The Italian Automatic Packaging Machinery Association Ucima has chosen the two important processing and packaging trade fairs PacProcess Teheran (Teheran, 11-14 October) and PacProcess India (Mumbai 24-26 October) as the next events for promotion of the Italian packaging industry and its cutting-edge technology.

Iran and India are two strategic markets that are showing strong interest in Italian technology due to its high degree of customisation and innovative characteristics in terms of automation, sustainability, predictive maintenance and robotics.

In 2017, Iran imported a total of 210.7 million euros of packaging machinery, an increase of 14.2% on the previous year. Italy was the country’s second largest trading partner after Germany with sales of 60.3 million euros (up 16.3% on 2016) and a 29% share of the total. For the three-year period 2018-2020 the Ucima Research Department is forecasting annual average market growth of 1.7% and a 5.2% increase in Italian exports.

In 2017 India imported a total of 427.8 million euros’ worth of packaging technology (down 3.1% on 2016), a contraction caused by the growth of local machinery manufacturers which hold a 60% share of the domestic market. Italy is the country’s second most important trading partner with exports worth more than 100 million euros (-3.9%, in line with the market as a whole) and a 23.8% share of total imports. For the three-year period 2018-2020, the Ucima Research Department is forecasting annual average market growth of 6.9% and a 4.5% upturn in Italian exports.

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