Texte AlternatifFor the Dutch food manufacturer Van Wijngaarden Gerhard Schubert has responded to the need of a fully automated machine for its wide range of sauces, ketchups and dressings filled into jars, PET cups and bottles as well as into squeeze tubes. With the Schubert TLM system, Van Wijngaarden can pack 15 different packaging formats (from 250 to 1,000 millilitre containers) and 13 different products into cartons and trays.

Texte AlternatifIn addition to flexibility, a small footprint (7 x 4 metres) and quick changeover times were decisive for Van Wijngaarden. On this new packaging line products are packed into cartons. The modules combine case packers as well as tray packers. The entire packaging process takes place fully automatically – from erecting and filling the cartons to closing and transporting the filled end packages.

A new integrated, inductive servo technology on the robot tool enables fully automatic tool adjustment. Format changes only requires 10 to 15 min.

For final packaging, products are placed by a robot in layers into boxes of 6 or 12, with an output of 150 products per minute. A total of 25 or 12.5 full cartons per minute come off the conveyor belt.

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