Texte AlternatifThe new Opulux HGT Optical Finishes can help replace PE/PET or PE/BOPP laminated packaging structures with a PE-based concept that offers high thermal and chemical resistance and delivers excellent optics. Opulux HGT is a high-temperature, high-gloss varnish applied to surface-printed PE films of flexible packaging. It allows for broadening the processing window of the films and helps expanding the PE film performance. While replacing laminated substrates like OPET and BOPP in the outer layers with a monoply PE-based film, structure simplification and high conversion efficiency are accomplished.

Furthermore, Dow expands its portfolio of solvent-based adhesives with the new Adcote™ L76-500 high-solids adhesive, opening new opportunities beyond traditional metal-to-film lamination. Designed to work on a broad range of medium performance applications and packaging structures, the innovative adhesive offers up to 55 percent high solids content in application, enabling converters to improve production efficiency and lamination speed while reducing energy costs and emissions. Adcote™ L76-500 high-solids adhesive is designed for medium performance applications such as stand-up pouches for condiments and sauces and personal care packaging. Its unique properties make it suitable for a broad range of packaging structures such as laminates with metallized films, aluminum foil, OPA, PET, barrier films, as well as triplex and quadruplex compositions with PE and cPP. Showing good wettability on most demanding films and excellent solvent release during drying, the new adhesive enables high lamination speeds up to 400mpm for an enhanced production processing and output. Also, it enables low solvent emissions and delivers a balanced primary aromatic amines (PAA) decay, while being free of Bisphenol A.

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