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“We are launching Stay Connect! in a particular delicate moment,” says Massimo Ferioli, Director of the Organization and Coordinator of the IMA Digital initiative “and this platform is the clear message we want to give to our customers and partners: we do not stop, but rather, we accelerate, indeed”.

“We are always fully active and in force, despite today’s uncertain environment, to support customers in the management of installed machines and in solving technical problems. In this, the products developed as part of the IMA Digital initiative are helping us a lot, and allow us to be able to confirm the timelines and deliveries of the machineries and ongoing projects”.

Texte AlternatifWith this new platform, the Group is able to offer the possibility to carry out FAT on machines and packaging lines remotely through streaming platforms, guaranteeing customers full efficiency and compliance with delivery deadlines on ongoing projects. In support of the Remote FAT there are the numerous Buddy, digital assistants equipped with trolley monitors, that create a virtual bridge between the workshop and the technical departments.

Texte AlternatifFuthermore, IMA has accelerated the completion of the release of new platforms and services dedicated to technical support, such as Augmented Reality for remote assistance. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive industrialization and market uptake thanks to the Connected Field Force APP, where the partners can be guided in the step-by-step resolution of problems or malfunctions. The Group then focused its efforts on continuous improvements in the relationship with the customer during the After Market phase: the IMA Service Portal, is the tool dedicated to services and customer assistance.

All the technologies regarding training facilities arise from a strong desire to industrialize and distribute our products. For a long time, IMA has worked on different types of training to meet customers‘ needs, and in complex contexts that often see a high turnover rate of operators. Among the technologies used, there are Virtual and Augmented Reality. Enterprise Palm, is the corporate digital platform that supports designers in the development of the order archives. At the same time, thanks to virtual commissioning it’s now possible to test machine softwares on digital environments. On the other hand, virtual mock-up is carried out in the same way, to test ergonomics and improve interaction between operators and machines of future construction.

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