Texte AlternatifIt can serve as a direct replacement for ABS and styrene compound commonly used for the manufacturing of lipstick cases, cases or caps.

These last months, Eastman announced two recycling innovations.

• Using methanolysis, advanced circular recycling breaks down polyester-based products into their polymer building blocks. These can then be reintroduced to the production of polyester-based polymers, delivering a true circular solution. Eastman projects full-scale operations within 24-36 months.

Texte Alternatif• Carbon renewal technology converts mixed plastic waste, including plastics that are difficult to recycle such as cosmetics packaging, back to its molecular components. These are reintroduced to the production of a variety of materials, like plastics and cellulosic products. “Treva will be one of the first Eastman products to benefit from carbon renewal technology, which will further enhance Treva’s beginning-of-life profile,” said Kendra Harrold, marketing director for packaging. Eastman plans to have this product commercially available before the end of 2019.

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