Texte AlternatifThis is not a problem for water or most soft drinks, but fruit juices, dairy products, coffee or beer can undergo colour or taste changes that are disturbing to the consumer. The active ingredients of CESA ProTect masterbatches do not slow the penetration of oxygen through the PET wall, but rather act as an "oxygen trap", which absorbs O2 molecules when they come into contact with the wall, so that they do not reach the packaged product. CESA ProTect is also suitable for cold chain distribution, thanks to its performance towards refrigerated products. In a test on a 23g and 0.5L bottle, a 3.6% additive load successfully maintained oxygen levels below 1ppm for 588 days, more than a year and a half. On the other hand, on untreated PET, this was the case for only 22 days. The CESA ProTect masterbatch also appears to have little or no impact on the appearance or mechanical properties of the packaging. When CESA ProTect is used at recommended dosages, finished bottles of different sizes and shapes maintain a level of transparency that meets market expectations.

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