Participating companies and organizations have made the commitment to focus on developing packaging innovations which ensure easy and safe reuse, recycling, or composting.

Therefore, Constantia Flexibles recently pledged that 100% of its packaging will be recyclable by 2025. Ecolutions - a recently developed packaging line from Constantia Flexibles - meets these and other sustainability requirements while having all the properties required to protect the packaged products.

Texte AlternatifMono PE laminate EcoLam is one of the products in this new line of packaging solutions. Its OPE/PE structure is fully recycle-ready due to its mono-material structure. Another example of the new product line is EcoPouch, made of a high proportion of renewable resources.

In addition, Constantia Flexibles is currently testing an entirely fresh approach to more sustainable food packaging. Paper made from the renewable resource grass is manufactured without bleach or other chemical treatments.

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