The conference will also explore the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package, and its impact in the entire supply chain dynamics.

The event will look into the use of Bioplastics & Biodegradable & Compostable Plastics, as well as the latest innovations in the market for printing and labelling.

This year, the conference focus will look at the best strategies for sustainable packaging including recycling and packaging performance, with a stronger focus on the brands and retailers, who will share their thoughts and information on consumer experience and demands for next generation of packaging.

Topics for Discussion :

- Market trends for sustainable packaging in 2018 and beyond
- Latest innovations in design, manufacturing, additive and convertor technology
- Case studies from retailers/brands on packaging and design needs in the food & beverage industry
- What does the European Commission circular econo- my package mean for the plastics packaging supply chain
- Expectations and targets of EU waste legislation on packaging and packaging waste
- Analysis and comparison of performance materials in different applications
- Advancing plastics converters and manufacturers capabilities and technologies
- Life cycle assessments and environmental impact.

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