Mondi is the corporate partner and sponsor of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for ‘Mass Transport through Paper’, which will research the porosity of paper and how particles – such as gases, compressible liquids and microorganisms – travel through paper.

The findings are expected to have practical applications for Mondi packaging and paper solutions, for example for food packaging.

Laboratory head Karin Zojer explains, “We want to understand the special pore structure of paper and be able to explain its influence on the transport of diverse types of particles through it. Only with this knowledge can the porosity of paper be swiftly and optimally adapted to the desired packaging application.”

This research has implications for a number of commercial applications, including how ink behaves in the pore structure of paper during printing, the ventilation processes when filling paper sacks with bulk materials, and the reciprocal effects between packaging and packaged goods, especially food.

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