Texte AlternatifCompleted on 19th February, this takeover is part of a broader strategy by Sacmi — specialized of closures-beverage solutions — to expand and diversify opportunities in the industry in light of recent regulatory, product and market developments. "The industry is evolving towards multi-line and multi-material solutions that require careful assessment of the technology package in order to meet production requirements. Rising to that challenge will involve research into both new materials/solutions and component assembly: and when it comes to the latter, Velomat is just the firm we've been looking for to help implement our growth strategy. To give just a few examples," continues Paolo Mongardi, "just consider the new lines for complex aluminum-plastic caps/capsules or the new slitting solutions for tethered applications, all areas where there's significant, immediate synergy with Velomat's know-how and product range," explains the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi.

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