Texte Alternatif"We have been using recycled glass for cosmetic packaging for over 10 years and are market pioneers in this field," says Nicola Balena, Vice President Global Business Management Cosmetic Moulded Glass. "Our recycled glass flacons have convinced many of our customers who want to improve the sustainability of their packaging without compromise. We are committed to the recycling economy and only produce cosmetic packaging with a high percentage of recycled glass.” At Gerresheimer Tettau the "PCR - Post Consumer Recycling" method is used. This means that so-called post-consumer waste is reprocessed, i.e. glass waste produced by consumers in households and offices. Gerresheimer Tettau therefore uses existing resources for the manufacture of its glass products. In order to safeguard the demand for used glass, the batch house was extended during a two-month construction phase. Two silos were created which are twelve meters high and weigh 26 tonnes and in each of which 270 tonnes of cullet can be stored. "In future we will need even fewer raw materials, have reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions," says Kay Rohn, CEO of Gerresheimer Tettau, explaining the latest investment. The use of 3% cullet in glass production means energy savings of one percent. The proportion of cullet used in glass production can in future be up to 40%. This will make the entire glass production process even more efficient and sustainable.

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