Texte AlternatifTo do this, the three companies used Schott's adaptive ready-to-use (RTU) vials, ARaymondlife's RayDyLyo RTU plastic nestable caps, and Groninger's Nestfiller machine portfolio. AdaptiQ® pre-sterilized and nested vials are part of the Schott iQ® platform, which standardizes syringes, vials and RTU cartridges within the same vat format to operate on the same filling line, thus reducing changeover times. All the containers listed above can be filled and closed with Groninger's Nestfiller range, from the smallest to the highest speed. Nestfillers are designed and manufactured to process all nested components, simply by changing format parts, thereby significantly reducing the amount of machinery required. For existing equipment, it is possible to replace a syringe with nested vials or cartridges by installing or replacing a set of format parts. RayDyLyo® is an all-plastic capping solution designed to work with all ISO cap configurations (serum and lyophilized powders). Pre-assembly of the cap upstream simplifies the one-step process of closing the vials directly in the filling area and eliminates the constraints associated with crimping aluminum caps.

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