Texte AlternatifThe customer-focused training, design and testing services hub deploys a variety of package engineering tools to achieve performance-oriented, cost-effective protective packaging solutions. The facility is staffed with ISTA-certified lab engineers who will be using related testing protocols.

“As a protective packaging thought leader and innovator, we will be using creative packaging design, material science, sustainability and automation services at the Pregis IQ to help customers solve specific packaging challenges. We will also be using a data and metrics-based approach to create advanced solutions that support market trends and meet customer needs,” explained Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer.

The investment in the Pregis IQ is particularly important to support e-commerce growth. The order mix continues to expand requiring more packaging diversity. Labor and seasonality also impacts fulfillment operations’ ability to meet orders, complicating packaging and leading to increased damages. Further, network shipping constraints, coupled with increasing costs, are expected to continue.

The end result is that customer loyalty requires more customization and unique solutions to adequately compete.