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As part of IMA’s market commitment to optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), IMA Life will employ Falkonry Clue in order to develop a real-time decision-making system that maximizes availability and reliability. Falkonry Clue is a plug-and-play Operational AI solution, designed to be used directly by operations teams, such as service managers, production engineers, equipment engineers or manufacturing engineers. Leveraging the know-how of IMA Life experts, the system will be able to intelligently detect, predict and alert the occurrence of adverse production events, with the target of OEE improvement (reducing planned and unplanned downtime) and the batch loss risk reduction. IMA Life and Falkonry have developed an innovative solution for the Freeze-Drying equipment and are now working together to create a solution for the full line application, starting from isolator technology applications.

“We searched for an advanced and scalable solution to allow interactive and predictive analysis of many information in different equipment of aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing lines in order to improve customer reliability and efficiency through preventive, proactive and predictive maintenance services,” said Michele Arduini (photo), Sales & Marketing Director and Managing Director for Freeze-Drying Solutions at IMA Life. “Falkonry’s operational AI not only aims to facilitate significant customer impact through better decision making but has also proven to be surprisingly easy to adopt, integrate, and use by our engineers and operations experts.”

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