The LCA showed significant reductions in environmental impacts across all 10 categories as a result of the substitution of fossil-based polymers with mass balance plant-based polymers made from tall oil (a by-product of paper manufacturing).

The independent, critically reviewed LCA of Signature Pack was conducted in accordance with recognised international standards, ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 by the Institut fĂĽr Energie und Umweltforschung (IFEU/Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) in Germany.

+phoot The polymers in this pack are 100% linked to plant-based material via a mass balance system, whereby plant-based raw materials are mixed in with conventional fossil raw materials to produce the polymers. The amount of plant-based material included in the mix is equivalent to the amount needed for the polymers used in the pack and the totals are balanced through recognised and audited certification schemes to ensure strict traceability and accountability.

The polymers are supplied by plastic producers, Sabic and BASF, using plant-based renewable material from European wood sources. Tall oil was selected as the feedstock because, as a by-product of paper production, it is a waste material rather than an agricultural crop that requires land and resources to grow.

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