Texte AlternatifAs EN 13432 certification has been obtained, the Herma Extracoat (grade 242), Herma Thermbio (grade 908) and the special 62N adhesive have now been awarded the Keimling label. It is the internationally recognized reference for the industrial compostability of biodegradable products. Herma Extracoat is a PEFC-certified, one-sided, semi-gloss white adhesive label paper suitable for the production of sophisticated labels compatible with multicolour printing. Herma Thermbio is an ecological thermal paper, whose pulp comes from an FSC-certified forest operation. The certification of the complete self-adhesive materials according to the composting standard was carried out according to DIN CERTCO, the certification company belonging to the TÜV Rheinland Group. “Those who wish to use compostable packaging – including materials made of appropriate bioplastics – no longer have to forego the efficiency benefits of labelling,” said Dr. Ulli Nägele, HERMA’s head of development.

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