Texte AlternatifEquipped with a trunnion star for easy handling, this compact labeller is suitable for vials, syringes and other small or unstable packaging. Ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturers, copackers, biotechnology companies and others who use small series, Courser maximizes production versatility and speeds up format changeover while saving floor space. NJM can configure each Courser to label vials, syringes, bottles, ampoules, cartridges, centrifuge tubes, auto-injectors and other small or unstable packaging. It reaches speeds of up to 250 vials per minute and 200 syringes per minute. A packaging orientation option allows specific labels to be placed at speeds up to 100 ppm. The machine is suited for transparent or opaque labels made of plastic, metal or paper. Courser can be installed online or as a stand-alone system.

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