This new facility with a 6.000 m2 production hall has the biggest injection Moulding Machine in the Benelux region. It’s an ambitious project, said the group.

This will be the first factory where Schoeller Allibert will start to produce “circular plastic pallets” as from 2019.

The factory has a production hall of 6 500 m2 with an outdoor storage space of 4 500m2 and 1 200m2 for offices which welcome over 40 employees on site. It produces approximatively 700 pieces of “big boxes” a day in any color and with customer specific hotstamped print on it.

The biggest injection moulding machine in the Benelux region is proudly installed in the production hall, which can welcome up to 15 machines. This machine is not only impressive by its size, it also has an amazing capacity of 60 liter shot volume and 4 000 ton closing pressure.

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