in America early 2015.

PANORAMA - UNITED STATES : A safer and more convenient cap for flexible pouches

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfPerformance Packaging of Nevada has introduced the SipP™ (pronounced ‘sipp-ee’) cap for flexible spouted pouches providing more safety and convenience to consumers for health and energy products, fruit purees, organic products, and baby food as well as non-food and medical applications.

Better grip for greater productivity

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe new generation of lip-bags piGRIP®, "BGI" which include an internal attachment available with three diameter sizes extra indicates Piab.

Automation solutions to reduce energy consumption and cost

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSuppliers of automation solutions such as Schneider Electric, Bosch Rexroth and Siemens offer all solutions to reduce the energy consumption of machinery used in the food market.

A stretch sleeve applicator

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEtira STA BM, is a stretch sleeve applicator belongs to the STA family,it is the latest development of PDC Europe. Its flexibility covers a range of containers and applications which could, in the past, be only covered by 6 different machines.

New flexibility to form cardboard boxes

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKliklok International announced the European launch of its latest machine erector holster (cartoning loading up). Capable of handling up to 120 cartons per minute, the new Transformer can train cases with closure by embedding and closure with glue on a single machine, using a single carton forming head. This reduces the investment of users seeking to automate the packaging process, and greatly increases productivity as the output speed.

28 août 14

Commission publishes encouraging second round of EU-wide test results for horse meat DNA in beef products : measures to fight food fraud are working

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA second round of coordinated pan-European testing for horse meat DNA in beef products was launched in April this year. This testing was a follow-up to the exercise carried out in 2013 in the wake of the horse meat crisis, where 4.6% of products tested positive.

27 août 14

Sonoco signs agreement to acquire Weidenhammer Packaging Group

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSonoco one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Weidenhammer Packaging Group, Europe's leading provider of composite cans along with composite drums and rigid plastic containers, for approximately $383 million, in cash. The final consideration is subject to a normal adjustment of net working capital.

Coveris invests in the future of the Neuwied site

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe production capacity significantly expanded with a new triplex laminating unit and high performance pouch making machine/Neuwied becomes a Center of Excellence.

26 août 14

Aptar participe au développement du bidon-doseur de Teisseire

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifC’est avec Aptar Food+Beverage que Teisseire a innové au rayon des sirops avec un bidon-doseur. Une innovation qui mise sur la praticité.

HAVI Global Solutions and Victory Packaging announce corrugated packaging alliance

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHAVI Global Solutions, LLC (HGS), the Chicago-based professional services company, and Victory Packaging, the full-service North American packaging solutions company, have announced a strategic alliance covering the corrugated packaging sector.

25 août 14

Amcor Rigid Plastics : Membership In Industry-Supported Recycling Initiative

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAmcor Rigid Plastics has announced its membership in The Recycling Partnership, a collaborative, industry-funded effort designed to boost residential recycling in the U.S.

23 juillet 14

Food Contact Materials : safety assessment of the recycling process “Petra Polimeri”

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process “Petra Polimeri”, submitted by Petra Polimeri S.R.I, EC register number RECYC089. The process recycles polypropylene (PP) trays and inserts trays which have been used for the transport, storage and display of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables at room temperature or below.

22 juillet 14

Wifag-Polytype makes it possible to do water-based ink-jet digital printing on aluminum and plastic substrates

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifIn June 2014, Wifag and Polytype Converting have presented their joint future together under the name WIFAG-Polytype Technologies AG. The highlight came with the premiere performance of the pilot version of the Techma-4 printing press. Its first-ever demonstration of digital printing with water-based ink-jet inks on plastic and aluminum foils. The technology is also suitable for printing on food packaging.

21 juillet 14

Huhtamaki to evaluate options for its Films business

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAs a result of Huhtamaki's growing strategic focus on food packaging it has been decided to evaluate options regarding the Group's Films business. A potential outcome of this evaluation is divestment of the Films business segment. The segment's net sales have grown well in 2014 and its financial performance is improving.

17 juillet 14

Senator Markey proposed Legislation at Odds with accepted international reviews of BPA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc. (NAMPA) released the following statement concerning the announcement by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) that he, along with Representatives Lois Capps (D-CA) and Grace Meng (D-NY), introduced legislation in the House and the Senate that would ban bisphenol-A (BPA) from food and beverage containers.

16 juillet 14

Vortex announces representative agent in Poland

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifVortex announces the appointment of Fenix Systems as the company’s exclusive representative in Poland. Fenix supplies machine baggers, weighers, metal detectors, palletizers, and packers for the food industry.

15 juillet 14

The versatiliy of the press Bobst F&K 20SIX

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifIt is more than a year now that Societé Tilwel's 1'100 mm wide 8-colour F&K 20SIX has been on duty. The company describes these advantages.

10 juillet 14

Ardagh’s sale of six former Anchor glass plants

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifArdagh Packaging Group Ltd had completed its disposal of six former Anchor Glass plants in the US to Glass Container LLC (unrated), an affiliate of KPS Capital Partners LP.

2 juillet 14

A mobile factory that produces nanocellulose

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfInnventia and BillerudKorsnäs have entered a collaboration with the purpose of building a mobile demonstration plant for nanocellulose and to test the material in full-scale papermaking. The project is financed by Vinnova, Innventia and BillerudKorsnäs.

30 juin 14

Pots en verre : une offre toujours segmentée et spécifique

Texte AlternatifSi l’utilisation du pot en verre pour l’alimentaire reste contrastée dans les différentes zones d’Europe, elle est aussi globalement en légère croissance. Car les consommateurs continuent à plébisciter ce matériau pour de nombreuses raisons, principalement de santé et d’environnement.

Procap met l’accent sur la fonctionnalité

Texte AlternatifLe groupe Procap, qui compte 7 sites en Europe, dont le dernier Schoeller Cap System acquis en 2013, a engagé un vaste programme d’investissements de 40 M? l’an dernier. Il doit s’achever cette année. Après avoir augmenté l‘an dernier les capacités de ses sites en Irlande et en Belgique près d’Anvers, le groupe a agrandi récemment son site en Allemagne. Le nouveau bâtiment devrait être opérationnel fin 2014.

At Interpack Procap has presented the 29/21 Green 1P.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIt is a reliable mono-piece closure for edible oils, vinegars and sauces that is also ligh tweight and very competitively priced. This solution is just one example of the emphasis Procap places on protecting the environment.

PANORAMA - UNITED KINGDOM : More authentic bowls for chilled ready meals

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSmartFare from MeadWestvaco transforms the flimsy chilled ready meals (CRM) tray into a premium, brandable experience thanks to dual-ovenable, hermetically sealable and widely recyclable dishes and bowls.

Safety assessment of two process used to RPC PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process FOOD RePET FGI. H., EU register No RECYC106. And also the recycling process MKF-Ergis, EU register number RECYC021.

ENSACHEUSES : Trois options pour la refermabilité des sachets

Texte AlternatifLa refermabilité d’un sachet peut être assurée par une étiquette, un zip ou un scratch. Ces trois techniques exigent une adaptation plus ou moins importante de l’ensacheuse. La première option est la plus simple et la moins chère. Les deux autres exigent une adaptation relativement importante de la machine. Bien maîtrisées par les constructeurs, elles sont d’autant moins coûteuses qu’elles ont été envisagées dès l’achat de l’ensacheuse.

Une operculeuse pour tout type de barquette

Texte AlternatifL'operculeuse automatique Athena qui assure le conditionnement sous MAP de tous types de modèles de barquettes et de film, est une machine flexible spécialement adaptée aux PME, précise Sodima.

26 juin 14

Un nouvel additif antioxydant phosphite liquide pour polymères autorisé contact alimentaire

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifL’antioxydant liquide Weston® 705, technologie phosphite de nouvelle génération sans nonylphénol, a reçu l’approbation de la Food and Drug Administration américaine (FDA) pour un usage en contact avec les denrées alimentaires, indique Addivant™. Il est exempt de nonylphénol et supérieur en taux de phosphore ; il fournit des performances équivalentes au précédent avec des dosages inférieurs (jusqu’à 18%).

25 juin 14

Pankaboard poursuit son plan d’investissements

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPankaboard continue son plan d’investissements axé sur l’amélioration de la qualité et du service, avec une nouvelle caisse de tête et une nouvelle ligne de découpe.

Crown opens new Liverpool plant designed to enhance customer service

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCrown Aerosols and Speciality Packaging, a business unit of Crown, has relocated its Liverpool speciality packaging operations to a new facility in Trinity Park.

19 juin 14

Report on the International Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market - Forecasts to 2020

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets published the new report on «2014 Report on the International Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market - Forecasts to 2020».

12 juin 14

Erik Bouts elected President of FEVE

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifErik Bouts, President of O-I Europe, has been elected President of FEVE. He succeeds Stefan Jaenecke, CEO of Verallia Deutschland, who led the European Container Glass federation for the previous two years.

