A Worst Case Calculator allows users to determine the maximum amount of substances that could lead, in the worst case, to migrate into packaged food.

The calculator offers in a user-friendly style different variables to determine the exact results: migrant name or chemical identifier, content of migrant in solid ink film, dry ink applied per square meter, area coverage of ink and surface-to-mass ratio.

If the results of the worst case calculation for the packaged food unit are lower than the applicable thresholds, no further measures are required. If not, users will need to perform further refinements such as migration modeling or migration testing for which Siegwerk’s Ink Safety Portal also offers valuable guidance and support services. Another new resource on the portal is a video which explains “NIAS”, or Non-Intentionally Added Substances.

The term “NIAS” refers to all chemical substances which are not intentionally added and do not have an intended and specific function within the ink formulation. These can be for example impurities in the raw materials, a reaction intermediate formed during the production process or a decomposition product. To ensure consumers are not harmed by any substances migrating from packaged material, all “NIAS” are subject to risk assessments conducted by Siegwerk product safety experts.

The Ink Safety Portal was first launched in 2017 and offers customers a diverse collection of key elements relating to safe printing inks and safe food packaging.

This expert platform offers knowledge on Product Safety and Regulatory (PSR) topics. The information includes amongst others: printing ink ingredients, regulatory affairs requirements, exposure assessments and safety evaluations.

“As consumers become increasingly critical of health-related aspects and personal well-being, more scrutiny has been placed on how products they consume are packaged,” said Dr. Evert Delbanco, Director Food Safety & Toxicology.” With our Ink Safety Portal, we’ve created a comprehensive knowledge database bundling our expertise and making it available to customers and other interested parties.

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