Texte AlternatifBicor™ 40 & 50 MB344US films are the first products to benefit from Jindal Films’ new Ultra Seal technology which consists of a new high clarity, oriented polypropylene (OPP) film range featuring high seal strength, low seal initiation temperature and exceptional hot tack performance. The technology provides robust seal performance in numerous packaging formats, especially pouch and stand-up pouch applications. This new range of films meet the increasing need across Europe to provide “design for recycling” solutions which are preferably based on mono-materials.

Jindal Films Ultra Seal technology has been demonstrated on Wolf Verpackungsmashinen’s vertical stand-up pouch (doypack) packaging machine.

Jindal Films is already working on expanding the Ultra Seal technology to include white and barrier versions which would provide more options to the packaging industry to reduce the complexity of 2-ply and 3-ply laminates, while moving multi-material structures towards mono- material “PP-rich” structures.

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