2 juin 14

Global Paper Packaging Materials : Market 2013 - 2019

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets published “Global Paper Packaging Materials (Liquid Packaging Cartons, Corrugated Cases, Carton & Folding Boxes and Others) Market 2013 - 2019”.

30 mai 14

Worldwide first study on the European market for bags and sacks

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe market research institute Ceresana analyzed the European market for bags and sacks manufactured from plastics and paper. Analysts expect European demand for these products to increase to approx. 9.12 million tonnes until 2020. Polyethylene is the by far most common material for the production of bags and sacks. But in specific applications, other plastic films, woven plastic bags and paper reach higher market shares. This new study mainly considers carrier bags, garbage bags and sacks, heavy duty and industry sacks as well as food packaging (including beverages).

Pas de packagings sans collector

Texte AlternatifQu’il s’agisse d’éditions limitées ou d’opérations évènementielles, le collector est aujourd’hui un passage obligé. Il laisse libre cours à la créativité et illustre ainsi la parfaite adaptation du packaging pour valoriser autrement le produit et jouer l’attractivité.

TRAYS : Simulation software supporting eco-design

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifReduction of environemental footprint, an important goal for the food industry, is assisted through the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

New high-barrier lidding film seals directly to mono Apet trays

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifReifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion of Troisdorf/Germany and DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers have developed a peelable, surface printable, multi-layer high-barrier lidding film. Compared to traditional lidding films with an additional LDPE sealing layer, which is co-extruded or laminated to the APET structure, the use of a co-extruded Appeel® sealing layer provides superior packaging properties, including higher fat barrier, perforation reisistance, gloss and transparency.

Low-density Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) solutions for the Dairy industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCoveris has presented innovative, low-density Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) solutions for the Dairy industry at Interpack 2014. Neocell® is a thermoformable and breakable co-extruded 3-layer sheet made of PS or PP with a gaz-injected middle layer and optional strengthened external layers containing mineral fillers to ameliorate mechanical properties of the final product.

PRESS REVIEW / ENVIRONMENT - PMMI Study : robotics growth more than doubles in 5 years

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifIn 2008, about one in five U.S. manufacturing facilities reported using robot, according to the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI).

EDITORIAL de Françoise Albasini, rédactrice en chef. Attention à ne pas faire du savefood washing

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifOn connaît le greenwashing…. attention au savefoodwashing qui n’est pas loin.

Sleeving machiones for complex forms

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifKarlville fabricates a complete line of shrink sleeve application machines, capable of automatically applying from 150 to 1000 containers per minute, depending on the type of application.

A tea bag machine

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifDesigned and manufactured by Tecnomeccanica - the brand dedicated to the tea market - T4 Modula is AcmaVolpak’s new, medium-speed, tea bag machine.

A vision system for cap inspection.

Texte AlternatifThe FT System QT700 Closure Inspection system uses independent inspection units, top down and optional side view to capture the image of each closure.

28 mai 14

MetPack Innovation Award 2014

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt MetPack, the Spanish company Matriruiz S.L. was distinguished with the METPACK Innovation Award in Gold. The company has received this Award for the "Spider Head Liner", a delta robot for the production of can ends.

26 mai 14

Clondalkin Group rebranding its UK Consumer Businesses

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifInternational packaging producer Clondalkin Group is re-branding its two market leading UK-based consumer packaging businesses.

22 mai 14

Global Analysis of the Smart and Functional Packaging Market 2014

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Analysis of the Smart and Functional Packaging Market 2014".

20 mai 14

The new hot melt dispensing system from Valco Melton

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifValco Melton continues to spearhead the packaging industry with the launch of its new melt on demand, hot melt dispensing system, the Kube. The new packaging melter has made its debut during Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Taghleef confirms to acquire spanish Derprosa

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTaghleef Industries (Ti), a global biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BoPP) producer, has closed the transaction to acquire Derprosa Film, a leading Spanish supplier of flexible films for the Packaging Industry and the Graphic Arts applications (see ebonus April, 11).

19 mai 14

Danapak Flexibles racheté par Schur Flexibles

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifA compter du 1er juillet, Danapak Flexibles ne fera plus partie du groupe Arla Foods. Il est racheté par l’autrichien Schur Flexibles.

15 mai 14

Ambiance très positive à Interpack 2014

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatif"Sensational Atmosphere at interpack 2014" titre le communiqué qui clôture cette édition qui a fermé ses portes, hier 14 mai à 18h. Le salon a accueilli 175 000 visiteurs dans les 19 halls du Centre des expositions de Düsseldorf. A peine les portes refermées, les rédactions de la presse professionnelle de l'emballage recevaient la bonne nouvelle. Une rapidité qu'il convient de souligner. Le communiqué ajoute aussi que cette édition se caractérise par une atmosphère exceptionnelle qui prévaut aussi bien parmi les 2700 exposants environ que les visiteurs. Les exposants qu'ED a interrogés confirment un nombre élevé de contacts. Reste aussi comme l'ont fait remarquer certains à transformer les contacts en contrats.

14 mai 14

Biodegradable Packaging Market 2017-2019

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the Biodegradable Packaging Market 2017-2019 : Packaging Type & Applications Analysis report.

13 mai 14

Le groupe Nicholl devient Advanta

Texte AlternatifLe Groupe Nicholl prend un nouveau nom, Advanta, et dévoile sa nouvelle identité de marque.

Flavorseal and Flexopack develop new alliance

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFlavorseal, a leading provider of flexible food packaging solutions for the food processing and food service industries, announce a new alliance with Flexopack S.A. Plastics Company.

12 mai 14

Canadian Government Testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) finds 100% of canned foods safe

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe agencies responsible for food safety in Canada have released the findings of their latest surveys on canned foods and beverages, providing clear evidence that BPA’s use in metal packaging does not present a risk to people.

7 mai 14

Plastic Technologies announces oPTI® PET technology partnership for overmolded bottles

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPlastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI), a global leader in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) package development, announces new technology partnerships to assist in the commercialization of its overmolded oPTI® lightweight foamed PET bottles. 

Interpack : recent Save Food Initiative study reveals causes of food losses in Kenya

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf“Food Loss Assessments : Causes and Solutions” will be one of presentations of study at second international Save Food Congress in Düsseldorf, at Interpack.

5 mai 14

Tna acquiert Foodesign

Texte Alternatiftna vient d’acquérir l’américain FooDesign, qui a plus de 20 ans d'expérience en matière de conception, d'installation et d'entretien d'installations agroalimentaires.

30 avril 14

Françoise Albasini, Chief Editor of Emballage Digest ; The “smart” color : an added value for packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatf"Each year in the USA, 150,000 hot liquid scald cases require medical treatment according to the American Burn Association" reported Anthony Bayss, Director at Smart Lid Systems. Hot liquid scalds continue to affect the three high-risk groups : young children, older adults, and people with special need. What is the solution ? The “smart” ink !

Des boîtes métal plus légères et plus sûres

Texte AlternatifSur un marché de la boîte métallique alimentaire toujours très concurrentiel, Ardagh continue à proposer sa boîte acier Nemo et lance, avec un fabricant d’emballage des Emirats arabes, une boîte “alu” de forme conique pour du fromage fondu, alors qu'il dispose déjà de 190 modèles standards différents. Crown Food Europe lance, pour le marché des laits infantiles en poudre, l’opercule pelable PeelSeam™, auquel il intègre une fonctionnalité de dosage. Et il continue à concentrer ses recherches sur des projets d'allègement. Avec sa dernière gamme de boîtes rectangulaires de 5 litres, dont le design des flans est très spécifique, Sarten réussit à alléger, tout en augmentant la résistance radiale et l'empilabilité des conserves.

CAPS “RESERVOIRS” : Practical, dedicated but often expensive

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCap is not only use to protect content but also to improve it. With a small tank, cap is coming active, thanks the addition of ingredients (neutraceuticals, vitamins, aromas...) just at the moment the drink is cunsumed.

Fresh ’n’ Go packaging concept

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe danish company Schur proposes the Fresh ’n’ Go packaging concept for fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

Anti-Bacterial and anti-fog films.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe spanish company Derprosa specialises in the manufacture and marketing of high quality films and offers a wide range of films for packaging and lamination in the food sector. These films are classified into two categories, depending on the properties they possess : standard films and specialty films.

PANORAMA - ETATS-UNIS : Une nouvelle barquette hyper-protéinée, réfrigérée et nomade

Texte AlternatifComposée de viande, de fromage et de noix (11 variétés différentes), les nouvelles barquettes réfrigérées tri-compartiments d’Oscar Mayer, P3 Portable Protein Pack, s’adressent aux personnes actives consommatrices de snacks hyper-protéinés.

