Texte Alternatif“Eco HotPro” products are based on its CPET technology incorporating up to 75% post-consumer recycled content. A wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, including white, are available. Eco HotPro can be combined with Faerch’s unique Evolve concept, offered in naturally variable colors, which clearly reflect the circularity of the pots. Increasingly, Faerch is replacing recycled PET generated from bottles with post-consumer content recycled from food trays. Almost 25 million recycled PET trays are recycled each year at its factory in the Netherlands, and the volume continues to increase. In addition, the 100% recyclable Faerch Hot Deli Deluxe range now includes premium grey polypropylene bowls with a high clarity, one-size-fits-all lid, for hot and cold foods for display, take-out and delivery.

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