The target of this exercise was to print in an efficient way and under a fixed quality standards, monitoring step by step relevant specific data in terms of job cost: changeover time, waste material and ink and solvent consumption. Through these analyses and evaluations, technical specialists have been able to verify that the expanded gamut system increases efficiency and achieves higher profitability and better quality packaging than multicolour system. It offers solvent savings since EG printing only needs seven colours and, therefore, there is no need for wash-up in between jobs. This printing system reduces set-up times and enables to run more jobs, increasing machine uptime and capacity. As a summary, the more relevant data were a reduction of 60% changeover time, a reduction of 50% of waste material and decrease of 20% in inks cost. Besides, during the technical day, the experts confirmed that expanded gamut allows to run many shades of different colours at the same time, which results in a reduction of the number of changeovers per day, increasing even more the press up time.

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