PANORAMA - UNITED STATES : Smart lid in thermochromic plastic to avoid scalding burns.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfEach year, over 500,000 scalding burns occur in just the United States alone from hot liquids, mainly from children up through age five, adults over 65 and people with special needs.

Resealing films friendly tray sealers

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWith most tray sealing machines it is now possible to use new types of lidding foils allowing the reseal and reopening of the products. In addition to traditional films...

The “smart” color : an added value for packaging, by Françoise Albasini, Chief Editor

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatif "Each year in the USA, 150,000 hot liquid scald cases require medical treatment according to the American Burn Association" reported Anthony Bayss, Director at Smart Lid Systems. Hot liquid scalds continue to affect the three high-risk groups : young children, older adults, and people with special need. What is the solution ? The “smart” ink ! How reduce sick from food poisoning ? With the “smart” ink ! Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has developed patent-pending ‘reveal inks’ that provide “return to fridge” reminders to such vulnerable products as milk, yogurt, salsa, pickles and ketchup.

Quelles évolutions pour l’emballage ? les réflexions du Comité Pack Experts du Salon Emballage 2014

Texte AlternatifLe Comité Pack Experts du Salon International Emballage 2014 a pour mission de s’interroger sur la nouvelle vision de l’emballage et d’identifier les tendances packaging de demain. Au nombre de 15 dont plusieurs nous ont fait l’honneur d’écrire un éditorial au fil des éditions d’EMBALLAGE DIGEST (voir encadré), ces experts ont constaté lors de la première séance de travail, animée par Annette Freidinger-Legay, Expert international en Emballage et conditionnement et Consultante pour le salon Emballage 2014, que «l’innovation en matière d’emballage est toujours aussi dynamique et sait intégrer les contraintes économiques et réglementaires ainsi que les nouveaux modes de vie et de consommation pour créer de la valeur».

La parole à Jean-Luc Poirier, Pack innovation manager - R&D Europe - Mars petcare&food : De la quadrature du packagin

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifL’innovation est devenue l’élément clé aujourd’hui sur lequel repose le futur de nos sociétés et le packaging n’échappe pas à cette tendance. Toutes les industries n’offrent malheureusement pas les mêmes niveaux de flexibilité industrielle et financière. Pour les FMCG’s, du fait des contraintes économiques, des niveaux d’investissement, de compétitivité sur des marchés très tendus et combatifs, l’innovation «break through» a du mal à voir le jour.

28 avril 14

L’Ania : des investissements pour moderniser l’outil de production

Texte AlternatifSi le bilan 2013 de l’industrie agro-alimentaire marque le pas, L’Ania se veut optimiste et prévoit des investissements pour cette année. Et veut également encourager les jeunes vers l’innovation.

Interpack : Bosch offers flexible solutions for dairy and baby food

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTo help dairy and baby food producers increase output and enhance on-shelf differentiation, Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase at interpack 2014 its portfolio of liquid and viscous food packaging technologies.

25 avril 14

Interpack : Coveris proposes more solutions for the vending industry

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCoveris Food Service puts the focus on the latest product & technology innovations and Food Service highlights at this year’s Interpack.

24 avril 14

Interpack 2014 : Weener & Plasticum present their latest innovations

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfA special Innovation Area is created on the stand to present the latest technologies in an eye-catching setting. These technologies can be applied in different markets, such as Personal Care, Food & Beverage and Home Care. This fancy area will be complemented by product applications and novelties, which are shown at the remaining area of the stand.

Interpack 2014 : SAVE FOOD Congress

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAt interpack 2014, SAVE FOOD presents itself with a congress featuring an international cast, during which various players are brought together in a targeted dialogue. 45% of the fruit and vegetables produced worldwide are not consumed but lost. The congress is on 7 and 8 May. Others conferences will be in the Innovationparc Packaging.

23 avril 14

Interpack : Procap will be unveiled a broad array of highly-developed

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfProcap will showcase its latest advanced solutions for many industries in the food and non-food sectors.

Bizerba : expansion to Spain

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBizerba has acquired the Egaretiq labelling factory in Terrassa in Barcelona and is continuing its course of growth abroad.

22 avril 14

Interpack 2014 : Hartness International is co-exhibiting with the Meurer Gruppe

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHartness International is co-exhibiting with the Meurer Gruppe, the newest member of the ITW Global Packaging Solutions platform.

18 avril 14

Interpack 2014 : Scholle and IPN to exhibit together

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifScholle and IPN, performance packaging leaders, are exhibiting together at Dusseldorf. This will be the first joint show for the companies since announcing their combination in December 2013.

15 avril 14

New EU Food Labelling Regulation could lead to more product liability claims for companies

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf ACE Group advised that companies in the food and drink industry could face more claims from consumers as a result of new European food labelling regulations that come into force later this year.

11 avril 14

Interpack 2014 : sustainable packaging solution with PaperFoam

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSince its foundation in 1995 as a packaging company, PaperFoam has consistently provided innovative packaging solutions (electronics, games, cosmetics, medical, dry food) to global and local companies like Philips, Nobel Biocare, Veuve Cliquot…), and many others. PaperFoam will presented its latest product innovations.

Interpack 2014 : Romaco’s new machine for tableting and packing from a single source

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAt the Interpack (May 8 to 14) an integrated solution for manufacturing and packing pharmaceutical solids will make its début at the Romaco Group booth. Parallel to this, Romaco Kilian will present its new KTP 420X high speed tablet press with the patented in-line CWC scale and a new, likewise patented solution for PAT measuring sensors. Flexible primary and secondary packaging solutions from Noack, Promatic and Macofar will additionally be exhibited by Romaco. 

10 avril 14

Interpack 2014 : FKuR extends its portfolio with Bio PET and Bio PA

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatf“Development, production & distribution“ are the key topics for the bioplastics’ specialist FKuR Kunststoff GmbH at this year’s exhibition.

Interpack 2014 : “Green and Clean” with extrusion blow moulding of Bekum

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe BEKUM producer of blow moulding equipment for plastic container packaging worldwide is presenting its extensive range of blow moulding machines.

9 avril 14

Romaco Group sells FrymaKoruma to ProXES and reinforces in pharmaceutical market

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Romaco Group is selling its stake in FrymaKoruma AG (Rheinfelden, Switzerland) and FrymaKoruma GmbH (Neuenburg) to a new umbrella corporation within the Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG Frankfurt).

8 avril 14

EFSA : Scientific Opinion on the process “Mopet-Flake” used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process MOPET-FLAKE (EU register number RECYC038).

4 avril 14

Nyco Flexible Packaging celebrates investment in new print facility

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifClondalkin Group company NYCO Flexible Packaging has celebrated the official opening of its latest generation printing facility.

Alcoa expands Brazil rolling mill for Specialty Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAlcoa announced a $40 million investment (100 million BRL) in its Itapissuma, Brazil, rolling mill to increase production of specialty foils for aseptic and flexible packages. Demand for specialty packaging in Brazil is expected to rise seven percent annually over the next three years due to population growth and consumer preference.

3 avril 14

Interpack : FleetwoodGoldcoWyard to Promote Latest Technology

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFleetwoodGoldcoWyard, Inc., is a leading supplier of advanced conveyance technology, robotic and process solutions. The company is a division of Barry-Wehmiller Companies (has bought Arcil at the end of the last year).

2 avril 14

Interpack : Schütz annonce des produits innovants

Texte AlternatifLa société Schütz, qui se positionne comme un «global player», présentera au salon (8 au 14 mai) de nombreux produits innovants placés sous le signe de la durabilité. Cette approche globale s’illustre en France par l’ouverture ce mois-ci d’une seconde usine en France, à Saint-Étienne au sud-ouest de Lyon. Depuis la fin de l'année dernière, l’Indonésie dispose de son propre site de production. En Suède, une nouvelle joint-venture a été créée en collaboration avec l'entreprise de reconditionnement All-emballage.

Bemis completes the sale of its Paper Packaging Division

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAs previously announced, Bemis reached an agreement to sell its Paper Packaging Division to Hood Packaging Corporation, a privately-held company headquartered in Madison, Mississippi and Burlington, Ontario. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

30 mars 14

Flow pack wrappers become more flexible

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifWhen it comes to flow pack technologies manufacturers seem to share a common vision. They aim to provide a new generation of technologies that are more flexible and easier to use and to clean.

Lancement de Pro Pack Food Training

Texte Alternatif Afin d’accompagner les industriels et les formateurs dans le domaine des emballages au contact des aliments, le RMT Actia Propack Food a développé le site Propack Food Training qui adapte la formation aux besoins des entreprises.

New product launches boost pouches & bags demand

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfDemand for converted flexible packaging in the US is projected to grow 3.0 percent annually to $18.8 billion in 2017. These and other trends are presented in “Converted Flexible Packaging”, a new study from The Freedonia Group.

