Their first stop is Expo Pack Mexico (Mexico City), the most important Mexican exhibition for the packaging industry and an exclusive gateway to the entire region of Central America.

The Italian companies taking part in the show, which is due to run until 8 June, are Acmi, Ams Ferrari, Ca.Ve.Co, Camozzi, Gerosa, Imeta, Rotomac, New Project, Reda, Rejves, Siad Macchine Impianti, Torq and Apsol, and Tropical Food. Mexico is a strategic market for the Italian packaging industry accounting for 203.1 million euros of Italian exports in 2017, 36% up on 2016. The prospects for the coming years are also excellent: according to forecasts made by the Ucima Research Department, the Mexican packaging machinery market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% over the two-year period 2018-2020.

The next stop will be to Propack Asia (Bangkok), the most important showcase of packaging technologies in Asia. The approximately 800 square metre Italian pavilion organised by Ucima will host a collective of no fewer than 34 sector companies: A Due, Agriflex, Akomag, Bertocchi, Bertoli Brand Of Interpump, Bertuzzi Food Processing, Cepi, Cft, Ct Pack, Desmet Ballestra, F&P Machinery, Fenco, Frigel, Icf&Welko, Ima, Imeta, Interpump, Italmec Siam, Mariani, Mazzoni Lb, Mectra, Megadyne, Pe-Labellers, Pfm, Pigo, Robopac, Sacmi, Sipa, Smi, Solar Turbines, Tropical Food Machinery, Turatti, Zacmi and Zilli&Bellini.

The importance of the event for Italian packaging technologies is also confirmed by two key events promoted by Ucima.

The first will consist of the presentation of a market survey entitled Packaging Machinery Industry in Thailand, carried out by Ipsos Business Consulting on behalf of ITA and Ucima.

The second is a technical workshop organised in collaboration with The latest innovation in Italian technologies and featuring talks by representatives of Sacmi, Zacmi, CT Pack, Turatti, Solar Turbines and Tropical Food Machinery.

Thailand, the gateway to Southeast Asia, is another rapidly expanding market which absorbed a total of 69.1 million euros of Italian exports in 2017, 34% up on the previous year. The region as a whole offers outstanding business opportunities, accounting for 373 million euros of Italian exports in 2017 (up 3% on 2016). Average annual growth of between 6% and 12% is expected over the next two years.

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