Texte AlternatifSyntegon has increased the cleanroom capacity at its site in Waiblingen sixfold. From laboratory equipment to production scale machines, TPR tablet presses for mono and bilayer tablets as well as GKF capsule filling machines are available for all formats and products in different cleanroom classes – up to the highest containment level OEB5. The new OSD Customer Center offers pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers an ideal location to test future formulations or existing products on real machines. The OSD Customer Center provides customers with a ten-strong core team of pharmacists, chemists, process specialists, engineers, trainers and service technicians. Waiblingen is the third facility for solid oral dosage forms next to Schopfheim in Germany and Hangzhou in China. In addition, five partner laboratories provide optimum advice to pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers around the world. “With this infrastructure and our team of experts, we offer our customers exactly the innovative power they expect from a reliable and future-oriented partner,” declares Dr. Thomas Brinz, head of the new OSD customer center.

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