CAPS “RESERVOIRS” : Practical, dedicated but often expensive

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCap is not only use to protect content but also to improve it. With a small tank, cap is coming active, thanks the addition of ingredients (neutraceuticals, vitamins, aromas...) just at the moment the drink is cunsumed.

Des bouteilles d’eau… juste pour les kids

Texte AlternatifPour inciter les enfants à boire de l’eau et capter leur attention, les bouteilles doivent être colorées.

PANORAMA- GERMANY : A flexible packaging film with long shelf life and high barrier properties

Texte Alternatf Texte AlternatifClondalkin Wentus has introduced the Wentopro-SkinTight® film, with long shelf life and high barrier properties, for food products including fresh, frozen and processed meat, poultry, fish and sea food products, as well as cheese and ready meals.

Cibus Tec - Food Pack : new event applied to food processing and packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfCibus Tec-Food Pack (October 28-31, 2014) is the new exhibition joint-venture between Feria di Parma and Ucima, dedicated to food packing and packaging has an agenda. This event is not just a Show but a concrete platform for the Community which will propose a calendar of events and focus that for 4 days will capture exhibitors and visitors’ attention. Business meetings will be organized in collaboration with international partners and important field associations with extensive experience on target markets for the key sectors represented in the show : tomato, meat, dairy and fresh cut.

Thermal ink jet with new fast-drying ink for food packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifDomino Printing Sciences proposed a new ink that answers the coding demands of the food packaging industry.

A labeller with optical orientation

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Luscombe range of premium soft drinks has introduced a new 32 cl bottle - a little taller than the previous bottle and the Luscombe name embossed on the shoulder of the bottle.

4 mars 14

Interpack 2014 : Milliken presents Ultra Clear PP as the alternative to other glass clear packaging materials

Texte AlternatifPolyolefins additives supplier, Milliken, will demonstrate why Ultra Clear PP offers the optimal cost-effective solution to the packaging trend for resource efficiency and attention-grabbing appeal at Interpack 2014 from May 8 – 14 in Düsseldorf).

Food safety at analytica 2014 : Trace analysis for our health

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfHow safe is our food ? This is a volatile issue for many consumers and a major challenge for the food-analysis sector. The only way to perform quality and origin analyses is with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. That is why the topic of food analysis is an interdisciplinary focal point at analytica 2014 in Munich from April 1–4.

3 mars 14

Gascogne : des résultats 2013 en baisse

Texte AlternatifLe groupe Gascogne, qui recherche de solutions financières pour faire face à son endettement et ses besoins de trésorerie, a publié ses résultats 2013. Le CA est en recul de 9,4% et son activité inscrit une baisse de 0,3%.

Global Food Contact : regulatory perspectives from FDA, Health Canada and Japanese NIHS

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe leading global conference for Food Contact returns to the USA for 2014 (May 12-14). As the only global food contact forum, the program once again features presentations from national regulators from across the globe, to provide delegates with the most relevant food contact developments.

28 février 14

Global Demand for Food Containers to Reach $139 Billion

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWorld demand for food containers is forecast to increase 4.5 percent annually to $139 billion in 2017, reports The Freedonia Group in the new study "World Food Containers".

Horsemeat : what have we achieved one year on ?

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAbout a year ago, the horsemeat scandal made headline news across Europe and even further afield. The story that horsemeat was being passed off as beef exposed the complex nature of our globalised food supply chain. It also demonstrated that fraudsters were taking advantage of weaknesses in the system to the detriment of both legitimate businesses and consumers, reported the European Commission.

Cosmetic packaging market by type, material, application, packaging machinery & geography

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfResearch and Markets publishes Cosmetic Packaging Market by Type, Material, Application, Packaging Machinery & Geography - Global Trend & Forecast to 2018. The global market value was $23,532.00 million in 2012 and is projected to reach $32,384.25 million by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2013.

IML labels : new market and high technical touch

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTrays and cups with IML are adapted to a more segmented food market and brands managing smaller series. They nibble market shares in the canned-products market.

An aseptic clear pouch

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfWith Ecolean Air Aseptic Clear, the transparent package makes the product stand out from the others.

A sleevepack system.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfFinpac presents a new patented packaging system, to permit to save the sleeving costs between 30 and 60%. Sleevepack system combines the product label with a sleeve that enhances the product and serve as multipack, with a great economy of material.

Food : Commission tables report to launch debate on mandatory origin labelling for meat used as an ingredient

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfA report on the possibility to extend mandatory origin labelling for all meat used as an ingredient was published by the Commission. Based on an external study, completed in July 2013, this report weighs up the need for the consumer to be informed, the feasibility of introducing mandatory origin labelling and provides a cost/benefit analysis including the impact on the single market and international trade.

Digitalize all printing processes

Texte Alternatif Why bother using roll-fed labels ? New direct digital printing technologies from KHS, Krones or Sacmi now allow beverage companies to print labels directly onto the bottles.

27 février 14

Interpack 2014 met les projecteurs sur les emballages pour produits industriels

Texte AlternatifComment avec le coût de l'électricité, des matières premières et du transport qui augmentent, les fabricants d'emballages industriels peuvent maintenir des prix compétitifs ? interpack 2014, qui se tiendra du 8 au 14 mai 2014 à Düsseldorf, sera l‘occasion de découvrir les solutions qui sont mises en œuvre, notamment dans le domaine des emballages industriels.

Berry Plastics : the Tube of the Year Award for French’s® Flavor Infuser® tube

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBerry Plastics Group has received the 2013 Tube of the Year Award for a food product with its the French’s® Flavor Infuser® package/tube design. This award, presented by The Tube Council, is considered a prestigious recognition for innovative packaging manufacturers. By working directly with the Berry Design Center, The French’s Food Company was able to realize speed to market – moving from ideation to package manufacturing in a short, nine months.

RPA Committee will establish stronger and uniform standards for reusables in food supply chain

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn USA, The Reusable Packaging Association has established a new industry-wide committee to establish sanitation standards and guidelines for reusable containers used throughout the food supply chain. The RPC Food Safety Standards Committee will include membership and input from providers of reusable plastic containers (RPCs), retailers, growers, and shippers.

26 février 14

Le marché de la restauration rapide en croissance

Texte AlternatifSelon les premières estimations du cabinet Gira Conseil pour 2013, le marché de la restauration à service rapide ou de la vente au comptoir (VAC) est en croissance avec 7,236 milliards de repas pour un CA de 45,86 Md€, soit des augmentations respectives de 2,56% et 1,78% par rapport à 2012.

25 février 14

Coca-Cola Company announces letters of intent with two new bottling partners

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe Coca-Cola Company had signed Letters of Intent for the granting of territories in the greater Chicago area to J. Christopher and M. Jude Reyes of Reyes Holdings, L.L.C., and in Central Florida - including Tampa/St. Petersburg - to Troy Taylor, who will be the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the new Florida bottler.

20 février 14

Save Food - Figure of the month

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe carbon footprint of worldwide food losses and food waste amounts to the equivalent of 3.3 giga tons of CO2 emissions.1 Compared to the CO2 emissions of individual countries this volume ranks third among the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters after China and the USA.

Graphic Packaging acquires Benson Box

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfGraphic Packaging, Cartons company in the USA, acquires Benson Box a UK supplier of cartons to the supermarkets for retailer private labels. Under the terms of the transaction, the purchase price equates to approximately $165 million. The transaction will be funded with existing cash and borrowings from the Company's current revolving line of credit. The acquisition is subject to standard closing requirements and is expected to close in the second quarter. The Benson Group operates four folding carton facilities in the U.K. that convert approximately 80,000 tons of paperboard annually.

18 février 14

Weidenhammer Packaging Group’s planned acquisition of A&R Carton Lund and Flextrus has been called-off

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfIn November 2013, Weidenhammer Packaging Group’s and the AR Packaging group, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, agreed in a joint Letter of Intent that the WPG would purchase the two businesses A&R Carton Lund and Flextrus (ebonus Nov.12). This planned acquisition has now been called-off.

EFSA : Opinion on the safety assessment of the recycling process APPE Supercycle B

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAccording to Commission Regulation on recycled plastic materials intended to come into contact with foods, EFSA is requested to evaluate recycling processes in which plastic waste is recycled. In this context, the CEF Panel evaluated the process “APPE Supercycle B” submitted by Artenius PET recycling. The Panel concluded that the recycled PET obtained from the process APPE Supercycle B intended to be used at up to 100 % for the manufacture of materials and articles for contact with all types of foodstuffs for long term storage at room temperature, with or without hotfill is not considered of safety concern. The trays made of recycled PET are not intended to be used and should not be used in microwaves and ovens.

7 février 14

Mondelez International to invest $130 Million in US biscuit manufacturing network

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondelez International invests more than $130 million in new biscuit manufacturing technology and capabilities in its current U.S. network.  The investment will focus on bakeries in Fair Lawn, N.J., and Richmond, Va., supporting priority cookie and cracker brands and product platforms. 

