Texte Alternatif

The production line for paper straws is based on the experience of the IMA T&T division in the tobacco market, where automatic machines are designed to obtain the best results in terms of quality, speed and flexibility.

The SF-150 forming machine and SW-2000 wrapping machine, which make up the new line, have been created in response to market demand to replace disposable plastic products with other more ecological solutions. The two machines have been designed with a stand-alone configuration and connected together they form a platform that goes from reels of paper to the finished straw in a plastic or paper wrapper.

Once again, the IMA division has focused on flexibility and the possibility of varying the size of the finished product: for example, thanks to its quick changes, the SF-150 is able to go from a straw with an external diameter of 3mm to one of 10mm with a maximum speed of over 120 metres/minute.

This line is mainly aimed at the beverage market, but thanks to its flexibility and IMA T&T's skills in various different fields, all sorts of outlets and applications are possible.

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