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A certificate has been issued verifying that, since the start of 2019, the utility E.ON Energie Deutschland has been offsetting Herma’s actual electricity consumption by feeding into the public supply network an equivalent amount of power generated from renewable sources.

The amount of the emission savings is referred to the German electricity mix, which in 2019 indicated that 46% of the country’s generating resources were already renewable. “In constructing the two new facilities we have made every effort to curb our specific energy consumption.

Thanks to intelligent solutions, some of which are being used in our industry for the first time, we have achieved a great deal in this respect,” says managing director Dr. Thomas Baumgärtner. “For production purposes, however, we still need considerable amounts of energy. By switching to green power, we have ensured that the electricity we consume is being generated in a way that protects the climate. Halting or at least decelerating climate change ranks among the most crucial challenges worldwide. For this reason we are continuously seeking to reduce our CO2 footprint”.

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