6 février 14

SGL Co-packing targets growth

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfContract packing specialist SGL Co-packing (formerly Strategy Group Limited) – supported by its parent company, The Keswick Enterprises Group Limited – has taken a strategic decision to grow its contract packing/manufacturing activities in the United Kingdom.

4 février 14

Smurfit Kappa Siemco est au salon Sandwich&Snack Show

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifPrésent au salon Sandwich&Snack Show qui ouvre ses portes demain, Smurfit Kappa Siemco y présentera plusieurs emballages dont une nouvelle solution avec Pack Snacking “finger food”.

SAVE FOOD à Interpack 2014 : la collaboration se poursuit avec une expo “Innovation Parc Packaging“

Texte AlternatifLa collaboration que la Messe Düsseldorf et la FAO ont décidé de poursuivre pour les années à venir, s’illustrera une fois encore à Interpack 2014. Ainsi, une conférence s’adressant aux associations à but non lucratif et aux entreprises est programmée. De plus, l’exposition spéciale “Innovation Parc Packaging“ sur les pertes et le gaspillage de denrées alimentaires montrera des solutions et technologies d’emballage concrètes visant à éviter qu'un tiers des denrées alimentaires produites dans le monde ne continue à être perdu ou ne soit jeté à la poubelle.

27 janvier 14

Composés néoformés&sécurité alimentaire : les résultats du projet Prometheus demain à Berlin

Texte AlternatifC’est demain que sont présentés les derniers résultats de recherche du projet sur les nouveaux procédés permettant d’éviter la formation de composés néoformés (acrylamide, esters 3 MCPD, HMF…). Cette réunion qui a lieu à Berlin en Allemagne est coordonnée par l’Actia.

24 janvier 14

Affichage environnemental européen : le protocole Envifood pour l’évaluation du produit et son emballage

Texte AlternatifDans le cadre de l’expérimentation de l’Affichage environnemental européen (voir ebonus du 23 avril 13), le JRC–Centre de recherche européen vient de publier le Protocole ENVIFOOD édité par la Food Consumption and Production (SCP) qui élabore des directives spécifiques pour l'évaluation de l'impact environnemental des produits alimentaires et boissons tout au long de leur cycle de vie. Le Protocole est présenté comme une donnée stratégique pour les entreprises et la politique européenne du point de vue de la performance économique et environnementale.

Active & intelligent packaging to grow 8% annually

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifDemand for active and intelligent packaging in the US is forecast to expand 8.0 percent annually to $3.5 billion in 2017, well above total packaging demand growth, said the latest study published by The Freedonia Group, Inc. These and other trends are presented in this new report.

ThinFilms acquires Kovio Technology and opens Silicon Valley NFC Innovation Center

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThinfilm Electronics ASA, leader in commercializing printed electronics, has completed acquisition of Kovio technology, intellectual property, and manufacturing assets, and has opened the Thinfilm NFC Innovation Center in the heart of Silicon Valley.

23 janvier 14

Berry Plastics: to strengthen in China

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifBerry Plastics Group has acquired Qingdao P&B Co., Ltd (P&B). This operation has been approved by the competent approval authority in China. The company will conduct business under the name Qingdao Berry Plastics Limited and provide rigid plastic packaging and personal care products to customers located in China as well as globally. P&B has annual revenues of $34 million. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

21 janvier 14

La cosmétofood : un marché de niche pour l’emballage

Texte AlternatifQuelle est la réalité du marché de la cosmétofood ? Fin décembre, le club PAI-Food Ingrédients avait organisé une conférence sur le thème «Cosmétofood, aux frontières entre Food et Cosmétique : un nouveau royaume pour les PAI». Un marché qui progresse et qui donne de la couleur au packaging qui, souvent, adopte un petit format.

Diatery supplements : sales increased through a pouch form

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAmong the latest projects developed by Enflex in the German market-- is the one prepared for Verla Pharm, the major manufacturer of dietary supplements in Germany, distributed in pharmacies. Until recently this product used to be supplied in tablet form, but now is in single dosage soluble powder pouch form.

17 janvier 14

MWV announces program to accelerate profitability and cash flow

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifMeadWestvaco announced a new program to generate increased earnings and cash flow from its packaging businesses. The program is expected to deliver annual pre-tax cost savings of $100 to $125 million by the end of 2015, with at least $75 million expected to be realized in 2014.

15 janvier 14

Global bioplastic packaging market 2014-2018 : the premium pricing of bioplastic packaged products could pose a challenge

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the Global Bioplastic Packaging Market 2014-2018 report to their offering. The key vendors dominating this market space are BASF SE, Cereplast Inc., NatureWorks LLC, and Novamont S.p.A.

8 janvier 14

Dispositifs médicaux : GS1 accrédité agence de codification pour leur identification unique (UDI) par la FDA

Texte AlternatifL’organisation de standardisation GS1 a reçu l'accréditation en tant qu’agence de codification pour les identifiants uniques des dispositifs médicaux (UDI) par la FDA l'Administration des produits alimentaires et des médicaments des États-Unis (Food and Drug Administration).

6 janvier 14

Weener Plastics Packaging Group acquires 100% of Weener Empire Plastics Ltd

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAfter being a minority shareholder for 8 years, the German Weener group has acquired the remaining shares of the Mumbai headquartered Weener Empire Plastics Ltd for an undisclosed amount.

30 décembre 13

Des aérosols très techniques pour séduire l’alimentaire

Texte AlternatifDominé par la crème chantilly, le marché européen de l'aérosol alimentaire a entamé sa diversification. Après la crème Chantilly, Alucan développe l'huile d'olive pure en airless (boîtier alu). Lindal multiplie les essais grâce à des valves et des diffuseurs très spécifiques. Ses tout derniers développements, les produits visqueux et collants. Résilux arrive dans l'alimentaire avec Airopack, un aérosol en PET et à air comprimé. Bientôt sortira du jaune d’œuf dans ce système.

Pots with a difference.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfRPC Bebo Polska has added two unique designs to its range of standard containers for food (1).

Active and intelligent packaging could take off within three years

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfActive & Intelligent Packaging, 2013, by Clear Seas Research and Packaging Strategies, notes that active packaging is emerging as a key area of concentration among the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

PANORAMA - UNITED STATES : Warning messages on packaging for food safety

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfChromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has developed patent-pending reveal inks that provide ‘return to fridge’ reminders to vulnerable products such as milk, yogurt, salsa, pickles and ketchup.

PANORAMA - GERMANY : A new polypropylene packaging with 'aroma barrier' for dog food.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfGizeh produced a new dog food container for Nestlé-Purina’s Bakers dog food range, with ‘aroma barrier’ and long storage life.

MM Karton renforce la sécurité des emballages alimentaires en carton.

Texte AlternatfLa nouvelle qualité de carton Foodboard™ développée par MM Karton renforce la protection barrière des emballages carton pour l’alimentaire.

MM Karton strenghtens safety of food cartonboard.

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf The new cartonboard grade Foodboard™ is a protected internal development representing a quantum leap in the protection of cartonboard packed foodstuff.

X-ray inspection solutions

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfWhat do Heuft Systemtechnik, Ishida and Loma Systems have in common ? They provide inspection technologies and are actively trying to make their use easier in the food packaging industry.

23 décembre 13

Global Food and Beverage Plastic Packaging Industry

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of “Global Food and Beverage Plastic Packaging Industry 2013-2018 : Trends, Profits and Forecast Analysis”. This industry is expected to reach $149.8 billion by 2018.

20 décembre 13

Constar : Agreement to Sell Its US Assets to Amcor Rigid Plastics USA

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifConstar International Holdings has entered into a stalking horse asset purchase agreement with Amcor Rigid Plastics USA under which the Company has agreed to sell substantially all of its domestic business to Amcor. In order to complete the transaction, Constar, along with certain subsidiaries, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the District of Delaware on December 19, 2013. In Europe, Constar is currently evaluating the sale of its European operations to one or more third parties.

19 décembre 13

Un packaging collector revisité pour les pâtisseries Ispahan de Pierre Hermé

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSi Pierre Hermé a revisité les couleurs avec ses gâteaux, aujourd’hui il revisite le packaging avec un carton blanc. Un blanc très pur avec un design de boîte lui-aussi revisité qui renforce la dimension haut de gamme des pâtisseries. Et qui valorise également le concept collector pour les gâteaux. Une occasion de créativité à saisir pour les fabricants d’emballages.

