The KHS FreshSafe-PET® coating process is interesting for many reasons, explains the company.
This glass interior coating for PET bottles is of growing importance for local juice and nectar bottlers in light of new Packaging Act, which comes into effect on 1 January 2019 in Germany. To date, conventional packaging in these segments has been difficult to recycle because of the addition of additives.

The future beverage producers are threatened with having to pay what is known as a participation fee. Using the KHS Plasmax glass inner coating makes bottle-to-bottle recycling possible and thus creates a solution to reduce the marketing of non-recyclable disposable PET bottles in the medium to long term.

Texte AlternatifFreshSafe PET® technology presents a viable alternative as it combines product protection with bottle-to-bottle recyclability. In view of the European Strategy for Plastics and other national legislation in countries outside Germany, KHS’ unique barrier technology is also gaining in significance at an international level, said the machine manufacturer.

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