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In the food industry, AI is increasingly being used to counteract challenges in areas such as quality assurance, faulty processes, and poor use of raw materials. CSB Jamboflash has been developed specifically for the grading of hams.

AI is taking on particular significance in CSB’s project development work. The company says that to maximise AI’s benefits, the right application is essential. Ideally, AI should solve a specific problem, with a clear economic benefit such as an increase in sales or margins.

The benefit of CSB Jamboflash is its independent grading and assessment of raw ham meat. As well as AI, the system uses cutting-edge image processing technology for this. The combination enables the system to automatically determine the quality, and establish the optimal further processing of the raw ham for a variety of finished products in downstream processes, such as premium ham and sausages.

The execution of grading is based on the objective assessment of the degree of destructure in the raw ham. This delivers huge economic benefits for the industry, as the consistent and precise measurement level reduces error rates and the cost of quality assurance, and standardises product quality.

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