18 décembre 13

Global Glass Packaging Market Report - Forecasts to 2019

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif"Glass Packaging Market For Food And Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Beer And Other Alcoholic Beverages - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2013 - 2019" is published by research & Markets

SAVE FOOD – Figure of the Month

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifOne fifth of the global meat production of 263 million tons a year is not consumed but thrown away. This corresponds to a weight of approximately 75 million cows.(1)

17 décembre 13

ITENE joins the Save Food initiative

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifITENE has recently joined the Save Food initiative to help it to fight against global food loss and waste reduction through the development of innovative packaging technologies able to extend food shelf life and give valuable information about food products spoilage, and also through smart recycling systems that make food waste suitable for a wide range of valorizing processes.

16 décembre 13

Scholle and IPN : merger to form a new diverse packaging company

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifScholle Corporation and IPN, both global leaders in performance packaging solutions, have agreed to combine their businesses to form a new diverse performance packaging company, employing over 2,000 people globally. The combination of IPN and Scholle will provide performance-based packaging solutions from its multiple manufacturing locations in North America, Europe, Australia, Latin America, China, and India to the world’s largest brands who, in turn, serve millions of people on a daily basis.

10 décembre 13

MultiSense – Multimodal sensory integration processes: necessary to also consider food and packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe sensory analysis of staple and luxury foods is currently only performed in a relatively one-dimensional way with the focus on analysis of odor, taste, or texture. In daily life we seldom encounter unisensory sensations in isolation, rather we experience multisensory stimulation. For example, the smell of brewing coffee is usually accompanied by the sound of a coffee machine or the sight of the coffee packaging. It is therefore necessary to consider the various combinations of sensory stimuli associated with foods and their packaging and presentation form, said Fraunhofer IVV who works on this project.

Phillips-Medisize China facility registration

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Suzhou, China facility of Phillips-Medisize has registered with the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). The facility has also received ISO 13485 certification, with DEKRA being the notified body.

9 décembre 13

Merger in sterilization services to the medical device, packaging and food industries.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFood Technology Service entered into a definitive merger agreement under which the Company will be acquired by an affiliate of Sterigenics International LLC. Food Technology Service owns and operates an irradiation facility located in Mulberry, Florida that uses gamma radiation to provide contract sterilization services to the medical device, packaging and food industries.

4 décembre 13

Krones upgrades its capabilities in terms of process technology

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifKrones, the world's market leader for beverage filling and packaging technology, has purchased 100 % of the stock in HST Maschinenbau GmbH, a German company that designs and manufactures homogenisers and reciprocating pumps for the food and beverage industries.

3 décembre 13

Quelles solutions alternatives pour le BPA ?

Texte AlternatifAlors qu'en France, la production, la commercialisation et l’importation de biberons contenant du BPA est interdite depuis le 1er juin 2011, et que 2015 sonnera le glas pour l’ensemble des contenants alimentaires confondus, quelles solutions de substitution sont proposées? Grégoire Breschet et Thomas Simon en Master Ingénierie Emballage 1ère année - promotion MIP10 à l’Esepac ont interrogé quelques entreprises.

30 novembre 13

PANORAMA - POLOGNE : Un nouvel absorbeur d'oxygène ultra-mince, presque invisible

Texte AlternatifIdéal pour conditionner notamment la charcuterie sous vide, le nouvel auto-adhésif solidifié absorbeur d'oxygène FreshMax est si plat et compact qu’il en est «presque invisible», note Multisorb Technologies.

PANORAMA - POLAND : New, ultra-thin, nearly invisible absorber

Texte AlternatifTexte Alternatf The FreshMax® Self-Adhesive Oxygen Absorber from Multisorb Technologies, which is ideal to protect deli-meat, won the MTP Gold Medal Award from Polagra Food prior to the International Trade Fair for Food last September, in Poznan, Poland.

North American thin wall packaging industry defined in the new market study

Texte Alternatf AMI Consulting has published an report on Thin Wall Packaging market trends in North America from the perspective of the end-use market and packaging formats. Thin Wall Packaging (TWP) is a market with a still unclear definition in North America. This industry encompasses thermoformed and injection molded plastic tubs, pots, trays and cups.

Medical products transported at the right temperature

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfSpecializing in insulated containers for food and health, the company ADP Conseil - Medicol offers protective solutions for sensitive products from several hours to several days, in the form of pouches, bags neutral or printed boxes, trunks, boxes, pallets, cooler special pack refrigerants medical or special food, temperature tracers…

Cost effective closure for re-sealable wet wipe packages

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf Avery Dennison has developed an adhesive for high-performance re-sealable packaging applications: R1490M adhesive was designed specifically for the re-seal market and suits a very wide range of ‘wet wipe’ applications (baby, facial and household wipes).

Des IBC alimentaires certifiés FSSC.

Texte AlternatfSchütz présente une nouvelle série d’IBC Foodcert. Elle est basée sur la certification du système en conformité avec la nouvelle norme de l'industrie FSSC 22000 (certification du système de sécurité des aliments, basée sur la norme ISO 22 000 en combinaison avec le PAS 223).

FSSC-certified food packaging.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfSchütz present the new FSSC 22000-certified Schütz Foodcert IBC to German and international packaging experts. The introduction of the innovative Foodcert packaging is based on system certification in compliance with the newest industry standard FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification, based on ISO 22000 in combination with PAS 223).

An economic resin for extrusion coating.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe technology of extrusion coating Sabic® LDPE Nexcoat 5 is designed to replace several grades. This resin can also substitute for grades with melt indices of 4 to 8, which allows companies to reduce their inventory costs and simplify their processes.

Multipack robots get trendy

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfGerard Schubert, Guelt and Kuka focus on new technologies to increase both conveying, packaging and sorting processes. They use robots to collect and combine numerous types of food items, such as chocolate bars or biscuits...

A hygienic vertical packaging machine

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfBosch launches hygienic SVC vertical packaging machine platform. Bosch Packaging Technology launches the SVC 4020, the first machine in its new hygienic and flexible vertical packaging machine platform. The SVC 4020 is ideal for fresh and frozen food packaged in pillow bags, while subsequent machines in the platform will be available with additional pack styles to handle a wide variety of free-flowing dry, wet and frozen food products.

29 novembre 13

FPSA and Messe Düsseldorf extend strategic alliance through Process Expo 2017

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe Food Processing Suppliers Association have extended its formal alliance with Messe Düsseldorf through the Process Expo 2017 trade show. The alliance allows for the cross promotion of the biennial Process Expo held in Chicago, and interpack, the world’s largest trade show for the packaging sector and related processing industries, which is held every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany.

28 novembre 13

PMMI joins the SAVE FOOD Initiative

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifPACK EXPO trade shows owner and producer PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is pleased to announce its partnership with the SAVE FOOD initiative.

Huhtamäki Oyj acquires a corrugated packaging manufacturer in the UK

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifHuhtamäki has acquired BCP Fluted Packaging Ltd specialized in corrugated packaging for the foodservice, confectionery and cosmetics markets and is based in Blackburn, Lancashire, the UK. Huhtamäki continue strengthening its position on foodservice with this acquisition.

25 novembre 13

Gascogne : légère augmentation du chiffre d’affaires au 3è trimestre

Texte AlternatifDans une conjoncture économique toujours difficile, le Groupe Gascogne a réalisé un chiffre d’affaires de 100,7 M€ au troisième trimestre 2013, en progression de 0,9% par rapport à la même période en 2012. Cette légère hausse confirme la bonne tenue de l’activité depuis le début de l’année, le Groupe enregistrant une croissance de 0,3% de son chiffre d’affaires à 316,8 M€ sur 9 mois.

19 novembre 13

Exopack Holding dévoile aujourd’hui son nouveau nom opérationnel : Coveris™

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifExopack Holding S.A., créé en mai dernier par le regroupement de cinq entreprises du secteur de l’emballage en Amérique du Nord et en Europe (Britton Group, Kobusch, Paccor et Paragon Print & Packaging - voir ebonus du 6 mai), dévoile donc son nouveau nom opérationnel : Coveris™.

18 novembre 13

Rexam packaging unit eyed by three rivals, private equity firms

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifFrom Reuters, U.S. packaging companies Berry Plastics Group Inc and Silgan Holding as well as German peer Gerresheimer are competing to buy the healthcare packaging unit of Rexam in a deal expected to fetch a little less than $1 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

15 novembre 13

EFSA : Opinion on the safety assessment of the process “CPR Superclean PET” used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process CPR Superclean PET (EU register number RECYC002) The input of the process is hot caustic washed and dried PET flakes originating from collected post-consumer PET containers, mainly bottles, containing no more than 5 % of PET from non-food consumer applications.

14 novembre 13

Bonduelle and Crown partner in Russia

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifCrown Food Europe has partnered with the Bonduelle Group, the world leader in prepared vegetables, to install a new metal packaging production line inside the company’s Novotitarovskaia plant in Krasnodar Krai, southern Russia. 

