Texte AlternatifRovema, producer of in-line packaging machines, offers a turnkey system for primary, secondary and tertiary (transport) packaging for such products. In this system, food in powder form is packed in packages of 200 to 800g. The powder is first filled in forming machines, then the filling and sealing process into suitable pouches is carried out, and finally it is conveyed in two lanes to a horizontal cartoner. The pouches are placed in a foldable cardboard box, which is equipped with a measuring spoon, and then resealed. Once the boxes are ready to be loaded, they go to the final packaging machine and are packed in a large transport carton. Finally, the cartons can be palletized at the final station. With a high level of automation, format changes are facilitated by the general control system: Rovema IO-Link's interface ensures the correct transmission of information throughout the line, so that each part of the line receives the new instructions for the new format. In the event of a problem on any part of the line, LEDs light up red to signal a fault to the operator, with a display of the reported position, so that the operator knows clearly where to repair the problem. And when the LEDs turn green again, it's a sign that the machines are ready to run again. At a speed of 140 bags per minute, the line is capable of filling 14 transport cartons in one minute as well.

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