Texte AlternatifInotech’s ground-breaking BIBM technique allows the manufacture of products using two materials in a single step. Jeremy Garrard, Quadpack’s Director of Design and Advanced Technologies and head of the company’s research and development, explained: “This would allow, for example, a transparent window to be incorporated in an opaque bottle or two different colours to be introduced in a single component. The process is highly efficient, offering greater precision and producing less material waste, while eliminating the need for assembly. Greater control of materials gives designers more freedom to explore aesthetic options. True to German engineering standards, products produced using this method deliver superior performance”.

As part of the agreement, Quadpack also takes over Inotech’s cosmetics packaging operation and incorporates its beauty-focused products into its portfolio. Current Inotech cosmetics products will continue to be produced at its factory in Nabburg, Germany.

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