13 novembre 13

New draft standards for measuring the oxygen scavenging and oxygen transmission properties of packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifThe oxygen scavenging and oxygen transmission properties of packaging play a key role in determining the shelf-life of a product. So-called active packaging systems, which are able to absorb oxygen, are being increasingly used for optimal quality protection. To enable these active functions to be effectively characterized, two new draft standards have been prepared. The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV made asignificant contribution to this work.

12 novembre 13

La Commission autorise le rachat de Pride Foods (Gerber Emig) par Refresco, sous réserve

Texte AlternatifLa Commission européenne a autorisé, en vertu du règlement de l'UE sur les concentrations, le projet d’acquisition de Pride Foods, entreprise britannique de mise en bouteille de jus de fruits (sous l'enseigne Gerber Emig), par son concurrent néerlandais Refresco. Cette autorisation est subordonnée à la cession d'une des unités de production et de mise en bouteille de Gerber Emig en Allemagne.

4 novembre 13

Romaco at Pharmtech 2013 : all Flexible packing and processing

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifRomaco will be on show at Pharmtech in Moscow (Russia). with Siebler, Bosspak and Promatic as well as FrymaKoruma vacuum processing technology.

31 octobre 13

EFSA : Opinion the safety assessment of the process “Equipolymers Melt-in”, used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThis scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids deals with the safety assessment of the recycling process Equipolymers Melt-in (EU register number RECYC007). The input of the process is hot caustic washed and dried PET flakes originating from collected post-consumer PET bottles containing no more than 5 % of PET from non-food consumer applications.

Webinar “Food Contact Materials : Hotmelt adhesives”

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifFood packaging safety is an issue to which Henkel, as the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer – is deeply committed. On its knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal Europe”, the group will be holding a webinar on November.

30 octobre 13

Smurfit Kappa : un groupe update avec la 3D pour le Time to Market

Texte Alternatf Pour le groupe Smurfit Kappa, le futur est à Noordwijk. C’est dans cette petite ville des Pays-Bas, située au bord de la mer du nord, que le groupe, leader mondial de l'emballage à base de papier, tient régulièrement depuis 2008 son «Innovation Event». Le groupe invite ses clients et prospects pour y découvrir les dernières innovations et tendances en termes de solutions d’emballage.

Pouches and caps more practical

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAs an alternative to the traditional packagings, the flexible plastic pouch is continuying to impose itself on the food market.

A salad bowl in recycled PET. Ilip presents its new B43 salad bowl, made of recycled PET.

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThis solution is a heat-sealable salad bowl for fresh-cut and ready-to-eat salads, made with 80% recycled PET and it is certified PSV (Plastica Seconda Vita, Second Life Plastic), a brand that is immediately recognizable and certifies that recycled plastic has been used.

PRESS REVEIW - PACKAGING : Poor rPET quality : the supply chain’s responsability

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAccording to a new Nextek report, WRAP has identified that cases of poor rPET quality are limiting the amount of rPET that can be used in new food packaging. Often smaller ratios of rPET are being used than the industry would like (around 20-30% in bottles) whereas rates of 50% would be possible if quality was acceptable.

Machine Safety Market : $4,197.04 million by 2018

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf According to a new market research report, "Machine Safety Market (2013 - 2018) by Products (Presence Sensing Sensors, Emergency Stop Controls, Interlocks, Relays, PLC), Applications (Assembly, Metal Works, Packaging, Robotics), Standards (European, North American), Geography", published by Markets and Markets, the total Machine Safety Market is expected to reach $4,197.04 million by 2018, at a CAGR of 9.02% from 2013 to 2018.

Transparency and lighter PP for food refrigerated packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfSealed Air offer a range of trays and pots PP light, with great clarity for refrigerated foods, through clarifying Milliken, Millad® NX ™ 8000.

A new plastic alternative to polycarbonate, polystyrene and glass.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe Perstorp Group, in specialty chemicals, has presented a next generation of co-polyesters at K Fair 2013: Akestra™, “a high performance plastic with remarkable properties”.

Photoelectric sensors for proximity detection.

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfThe S8 Series of photoelectric sensors is an innovative solution for diffuse proximity detection of transparent objects without a prismatic reflector, even for the detection of highly reflective objects like glass.

New technology offers enhanced hot-fill performance

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfPET packaging solutions specialist APPE has further enhanced its range of bottles for hot-fill food and beverages with the introduction of a technology that delivers improved filling, greater design flexibility, lighter weight and smoother walls.

28 octobre 13

Sécurité alimentaire : des étiquettes conformes à la législation

Texte AlternatifLa Finat- fédération mondiale des fabricants d’étiquettes autoadhésives et des produits et services connexes, avec la collaboration avec Jay Betton, Business Segment Manager, Food and Retail Labelling chez UPM Raflatac EMEA membre adhérent), rappelle dans un rapport sur le nouveau Règlement UE n°10/2011 concernant les matériaux et objets en matière plastique destinés à entrer en contact avec les denrées alimentaires, les spécifications à respecter.

Silgan completes acquisition of Portola Packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSilgan Holdings has completed its acquisition of Portola Packaging, Inc., a leading manufacturer of plastic closures. This business, with sales of approximately $200 million in 2012, operates eight facilities in North America and Europe.

25 octobre 13

Smurfit Kappa receives nine nominations for the 2013 PPI Awards

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSmurfit Kappa, one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of paper-based packaging products with operations in Europe and The Americas, has received nine nominations for awards across six categories for the 2013 Pulp & Paper International (‘PPI’) Awards.

24 octobre 13

Crown and Portuguese canned fish to bring packaging in-house

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCrown Food Europe has installed an aluminium can production line inside the Rabo de Peixe plant of Cofaco, the leader in the Portuguese canned fish market.

23 octobre 13

EFSA : Opinion on the safety assessment of the process "Aliplast Buhler A" used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids give the scientific opinion on the safety assessment of the recycling process Aliplast Buhler A (EU register number RECYC041).

22 octobre 13

EFSA : opinion on the safety assessment of processes used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials "CLR rPET", "PET to PET" and "Veolia"

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifEFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF) gives this scientific opinion of deals with the safety assessment of the recycling processes CLR rPET, PET to PET, and Veolia (EU register numbers RECYC029, RECYC053 and RECYC071) which are all based on the same modified hybrid URRC UnPET technology.

21 octobre 13

EFSA: opinion on safety assessment of iron modified bentonite intended to be incorporated in monolayer or multilayer packages or in sachets for absorbing oxygen

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe scientific opinion of the EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF) deals with the safety assessment of iron (0) modified bentonite intended to be incorporated in monolayer or multilayer packages or in sachets for absorbing oxygen from the food environment. All starting substances have been evaluated and approved for use as additives in plastic FCM or as food additives.

17 octobre 13

Les dispositifs médicaux désormais soumis à une nouvelle réglementation FDA

Texte AlternatifDepuis fin septembre, les dispositifs médicaux sont soumis à une nouvelle réglementation publiée par la FDA (Food and Drug Administration) : l’UDI (Unique Device Identifier). Ce nouveau système d’identification unique permet de suivre chaque dispositif médical tout au long de son cycle de vie dont l’une des finalités est d’accroître la sécurité des patients. Afin de préparer les professionnels de la santé à ces nouvelles règles, GS1 publie le guide «Etes-vous prêt pour l’UDI ?».

16 octobre 13

FachPack 2013: answers for packaging professionals

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatif34,598* packaging professionals (2012: 36,986*) enjoyed FachPack in Nürnberg, this year. This was assured by 1,440* (1,466*) exhibitors with unusual products and services for packaging, technology, processing and logistics on the same area as last year (approx. 54,000 m² net).

15 octobre 13

Smurfit Kappa UK to acquire CRP Print and Packaging Holdings Limited

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfSmurfit Kappa UK Limited, an integrated manufacturer of paper-based packaging products with operations throughout the UK , has agreed to acquire CRP Print and Packaging Holdings Limited.

European market for plastic bottles continues to grow

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfCeresana publishes most comprehensive market analysis: European Plastic bottles. These bootles are an important packaging material in many sectors. Ceresana expect the volume to increase to approx. 170 billion units in 2020.

14 octobre 13

Journalistic Imbalance: USA Today Continues To Report Selectively on BPA’s Safety

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifIf the American public is looking for balanced reporting on science issues, they should consider skipping USA Today, which has consistently chosen to represent selectively the science on potential health risks from bisphenol A (BPA), reported NAMPA-The North American Metal Packaging Alliance, Inc.

11 octobre 13

European market for plastic bottles continues to grow

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifCeresana publishes most comprehensive market analysis: European Plastic bottles. These bootles are an important packaging material in many sectors. Ceresana expect the volume to increase to approx. 170 billion units in 2020.

10 octobre 13

Glass Packaging Market - Trends And Forecast, 2013 - 2019

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifResearch and Markets has announced the addition of the report 'Glass Packaging Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2013 - 2019'. Packaging of food, beverages and chemicals in glass bottles and jars is classified as glass packaging. Glass provides excellent barrier properties, does not react with other chemicals, has have high sterility and is reusable.

