Texte AlternatifA first step demonstrated that rPET packaging could be recycled into food packaging without the addition of transparent PET bottle flakes. An application was conducted with Valorplast, a PET flake recycler and Wellmann International, a plastics processor, both based in France. Around 20 tons of post-consumer rPET flakes were recycled into food trays made by kp in Spain. In the United Kingdom, tray-to-tray recycling already exists. Food trays were made from 100% post-consuming rPET, using a mixture of recycled PET bottle flakes and, more recently, a small amount of post-consuming trays. Lately, kp joined the Petcore PET Thermoforms working group to take stock of the situation for the PET box recycling industry. The aim is to encourage local authorities and municipalities, as well as recyclers, to include containers, boxes and plastic trays in their national recycling facilities.

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