Aunuga 2013 : Goglio shows a new BIB liquid

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifAt Anuga, Goglio shows its latest innovations concerning packaging materials and Technologies, and also for the first time their new BIB for liquid yeast.

9 octobre 13

Paccor lance le thermoformage avec IML

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSi l’IML-Etiquetage dans le moule est plus souvent associé au procédé d’injection et de soufflage, Paccor lance l’IML associé au thermoformage, à savoir le TIML. Une innovation technique que le groupe a appliquée à une barquette de beurre.

A new biodegradable and compostable paper-based bag for pet food and food packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMondi Consumer presents its latest innovation in the field of sustainability. it is a new hybrid paper-based bag.

8 octobre 13

Thermoforming : a new machine generation which thinks and controls

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifIllig will present thermoforming of tomorrow on automatic roll-fed machines equipped with the innovative, so-called IC technology, at K 2013. Machines equipped with the “Illig Intelligent Control Concept” are marked with the addition “IC”.

7 octobre 13

Chicken Packaging: something to cluck about

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifAmeripen has completed a detailed study of the effects of packaging on the value chain for the chicken industry, and is releasing a brochure describing those findings. Entitled “Chicken and Packaging: A Sustainable Partnership,”

4 octobre 13

drink technology India and International PackTech India exhibition : Two industries, one joint exhibition

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte Alternatfdrink technology India and International PackTech India are teaming up together for the third time in succession in the Indian city of Mumbai between September 25 and 27, 2014. On show under one roof at the Bombay will be products and solutions from and for the International packaging, packaging print, processing, beverages and food industries. For the first time, therefore, these two events will be covering the food-processing segment.

3 octobre 13

Berry Plastics Group acquires Graphic Packaging’s Flexible Plastics and Film Business and sales its Kits and Catering Business

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfBerry Plastics Group, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging and engineered materials, has finalized two transactions in support of the Company’s strategic initiatives. The Company completed the acquisition of Graphic Packaging’s Flexible Plastics and Film business and completed the sale of its Kits and Catering business. The terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

30 septembre 13

Sappi Europe to highlight trends in corrugated at Fefco

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTackling key market issues such as reduced packaging weight, savings in process costs and food safety as well as showcasing ways to elevate brand perception will be the focus of Sappi Europe’s presence at FEFCO’s Technical Seminar, the Bella Center and Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark on 22 to 24 October 2013.

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Division: multi-million investments in printing technologies

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifClondalkin Flexible Packaging Division business unit Engineered Films has completed another multi-million euro investment in two new Comexi F2 high-speed printing presses for its manufacturing locations at Flexoplast in Harlingen, the Netherlands and at Wentus in Höxter, Germany.

Le packaging, variable à plus fort ROI de la panoplie marketing ? La parole à Eric Singler, directeur général de l’institut d'études de marché & d’Opinion BVA (1)

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifLe ROI-Return On Investment des actions marketing, a fortiori dans le temps de crise budgétaire que nous connaissons, constitue l’indicateur majeur à l’aune duquel est jugée l’efficacité d’une action marketing. La construction d’image, le renforcement de la Brand Equity ou la création de liens durables avec ses consommateurs grâce aux réseaux sociaux constituent bien évidemment des enjeux majeurs pour la réussite à long terme d’une marque ou d’une entreprise. Mais l’heure est au ROI à court terme et mesurable. C’est la loi de la survie en période de crise qui fait qu’avant de penser à après demain, il faut être certain de vivre demain !

Smithers Pira report reveals global opportunities in folding carton market

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe global market for folding cartons is growing by 5.1% annually, and will reach $184 billion by 2018, according to a new study by Smithers Pira : The Future of Folding Cartons to 2018. Market growth will be led by increased demand for health care products, cigarettes, dry foods and frozen/chilled foods, especially in the emerging economies.

Machines for customized packaging

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAcmaVolpak is able to work in partnership with its customers also in developing and industrializing innovative packages in order to satisfy and even exceed their expectations.

PRESS REVIEW - PACKAGING : NAMPA sets the record straight about recent FDA BPA decision

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfRecently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reiterated the safety of bisphenol A (BPA) epoxy resin coatings at the low levels consumers in packaged food and beverage items. On July, the FDA announced that it is amending the food additive regulations to eliminate the use of BPA-based epoxy resin coatings in infant formula packaging.

PANORAMA / SWEDEN : New cooking valve for chilled ready meals

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfMicVac for in-pack cooking and pasteurisation offers chilled ready meals that are both healthy and tasty. A meal produced with the MicVac technique stays fresh for approximately 30 days in +8°C (+46°F), without additives.

Corrugated : a graphic liner for high visual impact packaging

Texte AlternatfTexte Alternatf After MediaLiner launched in 2012 to provide quality graphics corrugated packaging Stora Enso Speciality Papers adds a new category with Graphic Liner MediaLiner.

A thermoforming film from natural resources

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatfLargest producer of cellulose acetate film, Clarifoil® (the Celanese Group) is launching a range of films thicker for thermoforming an alternative to food-based film cultures and 100% GMO-free. E clarity helps to provide the best possible presentation for the product.

Le pick&place passe la seconde

Texte AlternatfUne nouvelle génération de robots “pick-and-place” arrive sur le marché. Plus rapides, les robots industriels derniers cris sont surtout plus précis que leurs aînés.

27 septembre 13

India pharma industry trends and overview

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatfThe India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) has released an overview of the current trends in the Indian pharmaceutical market. The domestic pharmaceutical industry in India has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 14.5 per cent for the past four years while pharma exports have grown at CAGR of 17 per cent during last 3 years with exports reaching $14.5 bn during the year 2012-13.

Kuka Robotics showcases Innovative Packaging and Palletizing Solutions at PackExpo 2013

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfKuka Robotics has showed the family of small robots the KR Agilus. This family offers high speed accuracy, short cycle times, 5 or 6 axes, 6 or 10 kg payloads in 3 different arm reach lengths with mounting positions of floor, wall or ceiling.

26 septembre 13

ABC-Impex increases flexibility with Xeikon 3050

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfABC-Impex, a Romania-based printing company, has purchased and installed a Xeikon 3050 digital color press to increase the flexibility and versatility of its folding carton production workflow.

25 septembre 13

AcmaVolpak enters the coffee capsule industry with a new machine

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifTexte AlternatfAcmaVolpak (of the Coesia group) is getting ready to hit the coffee industry with a pod and capsule filling solution. The new “made in Bologna” technology has a variety of applications in the food processing industry.

16 septembre 13

Food & Cosméto : Les réponses réglementaires aux nouvelles craintes des consommateurs

Texte AlternatifLa multiplication des scandales sanitaires ultra médiatisés renforce les doutes et les craintes des consommateurs de produits alimentaires et cosmétiques. Face aux changements de comportements de consommation liés à ces craintes, la réglementation prend de nouvelles mesures pour mieux informer et protéger le consommateur. Dans ce contexte, NutriMarketing organise à Paris le 8 octobre une conférence sur la Veille réglementaire concernant les secteurs Food &Cosmeto.

13 septembre 13

Henkel joins the “Save Food” initiative

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifSafer food packaging is a common objective of both Henkel and the SAVE FOOD initiative. Hence Henkel - the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives for the packaging industry – has now joined forces with the initiative, the purpose of which is to promote dialogue between business, researchers, politicians and the public at large on the subject of avoidable food wastage.

11 septembre 13

Nativia™ PLA films and Extendo™ barrier BOPP films feature protection against migration of mineral oils

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifStudy conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging proves the excellent barrier properties of Extendo™ and Nativia™ films against mineral oil migration, reported Taghleef Industries.

10 septembre 13

Schütz construit une nouvelle usine à Saint-Etienne

Texte AlternatifTexte AlternatifSchütz France annonce la construction d’un nouveau site de production. Installée à Saint-Etienne, la nouvelle unité de production, qui sera dotée d’une technologie d’avant-garde et d’une infrastructure performante, occupera une surface de 15 000 mètres carrés.

World Demand for Packaging Machinery to Reach $41.8 Billion in 2017

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifGrowth in worldwide demand for packaging machinery is expected to climb at a 4.6 percent annual pace through 2017 to $41.8 billion. An improved business climate - which will be reflected in expanding fixed investment spending, manufacturing output, and packaging demand - will drive increases in equipment sales through 2017. These and other trends are presented in World Packaging Machinery, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc.

6 septembre 13

Amcor Rigid Plastics takes leadership role in certifying production plants to global food safety initiative (GFSI)

Texte AlternatfTexte AlternatifThe producer of packaging Amcor Rigid Plastics has announced that all manufacturing facilities have earned or will earn certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative-GFSI), a global retailer-driven program that seeks continuous improvement of food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide.